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Which toy gorillas are best?

Toy gorillas come in many shapes and sizes, and if you wanted to, you could probably decorate a whole house with little gorilla-themed knick-knacks. As a result, picking out which toy gorilla is best can be intimidating, so it can be helpful to think about who the toy gorilla is for, as well as what size and material might be best for your toy.

Those ready to make a purchase but unsure of which toy gorilla to go with will appreciate this Wild Republic 12-inch Plush Toy Gorilla, which is a perfect choice for recipients of all ages, offering a big, plush gorilla with lots of fur.

What to know before you buy a toy gorilla

Whom do you plan to give the toy gorilla to

The best toys are often the most thoughtful gifts, though if you already know your gift recipient wants a gorilla, you’ve already narrowed down the options quite a lot. The best toy gorilla for a particular person will depend on various factors, including their age, toy preferences and what they plan to do with their new toy gorilla.


Toy gorillas come in multiple materials, most commonly including plastic and acrylic for gorilla action figures and gorilla figurines. However, those going with plush gorillas are likely to find models in various fabrics, including blends of materials like cotton, polyester and others.


The size of a given toy gorilla is also worth considering, especially if your recipient is especially young. Small pieces may not be suitable for young children under 3, and many prefer larger plush toy gorillas for a range of children since they don’t usually present any real choking hazard. You can also find a few giant toy gorillas out there if a lifesize model is more what you need.

What to look for in a quality toy gorilla


Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure the gorilla toy you get is age-appropriate from a safety perspective. Those with younger children or loved ones may want to consider getting a plush gorilla toy or larger action figure that won’t be tempting for children to put into their mouths. Others, buying for older recipients, may not need to worry as much about finding a product that’s appropriate for their age.

Build quality

Like with any product, a well-built toy gorilla is likely to last for years to come and offer the user the utmost in usability, while those with cheap materials are likely to break or see higher levels of wear and tear. You can usually bet on a well-built product by purchasing from trusted brands, though checking in with a product’s reviews is also an excellent way to see what other buyers say about the product.

Style and design

The style and design of your toy gorilla will also impact which model you end up with, as many offer delicate, hand-painted features or other handmade design choices. While style and design preferences are fairly subjective, you can also find some cheap toy gorillas that don’t look as cleanly manufactured as other high-end products.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy gorilla

You can find toy gorillas at a wide range of prices, qualities and overall styles, but if you’re on a budget, it shouldn’t be hard to get what you’re looking for without breaking the bank. A cheap toy gorilla will typically cost somewhere from $7-$16, while other high-end gorilla toys may cost as much as $50.

Toy gorilla FAQ

Are toy gorillas made from plastic?

A. While many toy gorillas are plastic, you can find a wide variety of toy gorilla materials out there, largely depending on what style of toy you need. Action figures and other gorilla figurines will usually come in plastic, while gorilla plush toys will often be made from a blend of cotton, polyester or other fabrics.

Do they make King Kong toy gorillas?

A. They do make a wide variety of King Kong gorilla toys, based on both the original 1933 “King Kong” and the 2005 “King Kong” films. You can also find a variety of other gorilla toys that may not be made for those franchises but will let your children play with them as if they were.

What are the best toy gorillas to buy?

Top toy gorilla

Wild Republic 12-Inch Plush Silverback Gorilla Toy

Wild Republic 12-Inch Plush Silverback Gorilla Toy 

What you need to know: This plush silverback gorilla toy stands at about 12 inches tall and is the perfect gorilla toy for children of all ages with its soft, realistic gorilla look and movable features.

What you’ll love: Featuring a light tan fur on its belly, along with a brown fur on top of its head, this gorilla stuffed toy mimics actual gorilla coat patterns, making for a realistic plush toy that any child will likely enjoy. It also measures 12 inches tall and is light enough for engaging play.

What you should consider: This plush gorilla toy’s material can tend to shed a little after several months of use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy gorilla for the money

Terra by Battat Toy Gorilla Family Action Figures For Ages 3 and Up

Terra by Battat Toy Gorilla Family Action Figures For Ages 3 and Up

What you need to know: For those who prefer action figures, this family unit pack of gorilla toys features two parent gorillas and two child gorillas and is great for playing alongside other action figures.

What you’ll love: Compared to most gorilla toy packs, this model offers an excellent value, giving the buyer four total gorilla figurines at a price that many only purchase one unit. In addition, these toys are rated for any child 3-years-old and up, making for great role-playing toys for young minds.

What you should consider: Some didn’t like this unit’s decorative elements and felt that other gorilla toys appeared more accurate and lifelike.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RECUR Large Hand Painted Toy Gorilla For Ages 3 and Up

RECUR Large Hand Painted Toy Gorilla For Ages 3 and Up

What you need to know: Those looking for a single King Kong gorilla toy will likely find this slightly-larger action figure unit satisfactory, standing at about 10.4 inches tall and 11.8 inches wide.

What you’ll love: Along with its realistic hand-painted finish, this toy gorilla is made from safe PVC plastic and is rated for children 3-years-old and up. It also includes a wide range of other matching animals that can be purchased, including an albino gorilla, a woolly mammoth and various dinosaurs.

What you should consider: Some buyers said this gorilla had a bit of a smell when it first came out of the box.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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