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Which toy cameras are best?

There are countless cameras on the market and for good reason. It’s exciting and fun to take photos of your surroundings and create art with just a click of a button. Oftentimes, kids like to partake in the activities of adults (cell phone games come to mind). In order to really get their creative juices flowing, give them a camera made just for them.

Cameras open our eyes to the world around us. The VTech KidiZoom Duo DX Digital Selfie Camera comes with a selfie mode and an mp3 player. VTech is a trusted brand in children’s products. 

What to know before you buy a toy camera


Though toy cameras are essentially toys for your little one, they should be able to function well enough to be fun and educational. Kids often get excited by the small things, but that doesn’t mean you should be cutting corners when purchasing a toy camera. Look for cameras that produce a decent image quality. Viewing photos that users have taken will give you an idea of the image quality. Manual mode, however, won’t be necessary when buying a toy camera for your child. Just the ability to point, shoot and produce an image is functional enough for a toy camera. 


Make sure you’re getting a camera that fits comfortably into your child’s hands and that they can handle. Heavy cameras can not only discourage your child from playing with their toy, but also be a safety concern. As a rule of thumb, the camera should certainly weigh less than 1 pound. The lighter, the better. 


Kids like things that they are attracted to. Whether it be “pretty” or “cool,” keep in mind what your child likes. Their favorite color is a great starting point and will only encourage them to want to play with their toy. Try not to get boxed in with gender-specific colors. Some cameras come in an array of colors from various hues of blues and pinks. 

What to look for in a quality toy camera


The toy camera should be easy for your child to use. Look for bigger buttons on the camera and easy-to-follow directions. A large display is preferable over a viewfinder. Auto features are ideal. The camera should be ready to go right out of the box. Many toy cameras come with a USB charging cable with the ability to transfer your photos to your computer. Some can also charge the camera as well.

Additional features

Some toy cameras offer additional features like an mp3 player, in-camera editing, video recording, games, effects and more. These additional features come with an added cost, but may be worth the price, depending on your child’s interest in cameras. Additional features will keep your child busy while honing their creative and problem-solving skills for years to come.


Buying a toy camera that is durable for your child is one of the most important factors to consider when making your decision. Children are still developing their motor skills and it is only a matter of time before they drop their camera. Not only is a broken camera a lost investment, it is also a safety hazard. 

How much you can expect to spend on a toy camera

Depending on whether you’re in search of a camera that actually takes photos or one just for appearances, the cost varies. Toy cameras that take photos can range between $20-$100 and up. Toy cameras that cannot take photos cost as little as $5. 

Toy camera FAQ

Does the amount of megapixels matter?

A. Contrary to popular belief, more megapixels does not mean a higher-quality image. Megapixels are responsible for the number of details in a photo. Two different cameras with the same number of megapixels will not result in the same image quality. Instead, factors like the sensor size, the lens and the image processor are some of the most important factors that determine the quality of a photo. 

Where can I store my photos after the photos have been taken?

A. Many toy cameras come with an SD card to store your images. These images can be transferred to your computer by inserting the card into a card reader. 

What’s the best toy camera to buy?

Top toy camera

VTech KidiZoom Duo DX Digital Selfie Camera

VTech KidiZoom Duo DX Digital Selfie Camera

What you need to know: This camera is for young kids ages 3 to 9 who show a serious interest in photography. 

What you’ll love: It comes in blue or pink and is equipped with built-in games that encourage problem-solving skills in between photo sessions. The camera doubles as an mp3 player. Images can be edited in-camera with fun face filters and fun frame options. Four AA batteries are required for use. 

What you should consider: One of the more expensive toy cameras, it doesn’t allow charging through the USB cable and doesn’t include an SD card. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy camera for the money

Desuccus Kids Camera

Desuccus Kids Camera

What you need to know: This eco-friendly camera is the perfect size and weight for children who plan to carry their camera with them all day.    

What you’ll love: The camera comes with a 32GB SD card and five games that challenge your child’s intellectual and thinking ability. The included USB cable can be used to charge the camera and transfer media to a computer. It offers 4x optical zoom and can record video. There is a lanyard to protect the camera from falls, although the camera is shockproof. 

What you should consider: The camera only lasts for three to four  hours on a full charge.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera

What you need to know: The camera comes in four different color options with the ability to shoot video in 1080p. 

What you’ll love: There are 28 frame options to choose from when editing in-camera. A 32GB SD card is included for easy storage. Time lapse is available at 2, 5 and 10 seconds and burst mode is also an option. The camera can be updated to dual-camera function to take selfies.

What you should consider: Some users note that the picture quality isn’t the best.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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