Which robot dinosaur toys are best?

Dinosaurs fascinate kids of all ages. Their immense size and prehistoric features make them very different and very interesting. One of the things kids love about toy dinosaurs is that the tables have been turned. The kids are now the giants and the dinosaurs are now the small toys the giant kids control.

A robot dinosaur toy will move under its own power, do tricks and be fun to play with. If you are looking for a robot dinosaur, try the Power Your Fun Intellisaur Remote Control Dinosaur Robot.

What to know before you buy a robot dinosaur toy

A robot dinosaur toy will be a toy that moves under its own power. But a toy robot will not be as sophisticated or intricate as a robot STEM science kit. Many toys are called robots because they move by means of a power source, usually batteries. 

How robots are programmed

Robots can operate on their own, following a preprogrammed set of instructions. A simple program will make the robot walk on two legs. A different set of instructions will have the robot move its arms, turn its head and so on. 

Robots and robotics

Robots are autonomous machines that perform actions in the real world. Simple robots just follow a set of preprogrammed instructions to do a few simple things. More complex robots are also able to sense the environment around them and make intelligent decisions from the data they collect. 

Robotics is the technology involving the design, construction and operation of robots. In today’s world, robots are increasingly used to do work of all kinds. 

Toy robots are fun mechanical toys that do things by following programmed instructions. Some toy robots come pre-programmed, but today’s robot toys focus on STEM learning subjects and learning through interactive play. Many robots are made so the kids do the programming themselves.

Toy dinosaur robots: Dinosaur toys come in all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes. Young kids favor cartoonish dinosaurs with friendly, smiling faces. As kids get older, some prefer more realistic dinosaurs and some prefer more fanciful dinosaurs that look like alien creatures.

What to look for in a quality robot dinosaur toy

Age range

Most toy packaging comes with age recommendations that parents have learned to use only as suggestions. Age ranges are a good place to start, but parents know they also need to take a child’s developmental stages, abilities and interests in consideration. Another important consideration is how your child’s levels of interest and attention. If you give kids toy robot dinosaurs that are too simple, they can become easily bored. If you give kids toy robots that are too complex, you may frustrate them.  


Older and more curious kids will want to write computer programs themselves that tell dinosaurs what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Younger kids who have no knowledge of programming will be happier with issuing simple instructions through simple commands.


When kids become interested in dinosaurs, they usually have a favorite. Most kids are interested in very differently shaped dinosaurs like the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and others.

How much you can expect to spend on a robot dinosaur toy

Robot dinosaurs that move under their own power cost as little as $20. More advanced robot dinosaur toys start at around $30-$40 and can cost more than $100.

Robot dinosaur toy FAQ

What about kids who think dinosaurs are scary-looking?

A. Most manufacturers make robot dinosaur toys for little kids with friendly cartoon creature features, big eyes and broad smiles.

Are robot dinosaur toys durable and safe to play with?

A. Robot dinosaurs also move at slow speeds and are usually made of strong and impact-resistant nontoxic plastics that won’t harm anyone or damage furniture. As long as you give small kids robot dinosaur toys with no small pieces, they will be safe for kids to play with.

What’s the best robot dinosaur toy to buy?

Top robot dinosaur toy 

Power Your Fun Intellisaur Remote Control Dinosaur Robot

Power Your Fun Intellisaur Remote Control Dinosaur Robot

What you need to know: This robot dinosaur dances, shakes, flashes its red LED eyes and roars out loud.

What you’ll love: Preschool and early school kids control this 2-foot-long green and white robot with touch sensors in the robot itself or by the remote control. Press Fight Mode on the remote controller and this robot dinosaur toy launches suction cup darts from a rotating cannon mounted on its back. Press Battle Mode and the toy robot senses and fights enemies. Users can preprogram this robot dinosaur toy to perform a custom series of tricks and stunts including.

What you should consider: The two AA batteries are not included but the charging cable is.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top robot dinosaur toy for the money

Sanlebi Take Apart Dinosaur Toy Construction Play Kit

Sanlebi Take Apart Dinosaur Toy Construction Play Kit

What you need to know: Kids old enough to hold the small toy drill have fun putting together and taking apart the three dinosaurs that come with this play kit.

What you’ll love: This is a great hands on early STEM toy. Large plastic screws hold together an orange T-Rex, red triceratops and green velociraptor. The low speed drill automatically stops for child safety. Dinosaurs move their heads, legs, feet and tails. The sturdy and nontoxic plastic has smooth edges.

What you should consider: Some of the plastic parts are very small, so you may not want to get this toy for very young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

IQkids Robot Pet Dinosaur Toy

IQkids Robot Pet Dinosaur Toy

What you need to know: Kids old enough to operate a remote control love to make this friendly cartoonish dinosaur walk and jump forward and backward.

What you’ll love: Kids can make this green and white robot dinosaur toy do tricks like sit down, lie down, stand up and rotate. In adventure mode, this pet dinosaur wanders around using its sensor to avoid objects. In STEM programming mode, you feed the dino “treats” that it remembers to perform all the actions you “fed” it. This robot dinosaur toy is also preprogrammed to operate on its own. It comes with a battery and a charger that plugs into the robot’s mouth.  

What you should consider: The two AA batteries for the remote are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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