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Police-car toys have been around for many years and can be surprisingly educational. Remote-control toy cars can teach children motor skills and build self-confidence, while regular police-car toys can inspire creativity and interaction.

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Which police-car toys are best? 

Toy cars have been around for almost as long as automobiles themselves. Police-car toys are no exception — they’ve been popular with children for decades. 

Some children dream of becoming police officers, and acting like them during game time is a popular choice. Police-car toys and their accessories help stimulate this creativity with hours of fun and interactive play. 

The best police-car toy is the KidiRace Remote Control Police Car. It’s a realistic, interactive and easy-to-use remote-control car.

What to know before you buy a police-car toy

From hand-held Matchbox cars to sit-in pedal cars, kids love to play with toy cars. Police-car toys are among the most popular, along with fire trucks and ambulances. But what do you need to consider before buying your child a police-car toy?

The features

Many kids are happy to make sound effects by themselves. But, nothing can compare with a battery-powered police car that makes loud siren noises and has flashing lights. These features make playtime more vivid for youngsters and contribute to a more enriched experience.

The material

Young kids often love to crash their car into table legs and baseboards, despite what parents might tell them. Flimsy plastic could eventually crack, and sturdy metal may damage paint or chip wood. Sturdy plastic without sharp edges is best for very young children.

Accessories and add-ons

Emergency vehicle sets or police-officer uniforms will maintain interest and fuel imaginative play for long periods. Collecting accessories and building worlds with playsets are also great ways to encourage interaction on playdates. 

Children will be more encouraged to share and work together in creating stories and acting them out when they have more choices. Consider the compatibility of different brands when buying add-ons and accessories.

What to look for in a quality police-car toy

The detail

Older children may know the different police cars from city to city or even country to country and may be disappointed in police cars with inauthentic details. In this case, try choosing realistic squad cars that are going to grab their interest.


Safety is paramount when buying toys for children. Always check the age-range recommendation, but use your own knowledge, too. Small parts are hazardous to very young children and are not usually recommended for children under 3. However, if you know the child is prone to putting things in their mouth, choose carefully, even when older than 3.

The batteries

Police-car toys should come with any necessary batteries included. But sometimes they don’t, and overlooking this can lead to disappointment due to a delay in getting the toy operational after the gift is opened. Some cars come with rechargeable batteries, which helps maintain interest since the child doesn’t need to wait for a forgetful parent to buy more batteries.

How much you can expect to spend on a police-car toy

You can buy police-car toys for as little as $5-$10 for a simple push-along vehicle, to over $120 for this wooden build-your-own Automoblox S9 Police Car. You can also find quality remote-control cars with lights and sounds from around $15-$40.

Police-car toy FAQ

Can I use different brands of accessories together?

A. It is possible to collect different brands together, but consider features such as size when choosing. A police action figure may be too big to fit into the front seat of a remote-control police car made by a different company.

Will a police-car toy with loud sirens be annoying? 

A. Children have a much higher tolerance for noise and repetition than adults — in fact, they seem to thrive on them. Some cars have a volume control, and others have removable batteries, though removing the batteries to create quiet time may only encourage children to make their own wailing siren noises. Consider your tolerance level before choosing a loud police-car toy.

What are the best police-car toys to buy?

Top police-car toy

KidiRace Remote-Control Police Car

KidiRace Remote-Control Police Car

What you need to know: This remote-control police car will inspire your child’s sense of fun and promote interaction with other kids with remote-controlled toys.

What you’ll love: The technology of this car lets it be used with up to six other remote-controlled cars without causing interference. It comes with a rechargeable battery, conveniently compatible with a standard mini USB. The toy also has a variety of sounds and flashing lights.

What you should consider: Recharging the battery requires removing a small screw with the provided screwdriver to access the USB port.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top police-car toy for the money

Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Police Car

Vtech Toot Toot Drivers Police Car

What you need to know: This great police-car toy is suitable for children aged three and up and encourages creative play while teaching sounds and songs.

What you’ll love: The toy features songs to sing along and cheerful tunes to keep youngsters interested when they press the engaging face light. This police car is compatible with separately sold Toot Toot Drivers playsets and also comes in a three-pack with a fire truck and ambulance. SmartPoint locations activate different responses in the car.

What you should consider: You need to purchase two AAA batteries separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Lego Technic Police Pursuit Building Kit

Lego Technic Police Pursuit Building Kit

What you need to know: Geared towards children aged seven and up, this sturdy, pull-back-and-go building kit will excite any Lego lover.

What you’ll love: The cool, aerodynamic look will hook any child into high-speed chases with any of the other cars available in the series. Children can also combine kits with other vehicles to create new ones. Instructions are available on how to combine with the Lego Getaway Truck to create the “Ultimate 4×4 Combi.”

What you should consider: It doesn’t have flashing lights or sirens.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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