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Helicopter toys are a great way to heighten children’s awareness of how they work. Remote-controlled toys will improve motor skills, while simpler toys can introduce infants and toddlers to the concept of flying machines.

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Which toy helicopter is best?

Kids dream of flying helicopters … but they can’t! Fortunately for them, varieties of toy helicopters are available to help inspire their imaginations while waiting until they grow up. Helicopter toys come in various forms, from Army helicopter toys to fully-flying, remote-controlled helicopters. Supposedly, the invention of a helicopter toy in 1870 inspired the Wright brothers’ creation of the world’s first airplane. Nowadays, helicopter toys attract any child (and also, adults), and there are toys available for all ages and interests. The Schleich Wild Life 8-piece Animal Rescue Helicopter Toy is a top pick.

What to know before you buy a helicopter toy

Many kids love vehicles, whether they are land or flying vehicles. Youngsters would jump at the chance to pilot a helicopter; in fact, adults would too! Remote-controlled helicopters offer kids an opportunity to act out their fantasies through play. At the same time, plastic toys can introduce toddlers to the concept of rotor-blade-assisted flying. What are some other things to consider before buying a helicopter toy?


Safety is always paramount when buying children’s toys. Small parts are choking hazards and shouldn’t be given to an infant or toddler to play with. Remote-controlled helicopters are also a hazard. Their rotor blades could cause injury when carelessly played with or can catch the hair of your child or even the family pet’s fur. Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s age-range recommendation and supervise your child with the toy.

Accessories and add-ons

Helicopter toys can be part of sets that allow for the building of exciting worlds. Lego or Schleich toys are good examples of this. Collecting other vehicles together with farms or hospitals can help develop a child’s sense of how the world works.

Educational content

RC cars are a great starting point for the development of motor skills, such as hand-eye coordination. These skills can be developed further by using simple indoor RC helicopters because they are more challenging to control. This helps set bars of difficulty. Children can then move on to bigger and more advanced outdoor versions later.

What to look for in a quality helicopter toy


Additional parts on a toy helicopter will always inspire more interest in it. From rescue-worker figures to rope ladders, extra features will help create scenarios and prolong interest. Flashing lights, sirens, and rotor-blade sounds will help create stimulating scenarios where children’s imaginations can wander.


Batteries are not always included in toys that require them. Check with your retailer to avoid that birthday disappointment where a toy cannot be immediately played with.


Helicopters are going to get bashed around. Cheap plastic helicopters may well snap into pieces, which could lead to injury. Make sure your helicopter toy is made from quality toxin-free plastic. Sturdy metal is fine for older kids who don’t tend to damage furniture. However, RC helicopters may require a little more care, due to some more delicate parts.

How much you can expect to spend on a helicopter toy

Small plastic toys for toddlers can be had for as little as $5, while RC helicopters can be bought for as much as $500. For regular, quality helicopter toys that are not remote-controlled, expect to pay between $20-$50. However, there are many worthy budget-friendly RC helicopters in that price range, too.

Helicopter toy FAQ

Are my belongings safe from an RC helicopter toy?

A. For obvious reasons, indoor RC helicopters are pretty small, and they are generally not heavy enough to cause any real damage. However, care should be taken of little fingers and hair on spinning rotor blades. Outdoor helicopters are a different story, and attention to the age-range recommendation needs to be adhered to. In addition to this, it is recommended that even older kids be supervised and helped when first learning how to fly bulkier and more advanced RC helicopters.

Will a helicopter toy make a lot of noise?

A. Some toys will have sirens or other noises, and spinning rotor blades can make a little noise. Children are usually tolerant of noise and often unaware of it. If noise is an issue, consider the toy by reading reviews regarding its noise level and comparing it to your own tolerance.

What’s the best helicopter toy to buy?

Top toy helicopter

Schleich Animal Rescue Helicopter

Schleich Animal Rescue Helicopter

What you need to know: This eight-piece animal rescue helicopter is aimed at younger children from ages 3 to 8.

What you’ll love: This helicopter is an excellent start for building a whole animal world of education and creativity through accessories and compatible sets. The detailed helicopter comes complete with a lion and hippo to rescue. More animals (including dinosaurs) can be bought separately to enhance your child’s learning and imagination.

What you should consider: Some reviewers have mentioned the rotor blades are a little fragile.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top helicopter toy for the money

Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter

Syma S107 Remote Control Helicopter

What you need to know: This quality remote control helicopter won’t break the bank and is suitable for children from 8 years old.

What you’ll love: This small but cool-looking helicopter comes in a great choice of colors. Children will love setting up obstacles in their bedrooms to set challenges and maneuver around. It is an excellent tool for developing hand-eye coordination motor skills, and it’s a top seller, due to its economical price and quality.

What you should consider: The infra-red control means it is unsuitable for outdoor use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Teamsterz Light And Sound Rescue Helicopter

Teamsterz Light And Sound Rescue Helicopter

What you need to know: This quality, authentic-sounding rescue helicopter is aimed at children from 3 years old.

What you’ll love: It is pretty large and has excellent features, such as sound buttons for setting off sirens and a searchlight for locating stranded people. A stretcher can be lowered and hoisted up to a sliding door. It also features button-activated spinning rotor blades to complete the coolness.

What you should consider: Some buyers complained the button for the rotor blades is too close to the actual blades, making it a little cumbersome to control.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

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