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Winter can be equally as fun as summer for kids — as long as you’re willing to invest in some supplies for snow-fort building.

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Which supplies for snow-fort building are best?

Are you hoping to encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors this winter? Supplies for snow-fort building can transform a boring, chilly winter into an imaginative adventure. Whether you’re hoping your kids will approach the challenge themselves or if you intend to be by their side throughout construction, there are some basic supplies needed for proper snow-fort building.

A good pair of gloves, a shovel for gathering enough snow and a Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Kit Brick Form will make the process of snow-fort building easy.

What to know before you buy supplies for snow-fort building

Snow type and temperatures

Snow type and outdoor temperatures play a big role in how successful your attempts to build a snow fort can be. Some snowfall is light and dry, which may be perfect for shredding powder on a snowboarding hill, but it isn’t ideal for building snow castles. Thick, heavy and slightly damp snow is great for building forts. Make sure you dress your children in reliable snow gloves to keep them warm and dry, then have them gather snow that’s wet and packable. You can begin by piling up the snow in the area of your fort and then shaping it, or shaping bricks as you go.


To have an impressive snow fort, you have to have the right space. Start by measuring an area of flat ground where you want to construct your snow fort. Feel free to mark the measurements in the snow, or pack up the beginning of your fort to help give your kids a starting guide. You can build a long and narrow wall, a short and tall fort or anything in between. Whatever you have the snow resources and lawn space for is all within the realm of possibility.

Snow-fort height

Consider who is going to use the fort when it’s complete. If you want to have a snow-fight with all the adults in your neighborhood, building something substantial will help you win the snow war. However, if your youngsters are planning on sharing the fort with the kids next door, there’s no need for it to be massive. Make sure you build the fort tall enough so they can hide behind it while being short enough that they can still throw snowballs over the top during the thick of battle.

What to look for in quality supplies for snow-fort building


Perhaps the most valuable aspect of purchasing supplies for snow-fort building is ensuring your kids stay warm and dry. Playing in the snow is always a ton of fun but that fun is short-lived if fingers and toes get cold. Invest in quality snow pants and jackets, but perhaps most important for snow-fort building is the gloves. These are going to be your kid’s most treasured supplies for snow-fort building since they will allow them to pack endless walls and designs even on chilly days.

Waterproof features

Whatever supplies you end up using for snow-fort building, it’s important that they are waterproof. As you build and pack snow, some of it will melt into liquid. Waterproof gloves keep fingers warm and dry. You want to consider more than just the attire, however. If you’re using a shovel to gather snow or a snow building brick form, avoid metal materials or anything that will rust or be damaged from water. Stick to wood and plastic to ensure that everything lasts throughout the snow-fort building session.


Gloves, shovels and a brick-making form that break down over the course of building a snow fort are practically useless. Choose gloves that won’t loosen and tear through the packing and shaping hard snow. Select a shovel that can carry heavy loads of snow without snapping or cracking. If you choose to use a snow-fort building kit, make sure it’s durable enough for the kids to use without splitting.

How much you can expect to spend on supplies for snow-fort building

Technically all you need to build a snow fort is a good pair of gloves, which you can usually snag for under $40. If you want a snow-brick building kit and some shovels as well, you can probably get all your supplies for under $100.

Supplies for snow-fort building FAQ

How do you build a strong snow fort?

A. Proper temperature and good snow are essential for building a strong snow fort. If these requirements are right, then you need to build a sturdy foundation and keep things packed strong. 

Do you need supplies to build a snow fort?

A. While it is possible to build a snow fort with nothing but your bare hands, certain materials make the process easier. Proper attire and a snow brick form make a huge difference in building an appealing, sturdy snow fort.

What are the best supplies for snow-fort building to buy?

Top supplies for snow-fort building

Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Kit Brick Form

Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Kit Brick Form

What you need to know: Construct interesting, sturdy snow forts both quickly and effortlessly when you use these plastic brick molds.

What you’ll love: Make rectangular building bricks with three molds. Your snow forts will be compact and impressive, looking planned and appealing no matter how you stack. As an added bonus, you can bring this kit to the beach for some crazy cool sandcastle building.

What you should consider: Some users say the molds are too flimsy for sandcastles and the plastic gets brittle in the cold.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top supplies for snow-fort building for the money

Shovelution 18 in. Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel with Spring-Assist Handle

Shovelution 18-Inch Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel With Spring-Assist Handle

What you need to know: Trash the back-breaking shovels and enjoy the ease of winter cleanup and snow-fort construction with this spring-assisted, strain-reducing snow shovel.

What you’ll love: This shovel design reduces the effort needed to shovel and clear winter snow. Use the strong muscles in your upper body without straining the weaker, more sensitive ones. You’ll have the resources gathered for a snow fort in no time. 

What you should consider: Some users say online delivery for this shovel is easily delayed.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Waterproof Winter Children's Snow Gloves

Waterproof Winter Children’s Snow Gloves

What you need to know: These waterproof gloves will keep your kid’s hands warm, dry and protected for hours out in the snow fort construction zone.

What you’ll love: With a reinforced palm and thumb patch, these gloves allow for a full range of motion and increased grip. They’re great for all winter activities but especially helpful for the intricate requirements of snow-fort building.

What you should consider: Some users say these gloves are not suitable for areas with severely cold winters. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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