Best games to play outdoors this spring

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When playing outdoor games during the day, players need to protect themselves from heatstroke and dehydration. Make sure everyone has a water bottle and wears protective accessories like hats or sunglasses.

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Have a blast playing these fun outdoor games

Are you looking for more ways to stay active while you’re outside? Round up friends and family and play outdoor games!

From wiffleball to potato sack races, there are plenty of outdoor games worth exploring. Aside from helping you stay active, these games are a fun way to bond, make memories and create some interesting photo ops. Spending recreational time outdoors can provide a welcome break from devices and screen time, too. 

Ready to enjoy some fun in the sun? We’re sure you’ll have a field day with these outdoor games. 

Key considerations for fun outdoor games

Age-appropriate outdoor games

While several outdoor games allow all ages to play, a few games are better suited for teens and adults instead of children. 

Younger children may experience difficulty using full-size equipment, like towering volleyball nets or adult archery bows. Fortunately, there are child-friendly alternatives on the market, like adjustable nets or children’s bows, just to name a few.

Number of players for outdoor games

When you shop around for outdoor games, keep in mind the number of players you expect to have. Games like basketball are better for larger groups, while others, such as bocce ball, are designed for as few as four players.

Daytime vs. nighttime outdoor games

The time of day you intend to host games may impact which outdoor games you choose. 

The majority of outdoor games can be played during daylight hours, and many can be carried over into nighttime play. However, games like laser tag or glow-in-the-dark capture the flag are only playable in low-light conditions or at night. 


You’ll find several budget-friendly outdoor games priced at $25 or less, but equipment quality is a mixed bag. Mid-range games with quality wood or high-density plastic equipment cost $40-$60. The most expensive games with specialty equipment or game boards run as high as $75-$250. 

Best outdoor games for large groups

Wiffle ball

Wiffle ball is a perennial favorite, both for its affordability and portability. It’s an easy game to play, plus it’s suitable for all ages. Groups and teams of all sizes can also play Wiffle ball. We think it’s an excellent option for barbecues, celebrations or backyard gatherings.

Ultimate Frisbee

One of the most competitive games we’ve played is Ultimate Frisbee, which is best played in large open spaces like parks, beaches or fields. It’s a fast-paced game with simple rules that revolve around possession, hold time and quick passing. Be prepared to break a sweat.

badminton and volleyball set

A badminton and volleyball set is a wise investment if you’d like two games for the price of one. It’s easy to switch gears and shift between games with a quick change of equipment. They don’t require as much space as other group games, so they’re ideal for smaller backyard spaces.

Best outdoor games for small groups

giant four-in-a-row game

Bring a classic board game to life in your backyard with a giant four-in-a-row game. Break off into pairs or small teams to try your luck at creating a winning combination. You can zoom through rounds in a few minutes, which is why many people play the game in mini-tournaments. 

pedestal disc toss game

For those that like to personalize outdoor games, invest in a pedestal disc toss game. You can improvise with a variety of game pieces, from water bottles to stuffed animals. It remains a crowd favorite for its quick setup.

Kan Jam

Kan Jam earns praise as an all-season outdoor game with weatherproof game pieces. It takes teamwork to get the maximum points with a slam dunk, so be sure to choose your partners wisely. You can also play Kan Jam at night with light-up game pieces.

Best outdoor games for children

scavenger hunt game

Children 4-8 years old will have a blast hunting for treasure with this scavenger hunt game. They’ll race to find items on clue cards and round them up in their loot bags. Parents can print their own cards and hide objects in the yard to make the game even more fun.

ring toss

A classic game like ring toss isn’t as easy as it sounds— and that’s what makes it fun. Children will need to flex skills like hand-eye coordination and turn-taking to win. You can play the compact game in virtually any outdoor space, including driveways, porches or small yards. 


outdoor bowling set

An outdoor bowling set is fun for children and adults to play together. It’s easy to stay active when you need to run back and forth to set up pins and retrieve bowling balls. The game is best played on flat surfaces like patios, decks or sidewalks. 

Creative outdoor games

burlap potato bag set

We’ll say it: potato sack races aren’t going out of style any time soon. Invest in a burlap potato bag set so you can get to hopping in no time. A simple potato bag race is plenty of fun, and you can introduce new challenges to the game with timers or relay races.

musical potato

Speaking of potatoes, hot potato remains a favorite game for children and adults alike. We like this musical potato, which is stuffed with foam for soft, safe tossing. Players can stand close together for a fast-paced game— or spread out if they’re confident in their potato-catching skills. 

jumbo playing cards

Card sharks can now enjoy their favorite games outdoors with jumbo playing cards. Whether you’re playing Go Fish or Texas Hold ‘Em, they’re a sure bet on fun. At the very least, the jumbo cards are a fun new way to build card houses.

dice set by Sports Beats

Invest in a set of large yard dice to play your favorite board games outdoors. This dice set by Sports Beats is designed for playing Yardzee and Yardkle and comes with scorecards and dice buckets. 

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