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Which Mortal Kombat Funko POP! is best?

Action figures have come a long way over the last few decades. While you can still find the hyper-real models of film characters or video game protagonists, a new form of figurines has taken hold.

With exaggerated heads and a uniform style, the Funko Pop series spans a plethora of characters. These figurines are a unique take on pop-culture icons, applying their own simple cartoon style to each. Mortal Kombat fans will love these goofy collectibles that celebrate their favorite playable characters from the video game franchise. And no fan can have an awesome collection without the Raiden Funko POP! Collectible Vinyl Figure.

What to know before you buy a Mortal Kombat Funko POP!

What Mortal Kombat characters are Funko Pops?

If you are hoping to get a Funko POP! toy of your favorite Mortal Kombat character, you might be disappointed. Not all characters, whether from films or video games, are available in the series. There are over 30 characters in the Mortal Kombat universe, but fewer than 10 are available as Pop figures.

Funko POP! finishes

Not all Funko figures are made the same way. Sure, they are all manufactured from durable vinyl, but the finishes can be different. Metallic finishes have a shine to them, flocked figures have a furry texture, while invisible figures are completely white in appearance. There are also figures that glow in the dark, often denoted with the acronym GITD, while others can be black and white for a noir or creepy look.

Funko POP! rarity

Funko POPS! might be available at most toy stores, but any serious collector will be quick to tell you which ones are the rarest. The Pop figures aren’t made in equal numbers, giving some a higher value than others. This usually happens with limited edition or discontinued figures, or figures that are in high demand with low availability. You might have your heart set on a particular figure but check local pricing first to see if it’s not considered a rarity.

What to look for in a quality Mortal Kombat Funko POP!

Genuine vs. knockoff Funko POPS!

With some Pop figures fetching thousands of dollars on auction or trading, you have to make sure that any figure you buy is genuine. Nothing’s worse than buying an exclusive figure, only to find out it’s a fake. The best way to validate your purchase is to verify the product number on the bottom of the box.

Level of detail

All Funko Pop figures are made to the same high-quality standard, but with different finishes available, some models can look different from others. A quality Mortal Kombat Funko POP! figure will have a high level of detail accurate to the character that it is based on. Some models can also have accessories that just further enhance their appeal and authenticity.  

Investing in Funko POPS!

While having an extensive Funko Pop collection won’t make you rich overnight, the figures can be a valuable investment in the long term. Characters that are readily available today could be considered rare in the future, bagging you a neat profit if you sell them. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Mortal Kombat Funko POP!

Funko Pop figures generally retail for around the same price, but that can be influenced by the variant, rarity and style. For the most part, figures retail for between $10-$30. Boxsets with multiple models can retail for between $50-$70. 

Mortal Kombat Funko Pop FAQ

Should I keep my Funko POP! in the box or not?

A. That is entirely up to you, but just be aware that any action figures that have been removed from the packaging decrease in value. If you want to trade your Pop models at some stage or sell them, it’s best to keep them in the original box.

What do the numbers on the box mean?

A. The number on the box indicates when it was produced and released, and also serves as a numbering system for collectors. Characters in the same series will have sequential numbers, making it easy to keep track of which figures you still need.

What’s the best Mortal Kombat Funko POP! to buy?

Top Mortal Kombat Funko POP!

Funko POP! Mortal Combat - Raiden

Funko POP! Mortal Combat – Raiden

What you need to know: Add one of Mortal Kombat’s most popular characters to your collection.

What you’ll love: With tons of recognizable features, this Raiden Pop sports his signature traditional hat and glowing blue eyes. It stands 3.7-inches tall in one of Raiden’s attacking moves. This figure is numbered as 254, and specific to the Mortal Kombat X series on Pop figures.

What you should consider: It costs slightly more than other figures in the range.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Mortal Kombat Funko POP! for the money

Funko POP! Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero (Glow in the Dark)

Funko POP! Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero (Glow in the Dark)

What you need to know: A must-have for any Sub-Zero fan.

What you’ll love: Turn off the light and see Sub-Zero come to life with this glow-in-the-dark figure. The figure is numbered 1057 and is an Entertainment Earth exclusive model. Listed as a Limited Edition, it features Sub-Zero in full armor with an ice spike in his hand – which also glows in the dark. 

What you should consider: The glow-in-the-dark element could have been a bit brighter.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

POP Movies: Mortal Kombat - Scorpion Vinyl Figure

POP Movies: Mortal Kombat – Scorpion Vinyl Figure

What you need to know: This one’s a bit of a surprise, available in a masked and unmasked version.

What you’ll love: With a one-in-six chance of receiving the rare, maskless Chase model, collectors will love adding the Scorpion Pop to their Mortal Kombat Funko shelf. This Pop is 4-inches tall and features stunning detail including an unsheathed katana.

What you should consider: Some were frustrated that they couldn’t choose to purchase the masked or maskless figure depending on their taste.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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