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An automatic card shuffler is more likely to jam if you attempt to shuffle overly thick or large cards.

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Which card shuffler is best?

If you’re looking for a way to streamline poker night, ensure fairness around the table and save some time between deals, then a card shuffler may be the ideal solution. Often used in casinos, card shufflers make a great addition to almost any home card game.

Before you head off to buy a new card shuffler, you’ll want to keep a few key features in mind, such as shuffler type, deck capacity and portability. The Brybelly 4-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler is a trusted choice that can keep your cards random and ready to deal all night long. 

What to know before you buy a card shuffler 

Electric card shufflers

As the name suggests, these types of card shufflers are powered by batteries and do all of the shuffling work for you. Specific models can operate either by the push of a button or lever or as a continuous shuffler, which will constantly shuffle cards as they are cleared from the table and returned to the machine. 

Manual card shufflers 

Manual card shufflers still produce the desired outcome, but will require the user to physically turn a hand crank in order to shuffle the cards. While there is more work involved, they don’t require any batteries or additional power. However, they are more likely to become jammed. 

Advantages of a card shuffler 

The most common reason people opt for a card shuffler over shuffling by hand is because of the amount of time it saves between deals. Card shufflers can efficiently work through several decks in a fraction of the time. They also eliminate the possibility of anyone cheating or potentially rigging the deck, which makes them the most objective and fair option for game nights. 

Other people may choose to use a card shuffler if they are dealing with decreased dexterity or range of movement in their hands due to arthritis, injuries or other reasons. 

What to look for in a quality card shuffler 

Type of cards

As long as the type of cards being used are a similar size and shape as regular playing cards, your card shuffler should be able to handle them with ease. If you are looking to shuffle any type of specialty cards, double check to make sure the shuffler is capable of handling their specific dimensions. 

Deck capacity 

The best card shuffler will be the one that can handle the amount of decks needed for your gameplay. You can find shufflers with a two-deck capacity and others that can shuffle up to six at a time. If you think you’ll only need a couple decks, you can likely avoid high-capacity models.


Different card shufflers will produce varying levels of noise associated with the physical shuffling. If you want the quietest option, a manual shuffler might be worth considering. Electric models are often louder, but there are several options that limit any excess noise so it won’t disturb others. 


The great thing about card shufflers is that they can be transported from place to place. If you think you’ll be traveling often with your card shuffler, look for a lightweight and compact model that can easily fit in a pack or bag.

How much you can expect to spend on a card shuffler 

The cheapest manual models can be found for under $15 while the most expensive, high-capacity automatic models can range up to $150. For most casual users, a model between $15-$50 will suffice. 

Card shuffler FAQ

Will a card shuffler only work with standard playing cards?

A. While card shufflers are designed to handle standard playing cards and sometimes slightly narrower bridge-style cards, some can be used for other card games, such as Uno. Always check the specific product information and instructions before attempting to use your shuffler with other card styles. 

How many times should you shuffle a deck of cards? 

A. While some people playing a casual card game will be satisfied with a single run through by an automatic shuffler, to ensure maximum randomness, a 52-card deck can be shuffled up to seven times.

What’s the best card shuffler to buy?

Top card shuffler 

Brybelly 4-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler


Brybelly 4-Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

What you need to know: An efficient model, it can shuffle through four decks of any standard-sized cards quickly.

What you’ll love: Those playing with larger groups will enjoy how quickly this machine operates, as well as the compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to transport to a friend’s house for game night. 

What you should consider: Some users who purchased this model received incorrect instructional information. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top card shuffler for the money

CHH 2-Deck Hand-Cranked Card Shuffler

CHH 2-Deck Hand-Cranked Card Shuffler

What you need to know: A manual option, it’s great for those who prefer a classic shuffling approach. 

What you’ll love: Quicker than shuffling multiple decks by hand, this model can quickly and quietly shuffle two decks without a problem. The simplistic design and hand crank make it easy to use for all ages. There are no batteries required.

What you should consider: This particular model can only hold two decks at any given time. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Trademark Poker 4-6 Deck Card Shuffler

Trademark Poker 4-6 Deck Card Shuffler

What you need to know: A great shuffler for the largest card games, it has a convenient six-deck capacity. 

What you’ll love: Those with limited hand mobility or arthritis will appreciate the automatic nature of this device. It also sports a removable tray making it easy to access the cards that have been thoroughly shuffled. Standard or narrow bridge cards are both acceptable for this shuffler. 

What you should consider: Four C batteries are required but not included with this shuffler. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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