Which Beyblade Metal Fusion toy is best?

Beyblade is a Japanese toy that involves spinning circular objects at high speeds and crashing them into each other. You compete against at least one other player who also spins their blade with the objective of crashing into yours and forcing it to stop spinning. The game has been around for decades and still maintains popularity today. This is partly due to its riveting gameplay, but also because of the Japanese manga and subsequent anime series called Beyblade Metal Fusion.

This series follows the magical and exciting lore of Beyblades. When it comes to Beyblades themselves, there are several different varieties that can be collected and used for gameplay. The best Beyblade Metal Fusion toy is the Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere which comes with a Climb Beystadium, two launchers and two Beyblades. 

What to know before you buy a Beyblade Metal Fusion toy

Game rules

The basic object of Beyblades is to keep your blade spinning the longest. This can be done a few different ways but the most common way is to shoot your blade into your opponent’s blade and force it to lose its momentum. You can also knock your opponent’s blade into one of the divots on the stadium floor. Each stadium consists of a small plastic bin with high edges that keep the blades in a confined area. Their floors often have a combination of divots, ramps and slopes to ensure there’s always some sort of action happening. Points are awarded for each round that you’re able to keep your blade spinning the longest. 

Types of Beyblades

The blades are spun using a launcher which is a plastic ripcord-like device that quickly spins the blade and sends it forward into the stadium. Each blade will react a different way depending on how it’s configured. There are four blade types: Attack, Stamina/Endurance, Defense and Balance. Each blade has different strengths and weaknesses. The Attack Beyblades are strong and won’t be knocked easily, however they lack spin stamina. The Defense Beyblades are great at knocking back opponent’s blades but they spin much slower. 

Burst app

The Beyblade Burst app is a great tool for Beyblade players who want to expand their knowledge and skill set in the game. Each Burst Beyblade has a scannable code on the bottom which can be inputted into the Burst app. Once it’s uploaded, you can look at the stats of that specific Beyblade. You can also make adjustments to the blade based on these stats and the stats of your opponent. Speaking of opponents, the Burst app also lets you compete in digital competitions with players around the world.

What to look for in a quality Beyblade Metal Fusion toy


Bursting is the process of breaking apart your opponent’s Beyblade during competition. Beyblades consist of a set of three different parts: Forge Disc, Performance Tip and Energy Layer. Depending on how your Beyblade is constructed, it could potentially burst if it collides with a more powerful blade. Bursting simply means that the three components of your Beyblade will break apart. Keep in mind they can easily be reassembled so your blade isn’t actually damaged. However, if your blade does burst in a battle then your opponent will be awarded two points. 


Some high quality Beyblade stadiums have built-in ramps. Along with the divots and slopes in these battlegrounds, ramps help keep things interesting. On a flat surface, Beyblades that knock into each other can be sent to the edges and may not collide again. If your stadium has ramps, it can force your blades back into one another to keep the fight going. Also, ramps can be used to boost a blade up onto a higher surface. 


Part of the fun of Beyblades, other than smashing them into each other, is that you can adjust your pieces depending on what type of opponent you’re going against. Think of it like Pokemon cards, each one has their own unique statistics including strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, if you know you’re going up against a blade with high attack features, you can customize your blade with excellent defense. The Burst app can also help with figuring out which pieces to assemble.

How much you can expect to spend on a Beyblade Metal Fusion toy

Beyblade Metal Fusion toys cost $30-$38.

Beyblade Metal Fusion toy FAQ

Are there competitions for Beyblades?

A. There are competitions for serious players of Beyblades. In the past, Hasbro has put on an event called the Beyblade World Championship which has awarded up to $10,000 to the winner. 

Do Beyblades require batteries?

A. There is a version of Beyblades called the IR Spin Control Beyblade Extreme Top System which uses a battery operated controller to steer your blade during battle. However, standard Beyblades simply move from the momentum of the launchers. 

What’s the best Beyblade Metal Fusion toy to buy?

Top Beyblade Metal Fusion toy

Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere

Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere 

What you need to know: This comprehensive Beyblade set comes with everything you need for both experienced players and beginners.

What you’ll love: Two Beyblades are included: Golden Judgement Dragon D5 and Prime Apocalypse A5. This set comes with a complete stadium with added ramps that add to the competitiveness of the game. There are also two launchers included so you can get straight to blading.   

What you should consider: This game is only designed to be played with two people at a time. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Beyblade Metal Fusion toy for the money

Beyblade Burst Battle Set

Beyblade Burst Battle Set

What you need to know: This Beyblade set is a great starter set due to its basic stadium style and included launchers. 

What you’ll love: The stadium is a simple plastic bin with various rivets that keep things interesting as you’re battling your Beyblades. There are two blades that come with the stadium from the Beyblade Burst series. They’re also fully customizable with other Burst Beyblades.

What you should consider: The included stadium is very basic compared to other sets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle Set

Beyblade Burst Evolution Star Storm Battle Set

What you need to know: The Burst Evolution Battle Set features a classic stadium platform with a unique shape. 

What you’ll love: Included in the set are two Switch Strike Beyblades. One of them is the Genesis Valtryek while the other is a Satomb. Each blade is multicolored and includes two white spinners. The stadium is in a star shape and comes in a bright green color. 

What you should consider: Some customers were disappointed in the quality of the product.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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