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Which TeeTurtle toy is best?

TeeTurtle is a Colorado-based company that specializes in pop culture-themed products. Although TeeTurtle primarily focuses on T-shirts, they have a wide range of exciting toys that kids and adults are sure to love. TeeTurtle’s most popular toys are their reversible plushies — stuffed toys that you can flip inside out, revealing a new character. TeeTurtle’s Original Reversible Octopus Plushie is a fan favorite that’s both soft and adorable.

What to know before you buy a TeeTurtle toy

What is TeeTurtle?

TeeTurtle sells numerous items that appeal to pop culture fans and self-described geeks. The company launched in 2012 when Ramy Badie began selling his adorable pop culture designs on T-shirts. Many of their T-shirts feature references to Dungeons and Dragons, “Star Wars” and other cult classic games and movies. In 2016, TeeTurtle signed a deal with Marvel, simultaneously allowing them to sell officially licensed Marvel designs and catapulting the TeeTurtle brand into the mainstream.

Types of TeeTurtle toys

  • Reversible plushies: Reversible plushies are the most popular toys that TeeTurtle offers. Many of these toys are turtles, octopi, foxes and other cute animals. TeeTurtle’s standard reversible plushies are about 4 inches tall.
  • Big reversible plushies: Like traditional ones, these toys are designed to be turned inside out. Big reversible plushies stand about 8 inches tall. So far, big reversible plushies only feature octopi.
  • Reversible plushmates: TeeTurtle’s reversible plushmates toys are sets of two reversible plushies, many of which have magnetic hands. The toys’ magnetic hands allow you to display your plushies as though they were holding hands.


TeeTurtle’s reversible plush toys come in numerous colors and themes. Some TeeTurtle toys have standard colors, while others feature rainbow cats, skull-themed foxes and animals who resemble avocadoes. Some TeeTurtle toys even have elements that glow in the dark. If you’re buying a TeeTurtle toy as a gift, you may want to consider the gift receiver’s favorite color or pattern.


When it comes to TeeTurtle toys, you may be wondering what you can do with them once you have one. Children will likely play with their toy or use it to help them sleep. On the other hand, most adults display their TeeTurtle toys like they would a Funko Pop or other collectible. If you’re buying a TeeTurtle toy for yourself or another adult, it may be worth considering where it will be displayed after purchase.

What to look for in a quality TeeTurtle toy

Fun characters

When buying a TeeTurtle toy, there are a lot of fun characters from which to choose. A common theme in TeeTurtle’s toys are cute animals that look happy until you flip them inside out and reveal their angry side. There are numerous octopus plushies that are pretty popular, but if you prefer cats, foxes or otters, there’s a plush for you.

Soft design

All of TeeTurtle’s plushies are soft and cuddly. Still, some plush toys are softer than others. If you want a soft toy, it may be a good idea to choose one that’s relatively round compared to others. 

No factory defects

Each side of the reversible plushie should look like a different character or expression. However, in some cases, people receive plushies with the same expression on both sides of the toy. Other factory defects include plushies that have no facial features. When choosing a TeeTurtle toy, it may be a good idea to choose one that isn’t prone to factory defects.

How much you can expect to spend on a TeeTurtle toy

Nearly every TeeTurtle reversible plushie costs $15.

TeeTurtle toys FAQ

Are TeeTurtle plushies the same as Squishmallows?

A. TeeTurtle’s reversible plushies are not the same as popular Squishmallow toys. Still, they look and feel similar to Squishmallows and tend to cost less.

Are TeeTurtle toys machine-washable?

A. Yes, many people wash their reversible plushies in their washing machine along with their clothing without any issues.

Are all reversible plushies the same size?

A. Most reversible plushies stand 4 inches tall, although some are roughly 5 inches.

What’s the best TeeTurtle toy to buy?

Top TeeTurtle toy

The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie

TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie

What you need to know: This highly popular octopus plushie comes in nine different styles.

What you’ll love: This soft plush toy is easy to flip from one mood to another. The wide selection of styles ensures you’ll find a toy that suits you. This toy became a big hit on the popular social media site TikTok. Many people buy this octopus as a sensory toy for their children. The “Rage Black” and “Furious Pink” styles really stand out.

What you should consider: Some buyers received counterfeit toys when buying from third-party sellers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top TeeTurtle toy for the money

The Original Reversible Kittencorn Plushie

TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Kittencorn Plushie

What you need to know: This unique plush toy features an adorable cat with a unicorn horn.

What you’ll love: In addition to the Kittencorn style, there are several other styles to choose from, including a mermaid cat and a skeleton cat. This plush toy stands about an inch taller than many other TeeTurtle toys. This cat’s round shape makes it extra soft and squishy.

What you should consider: There are numerous reports of people receiving factory defects with the same face on both sides.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

The Original Reversible Fox Plushie

TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Fox Plushie

What you need to know: This popular fox toy comes in numerous styles, including tie-dye.

What you’ll love: This toy is soft and round. The “Skeleton” style plush glows in the dark. Flipping the fox inside out is easy. The reversible fox plushie is fuzzier than many of the other TeeTurtle toys. The fox resembles an Akita Inu dog, making it ideal for dog fans as well.

What you should consider: There are several reports of factory defects.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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