Which dice games are best?

Picking out the best dice game can be a daunting task, especially with how many games exist in today’s market. Ultimately, the best dice games are going to be those that the user finds the most fun, so identifying what kinds of games you like in general is a good way to ensure the optimal game experience.

Among other great dice games, Yahtzee is a classic that works well for people of many different ages, featuring a fun and exciting gameplay that’s also easy to learn.

What to know before you buy a dice game

Amount of players

When browsing the best dice games, it’s important to consider if there’s a specific amount of players you’re looking for. While some classic dice games may be suitable for just two players, others may include options for playing with three or more — and sometimes with an unlimited maximum amount of players.

Level of competition

How competitive a given dice game is can also be worth considering before making a purchase since you ultimately want to match the tones of games you and other players like. While some dice games are extremely competitive, others are more casual and feature slower gameplay with more frequent reward systems. If you like games that are neck and neck, a highly competitive game might be best for you, while those that like casual gameplay should choose dice games that won’t get too heated.

Age of players

Another important factor to consider when buying a dice game is if a given game has suggested age restrictions. You’ll want to consider the age of the people you plan to play with, as some games are designed for children specifically, while others could be suitable for the whole family.

What to look for in a quality dice game

Overall fun

Ultimately, the most important feature in any game is the ability to generate pure fun for its players. How fun a given game is will be highly subjective, which is why it’s helpful to consider what kinds of games you prefer in order to get the best experience possible for whichever dice game you decide to buy.

Easy to learn and teach

While it isn’t necessarily essential, finding dice games that are easy to learn and teach will help minimize the stress of making sure you and your party are playing correctly — especially for players that are brand new to the game.

Wide-ranging age group

Games designed for children can be super fun, especially if the players are all within the game’s specified age range. But buying dice games with a wide range of possible ages is a great way to increase the overall inclusivity of your game while ensuring that the game won’t become stale as you age.

How much you can expect to spend on a dice game

There are a ton of different dice games available today, meaning that there are also several different price points at which you can find a good dice game. In general, cheap dice games may cost as little as $5, while more in-depth dice games with more pieces can cost as much as $40, with some collectible games costing even more.

Dice game FAQ

What dice games can you play with five dice?

A. You can play a wide number of dice games with five dice, including the classic game Yahtzee. In addition, it’s simple enough to play dice games that require more or less dice if you have five since you can always keep track of what was rolled and re-roll the amount of dice necessary to play games of six dice or more.

Why are dice games so popular?

A. Alongside offering some good old-fashioned fun, dice games are widely played due to their simple setup, portability for travel and ease of learning. For most games, you can get away with using only dice while looking up scorecards or improvising other necessary aspects of the game.

What’s the best dice game to buy?

Top dice game

Hasbro Gaming Yahtzee Dice Game

Hasbro Gaming Yahtzee Dice Game

What you need to know: A classic dice game from Hasbro, Yahtzee is super easy to learn for kids and adults alike and offers exciting, competitive gameplay that makes it the modern staple it has become.

What you’ll love: Yahtzee remains one of the most well-known, popular dice games available today, as players attempt to roll five of the same number with all five dice while earning other dice combinations along the way. This particular dice game comes with five dice total, in addition to a scorecard pad and a shaker cup.

What you should consider: Some users complained that their Yahtzee sets showed up with missing items.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dice game for the money

Farkle Dice Game

Farkle Dice Game

What you need to know: Another modern classic, Farkle is all about taking well-thought-out risks when rolling and is also great for the whole family and easy to learn.

What you’ll love: This game forces players to try their luck on an ongoing basis — hopefully without sending their rolls overboard. Rolling the dice for no points is called a “Farkle” and ends the user’s turn, taking all their points from the round away from them.

What you should consider: A few buyers complained that they had to look up the rules separately, saying that the included rule set wasn’t clear about a few details.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Yamslam Dice Game

Yamslam Dice Game

What you need to know: This fun dice game includes elements of poker, Yahtzee and other games, featuring several chips alongside the included set of dice.

What you’ll love: During gameplay, players are supposed to throw the dice three separate times in an attempt to get the highest possible roll. Whichever roll is best earns them a chip, which is used to detail each player’s position on the scoreboard.

What you should consider: Many buyers found this game a little confusing at first, as well as less competitive than most dice games.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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