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Christmas trivia games are a great way to liven up holiday gatherings at the office, with friends and with family.

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Which Christmas trivia games are best?

Trivia games are a fun and competitive way to test your knowledge about every subject under the sun. People who are especially fond of the holiday season find that Christmas trivia games are the perfect addition to any festive gathering. 

Our pick for the Best of the Best Christmas trivia game is ’Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game. With a whopping 1,800 separate questions, recent updates and a wide scope of categories, it is a fun game for almost everyone.

What to know before you buy a Christmas trivia game

Age range

Before purchasing any trivia game, one of the most important considerations is the intended age range. Questions and subjects will vary significantly depending on the target audience. If the entire family plans to play, find Christmas trivia for kids that is also suitable for adults. Some of the best trivia games have options for almost every age. However, if the trivia game is intended to be for kids only, there are easy-to-play trivia games that they can play on their own, or with other children. Thankfully, there are no mainstream Christmas card games with inappropriate content, so screening games in advance before the kids play isn’t necessary.

Who will play it?

Similarly to assessing the intended age range, consider who plans to play the game. Formats and areas of knowledge can vary from game to game, so knowing what everybody likes is a plus. Also, if the game will be played with a larger group (e.g. at a holiday party), ensure that the game can accommodate the maximum number of players. Alternatively, if the group will be extra large, find a Christmas trivia game that can be modified to accommodate additional players or teams.

Basic rules

Planning to play a Christmas trivia game at a holiday party? If so, having a basic understanding of the rules is essential. Since many games are not returnable, ensuring that the game is suitable for your event is a wise choice.

Additionally, springing a new game on a group can be challenging — and can dampen the mood of a party. Being able to explain the basic idea of the trivia game can make or break the atmosphere. Rather than being brand new to the game (just like your guests), learn what’s involved prior to making any purchases.

What to look for in a quality Christmas trivia game

Fun concept

Trivia should be anything but boring. Whether in search of a Christmas song trivia game or a basic Christmas knowledge game, make sure that it has a fun concept. Also, rather than simply reading off questions and keeping score, check to see if the rules add a special twist. While this isn’t necessary to have an enjoyable trivia game, it can add interest and excitement. Ensuring that your chosen Christmas trivia game is fun for everyone will keep the mood lively and jovial.


Purchasing a trivia game that doesn’t have an extensive collection of questions is not ideal for repeatability. Those who want to play the game multiple times — and over the span of multiple holiday seasons — should aim to buy a Christmas trivia game that has a large number of cards. The more questions that are in the deck, the better the repeatability of the game. As a bonus tip, individuals can get the most for their money by investing in a trivia game that has multiple questions per card.

Easy to play

Trivia games are best when they are easy to play and simple to understand. No matter who is playing the game, most people have the expectation that trivia will be fun, relaxed and low pressure. Ensure that the Christmas trivia game that is selected is effortless to explain and comprehend.

How much you can expect to spend on a Christmas trivia game

The vast majority of Christmas trivia games range between $14-$30.

Christmas trivia game FAQ

Are Christmas trivia games easy?

A. Almost all of them are easy to explain and to learn. So whether you’re the one giving the instructions, or the one learning to play, little effort is involved. Even those who don’t know much about Christmas will know the answers to many questions asked in today’s most popular games.

Can kids play Christmas trivia games?

A. There are several outstanding Christmas trivia games that are specifically geared toward children. There are even a few that are intended for an older audience that some kids may be able to play.

What topics are covered within a Christmas trivia game?

A. General knowledge Christmas trivia games cover topics such as movies, songs, nostalgic gifts and holiday history. There are also quite a few games on the market that are about specific movies and subject areas.

What’s the best Christmas trivia game to buy?

Top Christmas trivia game

’Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game

’Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game

What you need to know: After having sold 2.5 million copies over the last several decades, this classic Christmas trivia game remains a favorite.

What you’ll love: ’Tis The Season Christmas Trivia Game was recently updated to include newer questions. Quiz players on everything from holiday movies to customs around the world. Almost any age can play along, and it is a fantastic game for parties and larger groups. One box contains 1,800 trivia questions. 

What you should consider: This Christmas trivia game is sold at a higher price point ($28) than average trivia games.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Christmas trivia game for the money

Cobble Hill Christmas Trivia Game (200 Cards)

Cobble Hill Christmas Trivia Game (200 Cards)

What you need to know: A family-friendly game that is perfect for all ages and knowledge levels.

What you’ll love: The Cobble Hill Christmas Trivia Game (with 200 playing cards) has five categories that players can choose from: Holiday Traditions, Christmas Carols, Christmas Movies, the North Pole and Stocking Stuffers. It is fun, easy to learn and is suitable for kids and adults of all ages. At just $15, this game is also a marvelous value.

What you should consider: Some individuals report that select questions are quite challenging. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Cobble Hill Christmas Trivia Card Game (Travel Edition)

Cobble Hill Christmas Trivia Card Game (Travel Edition)

What you need to know: The perfect Christmas trivia game for families in a compact deck that is easy to take while on-the-go.

What you’ll love: The abbreviated Cobble Hill Christmas Trivia Card Game is designed specifically for individuals 12 and older. Two or more players can compete against each other in this ultra-portable trivia game. It is an excellent stocking stuffer, and is wonderful for holiday road trips. Each trivia card contains multiple questions.

What you should consider: Priced at $15, this compact version of the original Christmas trivia game costs the same, but has fewer cards.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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