Which X-Men action figure is best?

The X-Men are a group of mutants who have vowed to bring peace between their people and the humans they live side by side with on Earth. They were created by comic writer Stan Lee from Marvel in 1963 and feature a group of powerful mutants of all ages. Lee’s idea was to create characters with God-given abilities so fans could see them grow up from childhood. This would give us the first-ever look at young superheroes at the Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters led by Professor X.

Like with many amazing superhero groups, toymakers have created action figures for fans to collect and enjoy. The best X-Men action figure is the Marvel Wolverine Titan Hero Series toy from Hasbro. Standing at 12 inches tall and holding his iconic claws, Wolverine is dressed in his classic yellow-and-blue outfit.

What to know before you buy an X-Men action figure

X-Men characters and abilities

The original set of X-Men included Professor X, Beast, Angel, Phoenix, Cyclops and Iceman. Eventually, stars like Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Gambit and Magneto were included in the story. Overall, there have been more than 100 mutants involved in the X-Men team.

Each mutant has their own inherent abilities that they use for positive purposes and to combat evil forces. Wolverine’s claws are probably the most well-known example. Beast was born with a genius mind and superhuman strength. Cyclops uses a red energy beam from his eye to take down his enemies, and Storm harnesses the power of lightning and weather as her power.

X-Men variations

Over the decades, the X-Men have gone through a ton of different variations. Writers Stan Lee and Jack Kirby worked hard to make sure their mutants’ stories are told with great detail, and therefore they’ve seen many different iterations to keep things interesting. The X-Force is one of the more entertaining side stories. This saw Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Boom Boom and others take a more militaristic approach towards their enemies. Wolverine is undeniably the star of the X-Men, and for this reason he’s the main subject for many action figures. His figures can be seen in his classic yellow-and-blue suit, the gold sentinel suit, a brown-and-yellow alternate suit and even a casual outfit of blue jeans, black tank top and brown cowboy hat.

Classic vs. new age

The X-Men were first created in the 1960s. Back then, the writers created their suits based on the era they were in. As classic as that look may have been, the X-Men look much different nowadays. The original suits were simpler in design and featured more solid block colors. They appeared more latex-heavy than today’s tactical look, which uses more spandex and protective plates. The original X-Men helped usher in the classic superhero look we know today. The new-age suits look more like superheros wearing darker colors with tactical utilities.

What to look for in a quality X-Men action figure

High level of detail

If you’re looking at cheap knock-off versions of X-Men action figures, you may notice their lack of detail. Their suits may be missing the X-Men logo, or their eyes may be only one solid color. It’s these minute details that make a genuine action figure worth your hard-earned dollars or not. Muscle definition is another great way to tell if you have a high-quality action figure. If you see muscle definition in the thighs, chest and arms, then you can be sure it’s of decent quality. Same goes for the hair. The Beast character, for example, has a full body of hair. If your action figure shows detailed hair, then it’s likely from a quality manufacturer like Hasbro.


The X-Men are known for their unique powers and abilities, which can easily be showcased in their action figure counterparts. Storm’s toy comes with two sets of lightning bursts that can be directly attached to her hands. This lets you pose her and adds realism to her character. Beast is known for his intellect, which is why his action figure comes with an open book. Professor X figures will come with an attached wheelchair, while high-quality Wolverine toys will always include his claws made of the fictional unbreakable material adamantium.

Sturdy packaging

For collectors, having sturdy packaging is everything. If an action figure comes in a nonofficial, unlicensed package, then you can be sure it’s not the real thing. The best X-Men action figures will be safely packaged in official Hasbro or Marvel packaging that includes a cardboard back and tough plastic casing. Furthermore, you should check with the seller to make sure they are adding an extra layer of protection before delivery. This will not only protect the toy itself, but will prevent the package from becoming damaged also.

How much you can expect to spend on X-Men action figures

X-Men action figures cost between $20-$30.

X-Men action figures FAQ

Are X-Men action figures poseable?

A. Yes, nearly all X-Men action figures can be posed and articulated in all sorts of ways. This is great if you want to display your collection on a shelf and make them appear as if they’re interacting with one another, or if you want to act out your favorite scene from an X-Men film.

What are X-Men action figures made of?

A. Hasbro, the company that makes the highest-quality X-Men action figures, uses acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) to mold their toys. This plastic variation is highly durable and harder than other plastic varieties. 

What’s the best X-Men action figure to buy?

Top X-Men action figure

Marvel Wolverine Titan Hero Series

Marvel Wolverine Titan Hero Series

What you need to know: Hasbro’s take on the classic Wolverine action figure shows the X-Men legends dressed in his iconic yellow suit.

What you’ll love: Wolverine is wearing the original suit developed by Stan Lee. This action figure comes with his claws drawn and a look on his face that says “I’m ready for anything.”

What you should consider: Because of the additional small piece, this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top X-Men action figure for the money

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series: Beast

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series: Beast

What you need to know: This nearly 6-inch-tall action figure of Beast shows both his strength and intellectual side.

What you’ll love: There are two Beast heads included in this package — one is smiling, while the other is angry. There’s a book accessory that can be attached to Beast’s two different sets of hands, one with clenched fist and one with an open hand.

What you should consider: This action figure depicts Beast in brown skin and fur instead of the blue color he is known for today.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hasbro Marvel Retro Series: Storm

Hasbro Marvel Retro Series: Storm

What you need to know: Storm’s classic look is on display in this poseable action figure with long white hair and black-and-gold suit.

What you’ll love: The included accessories make this action figure really shine. There are two sets of lightning blasts that can be attached to her hands, as well as two fabric pieces that drape from her arms.

What you should consider: The cloth accessories will need straightening before they can be attached.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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