Which Mandalorian action figure is best?

“Star Wars” has always dominated the sci-fi section of pop culture. The original films, made in the late ’70s and early ’80s, blew movie-goers’ minds with its epic story and unbelievable special effects. Decades later, the tale lives on through anthology films, television series and made-for-TV specials. The most well-received series has without a doubt been “The Mandalorian.” This offshoot follows the journey of a rogue bounty hunter simply known as The Mandalorian. Alongside him on his trip throughout the galaxy is a vulnerable, yet adorable, infant named Grogu.
“The Mandalorian” has created a new fandom for “Star Wars” and alongside it has come some cool toys and action figures. The best Mandalorian action figure is The Black Series Mandalorian which features a 7-inch Mando in his full battle attire and his weapons of choice. 

What to know before you buy a Mandalorian action figure


“The Mandalorian” action figures can include a number of the important and unique characters from the series. The first and most important character is the Mandalorian himself. Also known as Mando, he wears a full head-to-toe suit of armor made of beskar, which in the show is considered the strongest armor in the galaxy. There are a few variations of his armor but the main style is shiny, silver-like armor. Moff Gideon is the antagonist of the story. Think of him like a less-scary Darth Vader, although he also wears a black Imperial suit with a black cape. There is one character who stole the show and that’s Grogu, otherwise known as Baby Yoda. This cute, green toddler wears a brown onesie that looks like a potato sack. 


Most action figures are made with plastic. This usually includes acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) for the main portion of the figure and various other materials for accessories. In “The Mandalorian” action figures, softer plastics, like polypropylene are also used for capes and weapons so that they can conform to the figures’ hands and necks for poses.  


Most action figures from “The Mandalorian” are smaller in size — around 7 inches in height and 2 inches wide. After all, action figures are meant to be played with, so it’s important they can easily fit in your hand. If you’re a collector, size isn’t all that important because the items will stay in their package and be displayed on a shelf. There are larger action figures like the animatronic Snackin’ Grogu, which stands over 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide. 

What to look for in a quality Mandalorian action figure


Authenticity is equally important for collectors and those who just want a fun toy to play with. Authentic action figures will come straight from the Star Wars store and clearly state their manufacturer. Purchasing a knock-off Mandalorian action figure can include cheap materials that may break easily. Also, they won’t be an accurate representation of the original source material. For true Mandalorian fans, authenticity is crucial. 


The most common accessory for Mandalorian action figures is a weapon. The galaxy can be a scary place and no true bounty hunter would be caught without his blaster. Mando also fancies the phase-blaster rifle, which is the Star Wars version of a sniper rifle. High quality Mandalorian action figures will include all the accessories to make them as realistic and true to the story as possible. A constant joke throughout the series was that Grogu liked to snack. He was always sneaking away and trying to steal food from others, which is why his accessories feature a spoon, bowl with tentacles, a cookie and a shifter knob, which he attempts to eat before Mando snags it away. 


Action figures are all about movement. For this reason, poseable features are yet another high-quality addition to any Mandalorian action figure. Your action figure’s arms and legs should move both forward and backward and include adjustments at the ankle and head. The ankles should move so that you can put your character in different poses, all the while maintaining its balance on a flat surface. 

How much you can expect to spend on Mandalorian action figure

The Mandalorian action figures will cost between $27-$80.

Mandalorian action figure FAQ

Are Mandalorian action figures suitable for children?

A. Most Mandalorian action figures are suitable for children ages 4 and up. This is mainly due to the small parts that are included with the toys. Weapons and other accessories are small enough that they can be swallowed by young children.

Do Mandalorian action figures require batteries?

A. Standard Mandalorian action figures don’t require batteries. Instead, they are poseable on their own simply by moving the section with your hand. If the action figure is animatronic, such as the Snackin’ Grogu, then it will require four AA batteries to operate. 

What’s the best Mandalorian action figure to buy?

Top Mandalorian action figure

Star Wars: The Black Series Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Black Series Mandalorian

What you need to know: This authentic Mandalorian action figure comes directly from the makers of Star Wars and features the star of the hit spinoff series.

What you’ll love: The Mandalorian himself is wearing his original battle-worn garb, including a flowing cape and his signature Mandalorian helmet. The figure is poseable and comes with his blaster pistol and phase-pulse blaster rifle. 

What you should consider: There are small parts included in this set, which can be hazardous to small children. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Mandalorian action figure for the money

Star Wars: The Black Series Imperial Death Trooper

Star Wars: The Black Series Imperial Death Trooper

What you need to know: Every Mandalorian has an enemy or two and this Imperial Death Trooper covered from head to toe with rustic armor is one of them.

What you’ll love: This 7-inch poseable action figure lets you live out your dark side with its intimidating presence. He holds an E-11D rifle from the Stormtrooper Corps and includes a collectable Imperial Credit accessory. 

What you should consider: The included rifle is small and can be a choking hazard to small children. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Star Wars Galactic Snackin’ Grogu

Star Wars Galactic Snackin’ Grogu

What you need to know: A Star Wars Mandalorian action figure set wouldn’t be complete without the adorable baby who stole the show, Grogu.

What you’ll love: Also known as Baby Yoda, this heartwarming alien child stands over 9 inches tall and moves using animatronic motion. The action figure includes four food-related accessories that, when put in Grogu’s hand, will cause him to react in up to 40 different ways. 

What you should consider: You will need a screwdriver to remove the back panel and four AA batteries before operating. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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