Which Iron Man action figures are best?

Iron Man was, initially, a B-list character in Marvel comic books. Although he was popular enough for his stories to remain in publication, he never reached the status of Spider-Man or Captain America. That was until his 2008 blockbuster movie came out, which kick-started the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man led the MCU and was the central character in its most profitable films. Naturally, his action figures have become a popular choice when buying merchandise. The Funko Pop: Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster is a great place to start a Funko Pop Collection of Marvel cinematic characters.

What to know before you buy an Iron Man action figure

There is a wide variety of Marvel toys available. Undoubtedly, action figures are the preferred choice among children and adults alike. Action figures have been sold since the 1940s. The “Star Wars” movies fully developed them as a big business in the late 1970s. So what should you contemplate before buying an action figure?


There are many brands out there selling characters from the same franchise. Buying action figures from different brands might result in them being incompatible with each other. For example, differently branded action figures may be different sizes. Your child may not be satisfied battling a 12-inch Iron Man with a 6-inch Hulk.

Toy vs. collectible

Any toy has the potential to be a collector item in the future. If you want your “Iron Man” figure to realize its economic potential, then consider buying the toy for display only. Many collectors won’t remove toys from their boxes in order to maximize future value. If you’re of two minds, and budget is not an issue, consider buying two! 

Allies and nemeses

If you want to buy a few figures as a gift to start a heroes collection, consider what characters to buy together. Your child may not want to team Iron Man up with a Superman or Batman figure, as they are from different comic books. Iron Man can team up with any Marvel Avengers and battle Thanos, Ultron or even the Hulk, as he did in the movies.

What to look for in a quality Iron Man action figure


A good action figure needs points of articulation to be able to act out realistic battle scenes. For display purposes, many collectors also require good movement so that different poses can be made frequently. 


The more expensive the toy or collectible, the better you can expect the detail of the figure to be. However, in recent years, sculpting and painting methods have improved considerably. Even the most budget-conscious choice should have a decent level of detail. 


Add-ons will help maintain interest in an action figure. Many accessories are sold separately and will boost any waning interest in a figure. Remember about brand compatibility when you want to get the most out of any addition.

How much you can expect to spend on an Iron Man action figure

Highly detailed and articulated “Iron Man” action figures can cost more than $800. However, these are aimed at the serious collector. A regular “Iron Man” figure for play or display will cost from $10 up to $60 for more accessorized figures.

Iron Man action figure FAQ

How can I maintain the value of a collectible action figure?

A. Maximizing valuation will require the toy to remain in its packaging. If removed, maintaining its value requires regular care. Cleaning annually with a duster is essential. Carefully washing with warm water and a cloth is also a good idea. Proper storage of the figure is necessary. Never store your figure in cold or hot environments; keep Iron Man at room temperature.

Are action figures safe for toddlers?

A. Most action figures are safe for children aged three or four and up. However, some action figures come with accessories that are small parts. These accessories are potential choking hazards, and attention should be paid to the manufacturer’s age-range recommendation.

What’s the best Iron Man action figure to buy?

Top Iron Man action figure

Funko Pop: Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster

Funko Pop: Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hulkbuster

What you need to know: This figure is an excellent figure for both play and display that is based on the Hulkbuster armor that appeared in two “Avengers” movies. Small parts mean it is suitable for three years and up.

What you’ll love: This large figure will satisfy any teenager or an adult looking to boost the aesthetic quality of their room. However, it’s also great as a toy, and younger kids will delight in its bulky size and fine details. The bobbling head gives the figure a humorous appearance.

What you should consider: Most negative reviews complained about the bobbling head being easy to break, so it may be unsuitable for very young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Iron Man action figure for the money

Marvel Avengers: Titan Hero Series: Blast Gear Iron Man Action Figure

Marvel Avengers: Titan Hero Series: Blast Gear Iron Man Action Figure

What you need to know: This action figure is aimed at children four years old and up, and is based on the classic comic-book version of the character.

What you’ll love: At 12 inches tall, this figure is not easily lost by little ones. It is part of a wide collection of characters from Marvel, so kids can create imaginative worlds with the heroes they know and love. It’s also compatible with the sold-separately blast gear launcher.

What you should consider: As the blast gear launcher is not included, children may feel dissatisfied with the vacant backport on the figure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Playskool Heroes: Marvel Superhero Adventures: Mega Mighties Iron Man

Playskool Heroes: Marvel Superhero Adventures: Mega Mighties Iron Man

What you need to know: Part of a collection, this “Iron Man” toy is suitable for children who are at least three years old.

What you’ll love: The unique design of the “Iron Man” figure will appeal to younger children more. Its sturdiness and bulky size make it suitable for roughhouse play when going into battle with the other Marvel characters bought in this collection.

What you should consider: Older kids and serious fans may not appreciate the “young” look of this “Iron Man” figure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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