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While carabiners were designed with climbing and other weight-intensive activities in mind, they’ve been popularized for use in the modern world for holding keyrings and other small equipment.

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Which carabiner for keys is best?

Carabiners for keys are widely used today, and many buyers can find them at a price they can afford. Still, identifying what you need on your carabiner may require some trial and error. However, you can find a number of secure carabiners that are likely to offer what you need without having to cycle through several models.

These Rhino Produxs Two-Pack of Locking Carabiners for Keys are a safe bet as far as carabiners for keys go, offering a robust locking mechanism for added security and a durable, heavy-duty build that’s sure to last for years.

What to know before you buy a carabiner for keys

How many keys you hope to store on your carabiner

If you’re planning to use your carabiner for keys, you’ll want to consider how many keys you hope to put on there. While they can differ a bit in size, many of the best locking carabiners may not be as comfortable with too many keys on a keyring. Still, even if you do have a lot of keys, most carabiners won’t have a problem holding their weight, though they may be a little awkward to sift through if there are too many.

Locking clip mechanisms

Many that use carabiners for keys prefer some kind of locking clip mechanism for added keyring security. While most carabiners will close on their own with a spring-loaded clip, others will include locking hardware that can be screwed or slid over the clip. There are even models that feature multiple locking components.


Carabiners are made from metal, most commonly including stainless steel or aluminum. While you shouldn’t need a very high weight rating or durability for carabiners used for keys, some stainless steel carabiners will be more durable than lightweight aluminum models, which is worth considering if your keys might take a beating.

What to look for in a quality carabiner for keys

Properly sized for keyring

A carabiner for keys isn’t much use if it can’t properly fit a keyring, which is why it’s important to make sure the model you buy can fit your keyring when it’s filled with keys. Still, most standard carabiners have no problem fitting a keyring, though if you’re worried about it, it could be helpful to choose a larger size to avoid having trouble getting keys to fit on your carabiner.

Preferred clip style

Some may prefer carabiners with a specific clip style, like those with locking mechanisms for extra security or others with an S-shaped design for holding different items in separate compartments. Others may also prefer a simple clip mechanism since it can be a little quicker to move and remove items from the carabiner with this configuration.

Color and style

The most common selling point for non-load-bearing carabiners is the carabiner’s overall color, style, and design. Many will choose carabiners for keys in a specific color to match their outfits, favorite colors or just a style they like, though it won’t have any difference on functionality in the end.

How much you can expect to spend on a carabiner for keys

Carabiners for keys tend to be priced fairly reasonably unless you’re looking for something specific. In most cases, you can find cheap carabiners for keys for as low as $4, while higher-end models and bulk carabiner packs may cost between $10-$40.

Carabiner for keys FAQ

Do carabiners for keys come in a single size?

A. Carabiners don’t come in a standardized size, but they do often tend to be similar. If you need your carabiner to be a specific size to fit your keys, you may want to cross-check your keyring size with the models you’re looking at before making your purchase.

Can carabiners for keys also be used for climbing?

A. No. However, if you purchase a climbing carabiner, you’ll likely be able to use it for your keys, but not the other way around. When it comes to climbing, be sure to check your carabiner’s load weight limits to ensure before using it to bear human levels of weight.

What’s the best carabiner for keys to buy?

Top carabiner for keys

Rhino Produxs Two-Pack of Heavy-Duty Locking Carabiners For Keys and More

Rhino Produxs Two-Pack of Heavy-Duty Locking Carabiners

What you need to know: This carabiner bundle comes with two super-durable carabiners with screwing locks on the latches as well as a robust, durable build for long-lasting use.

What you’ll love: These carabiners can be used for keys or light load-bearing tasks, and they come at a price point low enough that most can afford them. This carabiner two-pack also comes in 11 different colors, including black, blue, orange or other multi-colored designs.

What you should consider: While this carabiner says it can be used for climbing and light load-bearing, some users reported that these aren’t actually for climbing and may be best used for holding keys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top carabiner for keys for the money

Nite Ize LSB4-11-R3 S-Biner Size 4 Slide Locking Carabiner For Keys and More

Nite Ize LSB4-11-R3 S-Biner Size 4-Slide Locking Carabiner

What you need to know: For those who want an S-style carabiner, this model offers a simple dual-locking clip design and is thin and lightweight enough to work well with most key sets.

What you’ll love: Great for keys or equipment, many prefer this double-clip carabiner design for being able to hold two different sets of items separately or for holding keys in a super-secure way. Made from stainless steel, this S-Biner is also durable and won’t easily break.

What you should consider: This carabiner isn’t as large as some other models, which some users found kind of annoying for holding their keys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nite Ize Slide Non-Climbing Size 3 Locking Carabiner For Keys and More

Nite Ize Slide Non-Climbing Size-3 Locking Carabiner

What you need to know: For a little extra security, this carabiner from Nite Ize offers a sliding lock mechanism on the clip and features a relatively slim design that’s perfect for holding keys.

What you’ll love: The Nite Ize SlideLock clip technology is great for added security when holding keys, and it’s affordable enough for most buyers. Made from lightweight aluminum, this carabiner is low-profile, though it still has a weight rating of up to 25 pounds.

What you should consider: Some buyers found that the SlideLock mechanism could get in the way at times.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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