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Some yoga mat bags are made from porous, absorbent materials. Spray the bag with a thin layer of water repellent to prevent rain and snow from saturating the material.

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If you’re a passionate yogi, you spend a lot of time in the studio — and you also spend a lot of time toting your mat to class. Yoga mat bags take the stress out of carrying a bulky mat that can easily unravel. Just roll up your mat, tuck it inside your bag and head to class. Choose from oversized styles that hold personal items or other yoga equipment, such as towels and straps or select a minimalist style that carries nothing but the mat.

To learn more, read our yogi-friendly buying guide. Our favorite style, Kindfolk’s Yoga Mat Duffel Bag with Pocket and Zipper, features a boxy design that offers plenty of accessory and equipment space.


Yoga mat bags can be found in different styles, these are the trendiest ones at the moment:

Sling strap

Sling strap styles are a minimalist’s dream. These bare-bones carriers consist of a strap system that loops and locks around the mat. They’re obviously as lightweight as you can go, though the mat is exposed to the elements and you don’t have any storage options.

Sling bag

Classic sling bags typically consist of a cylindrical bag and an adjustable shoulder strap. They’re lightweight and feature zipper or drawstring closures and occasionally have one or two small compartments, though you need to still carry a purse or tote to hold most other personal items.

Duffel or tote

If you’re a yogi who needs to carry a change of clothes or additional equipment, like blocks, straps, or towels, a duffel or tote style is the best choice. They’re preferred by yogis and Pilates practitioners who may have larger or thicker mats. Given the added functionality, these tend to cost more than other styles.


There are some backpack styles with dedicated space for yoga mats. These are often in the form of side pockets to store mats vertically, or strap systems to hold mats horizontally at the top or bottom of the backpack. While backpack styles store a considerable amount of gear and accessories, they’re usually somewhat bulky and heavy.



The average yoga mat is 26 inches wide, and it fits into a standard yoga mat bag. Mats that are 28 inches or larger (and sometimes thicker) require oversized bags. When selecting a size, it’s also important to consider whether there’s ample storage if you require it.


Yoga mat bags come in a variety of materials, with canvas, nylon, polyester, and cotton as popular choices. For the most part, yoga mat bags come in lightweight materials like these so they don’t become a burden to carry. Adjustable straps are made from webbed cotton or nylon.


Yoga mat bags can have one or two small compartments in classic slings, or a series of pockets in oversized styles. Compartments in certain yoga mat bags can be challenging to access. If you need better storage options, choose a yoga mat bag with a large main compartment. These are quite common in larger styles.


Yoga mat bags come in a variety of colors and designs, though some manufacturers have bigger selections than others. There are some popular bags from leading yoga brands that only come in one color or design, so it’s not uncommon to see other yogis with the same bag.


Classic sling styles cost less than $25, though more spacious yoga mat bags cost between $25-$40. If you need an oversized bag or one with more compartments, expect to spend closer to $50.


Are yoga mat bags lined?

A. Approximately half of yoga mat bags have linings. Lightweight, inexpensive mat bags are more likely to be unlined than premium styles. Certain premium styles are unlined as well, though that’s often due to their high-quality choice of material.

Will a Pilates mat fit inside a yoga mat bag, too?

A. You probably need a larger or oversized yoga mat bag. Regular yoga mats are usually between two and five millimeters thick, whereas Pilates mats can be up to 15 millimeters thick. Some sling strap styles may accommodate Pilates mats as well.


Top yoga mat bag

Kindfolk’s Yoga Mat Duffel Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper

Kindfolk’s Yoga Mat Duffel Bag Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper

Our take: This is a spacious option for the yogi who needs to carry other supplies like blocks, towels and rugs.

What we like: It offers comfortable rolled straps and a cotton-blend lining. It can hold thicker mats up to 26 inches wide.

What you should consider: This won’t hold the thickest foam mats and it may be too big if you don’t intend to carry many accessories.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top yoga mat bag for the money

FIT SPIRIT Exercise Yoga Mat Gym Bag

Fit Spirit’s Tree of Life Yoga Mat Bag

Our take: This is a lightweight, canvas mat bag preferred by minimalists. It is comfortable to carry with a wide adjustable shoulder strap.

What we like: It offers a full-length zipper for easy mat access and omes with a couple compartments for small items. It is also machine-washable.

What you should consider: Fitting objects into external pockets can be challenging when a mat is inside the bag.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Aurorae’s Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Aurorae’s Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Our take: This oversized tote offers a snap closure. It’s a popular option for yogis who get changed at the studio.

What we like: It holds a full change of clothes and additional yoga accessories. It is well-built and available in six designs.

What you should consider: It is better-suited for mats less than 28 inches thick. The snap closure leaves this bag somewhat exposed.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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