Which women’s New Balance running shoes are best?

No matter the terrain, a high-quality and supportive running shoe will give you maximum traction and promote a healthy running experience. Women’s New Balance running shoes are one of the most popular and reliable options available, offering premium comfort and stability. 

Whether it’s a short morning jog around the neighborhood or a tough long-distance run, you’ll want to consider a few important design features, along with the natural step and shape of your foot. The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11s are a top choice, known for their comfort and soft cushioning.

What to know before you buy women’s New Balance running shoes 


Before choosing a running shoe, you should be familiar with your natural gait. Most people will have either a supine, neutral or pronated step.

Having a supine step means that the outer, side portion of your foot takes the brunt of the impact while running or walking. 

For those with a neutral gait, the middle of the foot is normally what lands first when taking a step. 

A pronated step is the opposite of a supine step, meaning the inner portion of the foot receives most of the impact pressure. While not as common, some people may even have a super-pronated step which is a more exaggerated form. 

Arch type

Once you know what type of gait is most similar to your own, you should also take time to discover your arch type. 

The terms low arch and fallen arch are used to describe those whose feet have less of a concave shape, which often leads to a pronated step. Specific orthotics or running shoe models are available for low arches.

A neutral arch means that the instep of the foot has a medium-arch height and allows you to choose from the widest variety of running shoes.

Having high arches means that less of your foot makes contact with the ground, which can occasionally lead to injuries if you don’t wear adequately cushioned footwear. 

Running location 

Running on hard surfaces such as pavement or blacktop is the hardest on your knees and ankles, as it causes the harshest impact. For road running, it is important that you choose a highly-cushioned running shoe with a stable and durable sole, in order to prevent injury.

If you plan on running on softer surfaces like grass or dirt, you may not need as much cushioning but you’ll want to choose a running shoe with enhanced traction and grip. 

What to look for in quality women’s New Balance running shoes 


The best New Balance running shoes will have a relatively snug fit around the heel and middle of the foot without feeling restrictive, while your toes should have enough room to move freely. This usually translates to about a thumbs-width of space in the toe box. 

In general, runners sometimes prefer to choose a half-size to a full-size larger than their typical shoe size, due to the fact that people’s feet tend to swell slightly while running. 


The shoe’s cushioning will be your main defense against harsh impact and potential injury, while also providing necessary support. Many women’s New Balance running shoes will feature Fresh Foam, EVA or similarly constructed midsoles to enhance stability and comfort even when running on unforgiving surfaces. 


Having a breathable running shoe is important, especially in warmer weather. Mesh and moisture-wicking materials will help keep your feet dry and free from excessive sweat build up, which can ultimately lead to a number of unwanted issues. 

However, cold weather runners and those running in wet climates may want to choose a New Balance running shoe with a bit more protection from outside moisture and inclement weather conditions. 


As with all apparel and footwear, the design of your running shoe is based on individual preference and personal stylistic choices. New Balance offers a number of solid and mixed color options. While most do feature the classic “N” logo, there are more discreet models available as well. 

How much you can expect to spend on women’s New Balance running shoes 

While women’s New Balance Running shoes can cost anywhere from $50-$250, most pairs will fall into the $75-$125 range. 

Women’s New balance running shoes  FAQ

How many miles will my New Balance running shoes last?

A. You can expect to get approximately 300-500 miles of use out of your New Balance running shoes. For those who run daily, these running shoes will likely last up to 6 months. Those who run less frequently can expect a long lifespan. 

Are running shoes the same as trail running shoes? 

A. While there are many similarities between running shoes and trail running shoes, the main difference is the outsole. Though running shoes will often offer a decent grip, trail running shoes are designed to be worn on rocky, uneven and slippery terrain, making a high-traction outsole more important. 

What’s the best New Balance running shoe to buy?

Top women’s New Balance running shoe 

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V11

What you need to know: This neutral running shoe is ideal for road running and comfortable all-day wear. 

What you’ll love: The highly-cushioned Fresh Foam midsole provides stability and shock absorption for a more comfortable run, mile after mile. This newer version is breathable, lightweight and sports an interior sock liner for added comfort. 

What you should consider: Some runners reported problems with the heel fit on this particular model.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Top women’s New Balance running shoe for the money

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V4

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V4

What you need to know: Made for a variety of running styles, this road shoe is best for sprinters and those focused on speed. 

What you’ll love: These New Balance running shoes feel light on your feet and utilize a HypoSkin design to improve flexibility and offer a more custom fit. The synthetic upper has decent stretch, reducing blisters and accommodating those with bunions. 

What you should consider: While great for short, fast bursts, these are not the ideal shoe for long distance runs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

New Balance 990 V5

New Balance 990 V5

What you need to know: Constructed in an iconic silhouette with decent cushioning and stability, this running shoe is best for pronated gaits.

What you’ll love: Crafted using a combination of synthetic materials and leather for the durable upper, this shoe is designed for lasting comfort. A highly versatile model, the 990 V5 shoe is made for both high-energy workouts and casual wear.

What you should consider: For some users the sole lacked the necessary support. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


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