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Which Puma soccer cleats are best?

Soccer cleats are among the most vital pieces of equipment needed to effectively play soccer. As one of the world’s leading soccer cleat manufacturers, Puma produces shoes that help improve crucial aspects of a player’s position and prevent injuries. Of course, if misused, soccer cleats may enhance injuries or hamper ability. If you want to retain the classic look of a Puma cleat, but balance it with the confidence found in the modern shoe, then try the Puma King Top FG Soccer Cleat.

What to know before you buy Puma soccer cleats

Anybody that plays soccer will need good soccer cleats. Puma has contributed enormously to its development. However, with these advancements, choosing a soccer cleat has become more complex. What are some things that you need to consider before buying?

The surface you play on

This will influence the type of boot you buy. There are three main types of surfaces:

  • Soft ground (SG): This is a soft, slick natural ground. Cleats designed for this have fewer and longer studs, usually made from metal. 
  • Firm ground (FG): Also a natural ground yet firmer than SG. Cleats designed for this have a medium number and length of stud. FG cleats are the most common kind.
  • Artificial ground (AG): AG ground is shorter and firmer than SG and FG. Boots designed for this have more studs that are shorter. 

Puma is one company that develops boots for combined FG and AG use. However, if you don’t know what type of ground you will be playing on from game to game, FG boots are the best choice.

Your position

The position you play has a bearing on the design of the cleat you should use. 

  • The goalkeeper: This position needs a good grip when jumping around the goal and positioning. Bladed studs are the preferred option, and a large, clean vamp is ideal for long kicks.
  • The defender: This position needs to follow fast and agile attackers’ movements, so bladed studs are ideal.
  • The midfielder: Comfortable insoles are vital here as it is a position that requires a lot of running up and down the pitch. However, a clean vamp for long-range efforts is also helpful.
  • The forward: Conical studs will help with your need for agility and speed. Lighter cleats are also critical, and a clean vamp is vital for putting those through balls into the back of the net.

What to look for in quality Puma soccer cleats

The material

Kangaroo leather is the most comfortable material. It is durable, but a little heavier than synthetic material. Goat and calf leather offer a similar comfort level, and mesh is more lightweight, although unsuitable for wet conditions.


Soccer cleats are pretty expensive, but they are built to take punishment. Buying inexpensive cleats may be better for a small budget, but they will not be as tough. Not only does this make them not cost-effective, but it can also lead to injury. 


Cleat manufacturers try to grab attention by making their products in bright colors and flashy designs. However, some people may prefer the classic look of yesteryear and opt for a traditional black color design.

How much you can expect to spend on Puma soccer cleats

Puma soccer cleats are usually available at around $40 for a budget option up to $170 for top-tier shoes.

Puma soccer cleats FAQ

Can I wear FG cleats on an artificial surface?

A. Puma has been developing combination cleats that can be worn on both firm and artificial ground. Some experts have pointed out that the stud seems a little long for AG, but others say the traction works well. The use of these cleats is entirely up to the individual.

What is some other necessary equipment for playing soccer?

A. Soccer is relatively minimal regarding wearing equipment. Shin guards are the only other requirement and are highly recommended. Playing for an official team usually requires the wearing of a team uniform, too.

What are the best Puma soccer cleats to buy?

Top Puma soccer cleats

Puma King Top FG Soccer Cleats

Puma King Top FG Soccer Cleats

What you need to know: This is an updated version of the vintage Puma King boots suitable for playing in normal conditions and on natural grass.

What you’ll love: The boots are mostly made from synthetic material, but the kangaroo leather vamps and conical studs offer great control, balance and flexibility for strikers. The sole is a molded and lightweight TPU, while the design sports the classic Puma look and comes in black or white.

What you should consider: Like all shoes, they need to be broken in. However, some reviewers have complained of sizes running a bit small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Puma soccer cleats for the money

Puma Men’s Future 5.2 Soccer Cleats

Puma Men’s Future 5.2 Soccer Cleats

What you need to know: For use on natural, firm ground, these lightweight cleats take away the pressure of worrying about foot shape. Some customers remarked that they feel these cleats are perfect for wide feet.

What you’ll love: The NETFIT technology allows you to lace the boot to suit the shape of your feet, so there’s no need to worry about them being too wide or too narrow. They come in yellow,  traditional black and blue. The conical studs and minimal weight helps players who require more agility and speed in their position.

What you should consider: The conical studs may not be suitable for defensive players and goalkeepers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Puma Men’s Future 5.1 FG/AG Shoes

Puma Men’s Future 5.1 FG/AG Shoes

What you need to know: One of the newer designs, aimed at men that play on both artificial and natural ground.

What you’ll love: The Rapidagility outsole is made from very lightweight material that will support quick acceleration. The boot is also fitted with NETFIT technology and comes in great colors, like blue, black and yellow. Users say the cleats are comfortable right out of the box.

What you should consider: The technology tries to find a balance between FG and AG cleats, which may not be for everyone. Some customers mentioned that the soles don’t last.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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