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Prior to 1912, goalkeepers could actually handle the ball with their hands anywhere on the field.

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Which Nike goalkeeper gloves are best?

Goalkeeping is not an easy position to play. You need to rely on your reflexes to stop a speeding ball, but your equipment is equally as important. Goalkeeper gloves offer keepers the ability to control the ball that your eyes are tracking. Quick reflexes are only as good as the gloves on your hand. Nike is known for their high-quality sporting equipment, so it’s not surprising to know that they make excellent goalkeeper gloves.

The best Nike goalkeeper gloves are the Nike Spyne Goalkeeper Gloves which are made with a spine to protect your fingers and use high-quality latex for the ultimate sticky fingers. 

What to know before you buy Nike goalkeeper gloves

Glove types

There are three main glove types to consider when choosing the pair that’s right for you. This is especially important if you’re an outdoor soccer player. Playing outdoors exposes your gloves to elements like mud, rain, dirt and grass. All of these factors can affect your gameplay and even the usefulness of your gloves. In this case, look for weather gloves that are built for the elements. Next you have match gloves, which are built with the highest-quality materials and are best for high-level competitive play. Lastly, there are training goalkeeper gloves. These glove versions are more durable and less expensive, but overall, aren’t as grippy. 

Glove sizing

Glove sizing is very important for players. Anything too large will have you lacking control over handling the ball, while something too tight can be uncomfortable and cut off circulation to your fingers. There are two main size differentials: youth and adult. Youth sizes fall between sizes 5 to 7. These numbers are in reference to the size of your hand itself. Adult sizes range from 8 to 11. Most gloves will come in sizes between 7 and 10, as this is the most common size range for adults.


Natural latex is a unique form of plant liquid that has been used for centuries in various products. Goalkeeper gloves use latex on the exterior, especially on the palm side, because it’s naturally sticky. This makes it easier to control a soccer ball moving at high speeds. Some gloves use special latex that actually gets stickier when it rains. Look for this information in the product notes to ensure that the gloves you’re buying are built for weather. 

What to look for in quality Nike goalkeeper gloves

Backhand padding

You may not think you’ll need much padding on the backside of your gloves. However, backhand padding can come in handy when you’re punching a ball. This maneuver is used when a ball is floated into a crowded goal and the keeper is unable to catch it and control it. Foam padding is added to the backside of the goalkeeper’s gloves to give extra protection to their knuckles when punching out a ball. This padding can also come in handy when diving on rough terrain as an overall protective measure. 

Match gloves 

Match gloves are gloves designed specifically for competitive soccer. They are the highest-quality gloves you can buy. The downside is that, because they are so technically proficient, they often aren’t able to be used for years at a time. These gloves often use sticky materials, which wear down easily over time. You may need to purchase a new pair for each soccer season if you intend to play competitively. They also require the most upkeep when it comes to cleaning and taking care of the materials. 

Finger protection

Utilizing your fingers is very important as a goalkeeper. For this reason, having a pair of gloves that protect your fingers while still allowing for dexterity is crucial. Some Nike goalkeeper gloves will have finger supports on the backside of the gloves. This prevents your fingers from bending too far back when taking on the force of a speeding ball. Finger protection also comes in the form of a pre-curved design. Again, this helps your hand and fingers maintain their position during impact. 

How much you can expect to spend on Nike goalkeeper gloves

Nike goalkeeper gloves cost between $19-$190. 

Nike goalkeeper gloves FAQ

How do I know which size goalkeeper gloves to buy?

A. To get a good estimate of what size goalkeeper gloves you need, measure your palm diagonally from the top of your pinky to the end of your thumb. You can do this with a ruler or a measuring app on your phone. Round that number up, then add one inch. 

How do you clean goalkeeper gloves?

A. Like any fragile material, it’s always best to avoid using a washing machine. Instead, opt for rinsing them in warm water and ringing them dry. You can also use a mild soap that is made for washing latex.

What are the best Nike goalkeeper gloves to buy?

Top Nike goalkeeper gloves

Nike Spyne Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Spyne Goalkeeper Gloves

What you need to know: Nike’s Spyne gloves are a top-of-the-line pair of goalkeeper gloves with a skeletal structure built for protecting your fingers. 

What you’ll love: The Spyne structure sits on the backside of your hand and prevents your fingers from bending backwards during high impact. It also helps you better grip the ball and ever-so-slightly forces your fingers forward. Speaking of grip, these gloves are high-quality latex for extra stickiness. 

What you should consider: These gloves are significantly more expensive than other versions.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Nike goalkeeper gloves for the money

Nike Match Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Match Goalkeeper Gloves

What you need to know: The Nike Match gloves are a basic set of goalkeeper gloves that come at a very affordable price. 

What you’ll love: The highly padded palms are coated with latex to not only protect from impact, but to keep the ball from bouncing off your hands. It comes with reverse sticking on the backside for a more comfortable fit and has weather-resistant materials for use in both dry and wet environments. 

What you should consider: These gloves do not come with an internal spine for finger protection.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nike Youth Match Goalkeeper Gloves

Nike Youth Match Goalkeeper Gloves 

What you need to know: The hook-and-loop closure secures the glove snugly to the wrist.

What you’ll love: This pair of goalkeeper gloves is best for youth or young adult players with average-sized hands. It does not come with spine protection, but it does feature high-quality padding to cushion hands. Perforations enhance airflow. 

What you should consider: Some say these wear out quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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