Are DC or Burton snowboard boots best? 

Winter is coming, and with it comes the sports that are only possible in the snow. If you snowboard, you’re likely ready to grab your board and hop on the lift — remember to keep your feet dry and comfortable with the right pair of snowboarding boots. Two brands that continue to make a premium product when it comes to this crucial piece of gear are DC and Burton. These two manufacturers may seem quite similar; however, they have some fundamental differences outside of the pros and cons of particular models, such as their experience in the field, philosophy as a brand and average price points. 

DC snowboard boots

Founded in 1994, DC quickly developed a positive reputation and became a leader in performance skateboarding shoes. BMX riders quickly adopted them as well, leading to them becoming a globally renowned action sports brand and expanding their market to include women’s, men’s and kids skateboarding and lifestyle shoes. Not long after, they went even further to include snowboarding apparel, snowboards, snowboard boots, outerwear and accessories. Their marketing strategy included building a world-class team of professional athletes like skateboarders, motocrossers and snowboarders to develop their products and support their promotional efforts. 

Today, they’re still recognized as a global extreme sports brand and they remain relevant with top extreme sport athletes. For a pair of DC snowboarding boots, you can expect a price point starting around $139.99 for the past season’s models going all the way up to $419.99 for the latest and premium styles. 

DC snowboard boot pros

Highly versatile with medium flexibility, these snowboarding boots are capable of providing loose capability in a park, while having a solid hold for steeps and slashing deep powder. The BOA lacing system comes standard for most models, which makes fiddling around with laces a thing of the past.  

DC snowboard boot cons

Some snowboarders complain that the BOA system isn’t as comfortable as traditional laces due to the metal wiring being too loose in some areas while being too tight in others. Although intended to provide flexibility and mobility, they may not provide as much stability or stiffness around the ankle, which is less optimal if landing from bigger heights or cruising at faster speeds.

Top DC snowboard boot

DC Phase Snowboard Boots

DC Phase Snowboard Boots

With high value for beginners in their first snow season and veteran professionals alike, these DC boots give the feel of a normal skate shoe rather than a clunky winter boot. They’re also lined with a cozy fleece. 

Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


DC Control BOA Snowboard Boots

DC Control Boa Snowboard Boots

These boots are highly versatile with medium flexibility, allowing for stability for high speeds and steep terrains without sacrificing range of motion. The Response II liner is heat-moldable for a custom fit as well. 

Sold by Amazon, Backcountry and Dick’s Sporting Goods


DC Control Step On BOA Snowboard Boots

DC Control Step On Boa Snowboard Boots

The dual BOA lacing system allows for an even adjustment of tension and is versatile enough for all-mountain riding. The 3M Thinsulate keeps feet warm and cozy, while the recycled EVA insole stabilizes, supports and improves balance. 

Sold by Amazon and Backcountry

Burton snowboard boots

In 1977, Jake Burton Carpenter started making snowboards out of his barn in the mountains of Vermont. From that point forward, he dedicated his life to the backyard sport and quickly gained a reputation for designing the best products in the field. With a hands-on approach and a determination to do things his own way, he would always take a piece of gear and ask himself, “How can I make this better?” and with product development being his biggest passion, he did so. He’s considered the first person to ever build a successful snowboarding company, even being credited with developing the economic ecosystem around snowboarding as lifestyle, sport and culture. 

Unfortunately, Jake passed away at the age of 65 in 2019. However, having always seen value in having women in positions of leadership and authority within the privately owned company, his wife now serves as CEO and holds the same standard and dedication to the brand. For a pair of their boots, you can expect to pay anywhere from $185-$589.99.

Burton snowboard boot pros

These boots are typically equipped with the BOA lacing technology that features a dial to quickly and easily lock in a secure fit that won’t slip throughout the day. They’re also consistently innovating and improving their products to meet the needs of a constantly evolving sport and set the standard throughout the community.

Burton snowboard boot cons

The BOA knob may not deliver the same comfort and grip as snowboarding boots with traditional laces and can cause awkward pressure points. These boots can come at higher price ranges than other competitors.

Top Burton snowboard boot

Burton Mota Boa Snowboard Boots

Burton Moto BOA Snowboard Boots

A soft flex allows for maneuverability and turn initiations. These shave off weight with their outsole without sacrificing any grip, and their Imprint 1 liner has an integrated harness for a secure fit.

Sold at Amazon and Backcountry 


Burton Swath Boa Snowboard Boots

Burton Swath BOA Snowboard Boots

The dual BOA system allows for quick adjustments to the upper and lower zones of these boots, and their Ultraweave outer shell is abrasion-resistant and super-light. The Sleeping Bag interior traps in heat for a cozy feel. 

Sold at Amazon and Backcountry


Burton SLX Snowboard Boots

Burton SLX Snowboard Boots

While the size of these boots remains the same on the inside, Burton has managed to decrease the outside by an entire shoe size, reducing any toe drag while decreasing weight. These boots are made with extremely durable materials and are intended to last for years.

Sold at Amazon and Backcountry

Should you get DC or Burton snowboard boots?

DC makes great snowboarding boots and they’re recognized as a veteran in the field, but Burton is seen in the snowboarding community as creating a superior product with a longer history of being a pioneer in the field. Their technology and design has always set the standard, and they’re constantly improving functionality and versatility, making Burton the better choice. More gold medalists consistently wear Burton snowboarding boots, and for good reason. 


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