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Which women’s snowboard is best?

Snowboarding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter and is open to everyone of all skill levels. Although the industry started by only marketing products to men, it has evolved over the years to offer an astounding array of snowboards for women. Whether you’re a complete novice or an advanced professor of powder, there’s a snowboard out there for you. 

Narrowing down your choices means finding the right board for your needs. If you’re in the market for a premium board that will help intermediate and advanced riders develop their skills, check out the Capita Paradise

What to know before you buy a women’s snowboard 

Skill level 

Getting a snowboard that fits your current and near-future skill level plays a large part in determining how much you enjoy riding it. If you’re a beginner, consider a board that’s a bit on the shorter side of your size range and that has a softer flex rating. On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate or advanced rider, check out boards that are longer and stiffer, and therefore faster and more responsive. 

Intended terrain 

Make sure to consider the terrain you like to ride when choosing your next snowboard. If you’re a generalist, the obvious answer is to get an all-mountain board. However, if you live somewhere with deep snow or prefer to chase powder all over the map, consider getting a longer, directional deck that provides float. If you usually stick to groomers, consider getting something with a twin shape and rocker profile to avoid catching an edge. 

What to look for in a quality women’s snowboard 

Eye-catching graphics 

Snowboards, unlike skis, have a large amount of surface area to cover with cool graphics. The best snowboards aesthetically complement your ski outfit in addition to providing all the technology you need to tear up the slopes. Whether you like simple designs or limited edition art, look for a snowboard that performs just as well in the style department as it does in the technology department. 

Premium technology 

Be on the lookout for new and innovative technology that can help you take on the terrain you dream of. Beyond hybrid profiles and mixed-wood cores, consider premium features such as carbon reinforced cores, elongated camber profiles and full resin wraps. Features like these make your board last longer and your ride more enjoyable. 

How much you can expect to spend on women’s snowboard 

Entry-level adult women’s snowboards start around $340, while higher-end models and those designed for advanced riders can cost upwards of $450. 

Women’s snowboard FAQ

Is there a difference between women’s and men’s snowboards? 

A. While there’s no hard and fast rule that you can’t ride a snowboard designed for the opposite sex, the design differences will likely make it harder to progress. Women’s snowboards are designed for smaller feet, which means the board is narrower and therefore easier to turn. If a woman were to use a men’s snowboard, the power transfer would be inefficient and it would be more difficult to initiate a turn.

What’s the best women’s snowboard to buy?

Top women’s snowboard

Capita Paradise Women’s Snowboard

Capita Paradise Women’s Snowboard

What you need to know: Boasting awesome graphics and a balanced construction, the Capita Paradise is a great all-mountain deck with premium technology. 

What you’ll love: Featuring a true-twin shape and a hybrid camber profile, this snowboard is just at home in the terrain park as it is on fresh groomers. The Paradise also includes internal carbon struts that add strength and increase power transfer without stiffening the board, which has a medium flex rating. To top it all off, the Paradise is equipped with Capita’s unique Magic Bean resin wrap, which further increases strength without compromising weight savings. 

What you should consider: Designed for intermediate to advanced users, this board isn’t as friendly to beginners as other models. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry and Amazon

Top women’s snowboard for the money

K2 Women’s Dreamsicle Snowboard

K2 Women’s Dreamsicle Snowboard

What you need to know: The K2 Dreamsicle is designed for beginner to intermediate riders and has all the technology to allow a novice rider to progress without having to purchase a new deck. 

What you’ll love: The K2 Dreamsicle combines top-of-the-line technology with affordability to create an unbeatable beginner women’s snowboard. The directional twin shape and extruded base make this snowboard easy to learn on and it can adapt to the rider’s changing skill level. For example, while the extruded base increases stability, it’s also designed for maximum speed. Lastly, this board was designed from the ground up with female riders in mind and it features a unique core that’s optimized for women. 

What you should consider: There aren’t many designs to choose from. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Gnu Ladies Choice Snowboard

Gnu Ladies Choice Snowboard

What you need to know: Designed with progression in mind, the Gnu Ladies Choice snowboard is overflowing with technology that’s meant to push your skills and encourage you to tackle new terrain. 

What you’ll love: This board features a unique asymmetrical twin shape and an amazingly complex hybrid profile system that includes shortened rocker between the bindings, lengthened camber on the tip and tail and varying zones of flexibility. The heel edge has deep side cuts that improve power transfer in and out of turns. The Ladies Choice snowboard also features Gnu’s signature serrated-edge design, which provides industry-leading edge-hold in the iciest conditions. To top it all off, the Ladies Choice has a sintered knife cut base that was originally designed for racing. 

What you should consider: Packed with premium technology and oriented towards advanced riders, this board may not be comfortable for casual riders. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry and Amazon


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