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Which women’s snow pants are best?

Snow pants are highly technical pieces of apparel. They’re designed more for practical outdoor use than they are for earning style points. For those that like to get out and about in the winter season, you’ll need a quality pair to keep you warm. They use waterproof exteriors along with insulated interiors to protect your legs from wet snow and cool temperatures. 

The best pair is the North Face Sally Pants. Their thick exterior protects you from the wind and snow and their DryVent ventilation system releases excess body heat. 

What to know before you buy women’s snow pants

Types of snow pants

There are three types of snow pants. The most common type resembles your everyday pair of pants. Aside from the technical materials, the main difference is that they have a looser fit than normal pants. Snow pants are ideal for maximum mobility when skiing or snowboarding. There are also bibs that resemble overalls. They have an upper body portion that’s connected to the pants and uses straps to go over the shoulders. This gives you more protection from the elements, but it slightly restricts your movement. Then there are one-piece snowsuits, which have a coat and pants in a single slip-on piece. 

Snow pants materials

The best material used to make snow pants is polyester. It’s durable, water-resistant and inexpensive. Polyester is the material that makes up the bulk of a pair of snow pants. Many manufacturers will add nylon for even more long-term strength. There’s also elastic which is used in ankle gaiters and some waistbands. Gore-Tex is another material used in many outdoor products like snow pants because it’s completely resistant to water.

Snow pants sizing

Snow pants are sized differently than normal pants. Instead of using numbers, they use small to large distinctions. This makes it easier because they’re sized more generally than your everyday pair of pants. Most brands go from XS to XXL, but some include more variations such as large long and large short. This way you can customize your fit based on your body type. Other brands will use inseam measurements if you know exactly how long you’d prefer the pants to be.

What to look for in quality women’s snow pants

Ankle protection

Boot gaiters are sections of fabric that provide more security around the ankle. Walking through snow can cause your socks to get wet. This is not only uncomfortable but it can affect the temperature of your body. Gaiters use elastic to wrap tightly around your ankle while the exterior of your pants goes over your boots. Some pants have a reinforced seam and patches on the pant leg to prevent wear and tear around the ankle. This will also protect your ankles from bumps and bruises while on the slopes. 

Baggy pants

Baggy snow pants are the best choice if you’re snowboarding or skiing. With more room between your legs and the exterior fabric, you can comfortably wear a pair of insulated tights underneath. Baggy pants also allow for more freedom of movement. With skiing especially, you’ll need all the flexibility your legs can get. Loose-fitting pants will prevent seams from ripping too easily as well. Professional snowboarders and skiers who focus on tricks will exclusively wear baggy snow pants to give them more mobility.


While snow pants are designed to keep you warm, sometimes the heat can cause sweat to build up around your legs. For this reason, some pants come with built-in ventilation systems. These specially designed vents are woven into the pants and release excess heat. The vent is usually on the rear waist area. This positioning makes it discreet to the naked eye. Also, your coat will be covering it most of the time which prevents any cold air from entering from the outside. 

How much you can expect to spend on women’s snow pants

Women’s snow pants cost $30-$260.

Women’s snow pants FAQ

Are GORE-TEX pants windproof?

A. GORE-TEX is known for their waterproofing but the ultra-tight weaves and thick fabric makes them windproof as well. 

Do snow pants have pockets?

A. Most snow pants have two sets of pockets on either hip. They are usually sealed using zippers to keep your belongings protected.

What are the best women’s snow pants to buy?

Top women’s snow pants

North Face Sally Pants

North Face Sally Pants

What you need to know: These high-quality snow pants from North Face use thick materials to keep you dry.

What you’ll love: The pants have a snug fit around knees with a slight flare at the ankles. There’s a DryVent to prevent your legs from sweating Heatseeker Eco insulation to protect from the elements. There are zippered pockets, a belt loop around the waist and boot gaiters near the ankles. 

What you should consider: The waistband is not as adjustable as other pants.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top women’s snow pants for the money

Arctix Insulated Cargo Snow Pants

Arctix Insulated Cargo Snow Pants

What you need to know: Arctix has the most customizable snow pants with a large selection of colors and sizes.

What you’ll love: Key features include boot zippers, three pockets, adjustable waistline and an O-ring for keys. There are 20 color options such as Blue Night, Rose, Green Camo and Plum alongside 45 size options. There are tall, long, short and inseam measurement size types. 

What you should consider: With all the sizing choices it will be more difficult to find the right one.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Columbia Arctic Omni Heat Snow Pants

Columbia Arctic Omni Heat Snow Pants

What you need to know: The Omni Heat snow pants are highly insulated to offer the most warmth. 

What you’ll love: These pants use nylon for excellent durability on the outside. The interior has reflective Omni Heat technology that keeps the heat from leaving the pants. There’s an adjustable waist strap on the inside, zippered pockets at the hips and near the leg plus a double snap closure at the waist. 

What you should consider: Some reviewers recommend buying a size up. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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