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Snowboarding the backcountry alone is not recommended, but if you must do it, tell a friend where you plan to be before heading out.

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Which snowboard bindings are best?

If you’re new to snowboarding, you may not realize the importance of a solid pair of snowboard bindings. In reality, this piece of gear does more than just secure your boots to the snowboard. Bindings are responsible for transferring the power from your legs to the board, offering improved control and comfort.

A quality pair of bindings could last for years, so the decision to buy is a big one. For snowboard bindings that are durable, lightweight and comfortable, check out the BURTON Malavita Snowboard Bindings

What to know before you buy snowboard bindings

Riding style

Some snowboard bindings are better suited for certain riding styles. Consider how you plan to use your snowboard before settling on a specific pair of bindings. If you’re not sure, try renting some gear for a day and see how the bindings feel on the slopes.

  • Mountain: Perhaps the most versatile style, mountain riding consists of snowboarding in a variety of conditions, from groomed runs to backcountry powder. If you’re a mountain rider, look for snowboard bindings that offer a balance of flexibility and rigidity.
  • Freeride: This type of riding usually is done by a very experienced snowboarder who spends most of their time exploring the backcountry. They need speed and precision for ungroomed runs and deep snow, so rigid bindings are preferred.
  • Freestyle: Also known as a park rider, a freestyle rider spends the bulk of their time in the park, mastering snowboard tricks and jumps. For this style, flexible bindings are recommended.

Binding types

  • Strap-in bindings are the most common type, requiring the user to slide their snowboard boots into place before manually tightening the straps.
  • Rear-entry bindings are similar, with a hinged section that folds backward before the user can step on and strap in. This folding rear section, or highback, provides additional support and comfort.
  • Step-on bindings are a new binding type that requires the user to simply step onto the board to lock their boots into place.

Flexibility scale

Many snowboard manufacturers include a 1 to 10 flexibility rating with their bindings. A high number indicates stiff bindings, while a low number is assigned to bindings that are particularly soft and flexible.

What to look for in a quality snowboard binding


Most snowboard bindings have straps that secure the ankle and toe sections of your boots to the board. The ankle straps keep you in a flexible yet fixed position when you lean forward onto your toes, while the toe straps keep your feet in place when you lean back.


Padding is used on snowboard bindings to absorb some of the shock caused by bumpy runs. Think about your riding style when deciding how much padding is necessary.


This is the part that secures the bindings to the board. The rider can use mounting screws to attach the bindings and adjust the foot positioning to their preference.


Just like a snowboard, snowboard bindings come in a wide variety of different colors and patterns. If you want a cohesive look, pick out bindings that match the rest of your gear.


When shopping for snowboard gear online, try to purchase from well-known brands such as Burton, Salomon or Rossignol. Cheap snowboard bindings from an obscure manufacturer might be tempting, but you could find yourself with an inferior product once you hit the slopes.

How much you can expect to spend on snowboard bindings

The cost of snowboard bindings can vary significantly depending on the brand name and the quality of the parts. Beginner and intermediate snowboarders can expect to pay around $100-$250 for a quality pair of bindings, while advanced snowboard bindings regularly exceed $300.

Snowboard bindings FAQ

How do you choose a snowboard binding size? 

A. Most snowboard bindings are sold in two to five size options. Look at the model’s sizing chart and compare it with your boot size to find bindings that fit you.

Are snowboard bindings unisex?

A. Yes. Although there are women’s snowboard bindings that advertise particular design features, snowboard bindings are universal. This means you can choose any pair you want, as long as they’re the right size.

What’s the best snowboard binding to buy?

Top snowboard bindings

BURTON Malavita Snowboard Bindings

BURTON Malavita Snowboard Bindings

What you need to know: Despite being advertised as men’s snowboard bindings, these bindings use advanced technology to deliver quality support and performance for any rider. 

What you’ll love: Backed by Burton’s legendary reputation, these snowboard bindings offer an advanced level of performance, control and comfort in a stylish package. The padding has a gel to absorb extra shock, and the bindings come in five color options.

What you should consider: These bindings might be too expensive for many beginner and intermediate riders.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top snowboard bindings for the money

Salomon Pact Snowboard Bindings

Salomon Pact Snowboard Bindings

What you need to know: These versatile bindings are durable and affordable enough for almost any rider.

What you’ll love: A solid choice for beginners, these snowboard bindings have a rear-entry design with high-quality straps for fine adjustments. Many users note their durability and comfort during long days of riding.

What you should consider: These bindings have a limited number of size options, and the mounting discs may not attach to every board type.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

BURTON Grom Snowboard Bindings

BURTON Grom Snowboard Bindings

What you need to know: Designed for kids and small snowboarders, these popular bindings have a solid construction and reasonable price tag.

What you’ll love: Perfect for young riders hitting the slopes for the first time, these beginner bindings are compatible with most snowboard mounting systems and feature a single-component baseplate for consistent control and responsiveness. They’re also available in two sleek color options, black and white.

What you should consider: Some users questioned the quality and longevity of the bindings’ highback.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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