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Which men’s snowboard boots are best?

Although snowboarders may like to pay more attention to their boards and other gear than they pay to their boots, finding the proper fitting men’s snowboard boots should be a top consideration. Without the right snowboard boots, your time spent on the slopes may end prematurely because of pain.

Even though they’re expensive, DC Control Boa Snowboard Boots are the best models for snowboarders of all skill levels, meshing style and comfort. These boots also keep your feet warm, even when skiing on the coldest days.

What to know before you buy men’s snowboard boots

Size and experience level

To pick the right pair of snowboard boots for your needs, you need to select the right size. Different designs of boots fit certain skill levels of snowboarders better than others.

  • Inexperienced: For beginning snowboarders, a boot that has quite a bit of flexibility to it gives the rider the ability to move the foot and ankle freely while learning.
  • Downhill: If you primarily snowboard downhill, flexible boots are good for beginners. Advanced boarders looking to generate extra speed may want a stiffer style of snowboard boot.
  • Freeride: When using your snowboard over ungroomed trails or in deep snow, a stiff type of snowboard boot allows you to generate the speed you want.
  • Freestyle: Snowboarders looking to pull off jumps and tricks have better luck with flexible boots that allow extra freedom of movement in the foot and ankle.

Flex rating

Men’s snowboard boots often carry a flex rating on a scale of 1 to 10. The industry has no standard for determining the flex rating, so each manufacturer sets its own. Boots with the most flexibility receive a 1 or 2 flex rating, while the stiffest boots carry a 9 or 10 flex rating.

What to look for in quality men’s snowboard boots


If your men’s snowboard boots have traditional laces, you can pull them tight. However, some snowboarders dislike traditional laces, as it can be difficult to tighten them properly with cold fingers.

Another option for laces involves a quick-release system. If the boots contain a Boa system for the laces, you pay quite a bit more for them, but the rider can adjust the tightness or release the Boa system quickly and easily.


The soft interior layer in a snowboard boot is the liner. For inexpensive boots, expect to find a generic type of liner that doesn’t mold to your feet for extra comfort.

For moldable liners, expect to pay more. Some moldable liners acquire their shape over several days of you wearing them, while others require the help of a professional at a ski equipment shop.

How much you can expect to spend on men’s snowboard boots

Even the least expensive snowboard boots are pricey, running between $100 and $200 per pair. These boots flex a lot, so it may be difficult to freeride with them. For stiffer boots aimed at advanced riders, expect to pay $200 to $500.

Men’s snowboard boots FAQ

Is it better to rent or purchase snowboard boots?

A. If you frequently snowboard, owning your boots allows you to pick a pair that fits your style of riding. Rentals may not always fit perfectly.

How can you make your snowboard boots more comfortable?

A. Start by wearing the right socks, which should be thinner, so the boots don’t end up fitting too tightly. Instead of thick socks, add moldable liners to the boots to help with comfort.

What’s the best men’s snowboard boots to buy?

Top men’s snowboard boots

DC Control Boa Snowboard Boots

DC Control Boa Snowboard Boots

What you need to know: The manufacturer perfectly mixes style and performance in this pair of boots, but they do carry a higher-than-average price.

What you’ll love: These materials excel at helping your feet retain warmth. Provides outstanding traction when walking across icy ground.

What you should consider: These boots tend to run out of stock frequently, especially in common sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top men’s snowboard boots for the money

System APX Men’s Snowboard Boots

System APX Men’s Snowboard Boots

What you need to know: You’ll love the way these feel as the liners quickly mold to your foot, creating a high level of comfort.

What you’ll love: These are more durable than you may think with such a low price point. Adjustable laces simplify achieving the perfect fit.

What you should consider: When performing especially tough tricks on your snowboard, the lack of tightness in the heel area may allow the foot to lift upward.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

What you need to know: Even though these are boots aimed at beginners, they have quite a bit of flexibility in the design to allow for quick movements.

What you’ll love: The sole maintains a high level of traction, despite being lightweight. Protects your feet from cold weather better than you might think they would.

What you should consider: Pricier than many would like to see for a pair of boots aimed at snowboarders with less experience.

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry


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