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Which kids’ ski boots are best?

Your child’s ski boots can impact their overall skiing experience and may even undermine their love for the sport if they find the boots awkward fitting and uncomfortable. In addition to comfort, the ability to retain warmth and be breathable are important qualities your kid’s ski boot should have.

If your child is ready to hit the slopes and you’re looking for the ideal pair of boots, ensure you choose one that provides comfort and inspires confidence, such as out top pick, Fischer RC4 60 Jr. Thermoshape Ski Boots Kids

What to know before you buy kids’ ski boots


There are several types of ski boots for kids, such as rear-entry and front-entry designs as well as performance and adjustable boot options. Rear-entry boots allow your child to slip in their feet from the back, while front entry includes a tongue that opens forward and allows the child to slide in their foot from the top. Another type is performance boots, which are made for older kids who want a better performance from their footwear. The adjustable ski boot is another option, and it is a great choice for kids who grow out of their footwear quickly.


It’s easy to think your child’s boots are too small because they feel stiff and tight, but some boots are designed to be stiff. To avoid making a mistake with the sizing, take your child with you to the ski shop to get them sized. You can speak to a ski technician to learn more about the fit process. Let your child try on the boot with the liner while wearing socks. If the liner is tight, then the boots may be too small.

Level of experience

If your child is just starting with skiing and is only confident skiing on green runs, then they are considered beginners. If they can ski confidently on the blue square terrains, their category is intermediate. However, if they can ski anything on the mountain, they are advanced. Kids’ ski boots usually come with ratings depending on level of experience. The boots with a lower flex rating are designed for beginners and are comfortable to wear, but deliver less on performance. Those with a higher rating are usually less comfortable but provide better performance.

What to look for in a quality kids’ ski boot

Ease of use

Some children may end up abandoning skiing because they’d rather be doing something else other than constantly taking their boots on and off. Front-entry and rear-entry ski boots are easy to wear, so choose either of these options for a fussy child.

Slip resistance

Your child’s boots should grip the floor properly to minimize their chance of falling when skiing. This feature is known as slip resistance and is often determined by the type of material used to fabricate the outsole of the boots. Generally, slip-resistant soles are textured and made of rubber.


Waterproof ski boots are made of nonporous materials and even when submerged in water, they can keep your child’s feet dry. There are water-resistant boots designed to repel water but won’t prevent your child’s feet from getting wet in heavy rain or snow.

How much you can expect to spend on kids’ ski boots

Most kids’ ski boots cost $25-$40. There are some expensive options made with high-quality waterproof material that cost up to $60.

Kids’ ski boot FAQ

How do you know if your child’s ski boots are the right size?

A. Ski boots have a different sizing for shoes, called Mondo sizing, which measures the inside of the foot. To get the right size for your child, use a tape measure to measure the length of their feet, then check the size chart to get the correct size.

What ski boots should you choose for a child just learning to ski?

A. If your child is just starting with skiing, choose a pair of boots that can easily flex, like front-entry ski boots.

What’s the best kids’ ski boot to buy?

Top kids’ ski boot

Fischer RC4 60 Jr. Thermoshape Ski Boots Kids

Fischer RC4 60 Jr. Thermoshape Ski Boots Kids

What you need to know: These ski boots are an excellent choice for beginner skiers thanks to their soft flex design and thermoformable technology.

What you’ll love: These Soma-Tec boots are designed to enable maximum control and prevent the ankle and knee joints from twisting when skiing. They also include a micro-adjustable buckle system to allow for quick and easy adjustment. They feature a thermoformable boot liner designed to give an adapted fit.

What you should consider: Some users mentioned that the sizing isn’t accurate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kids’ ski boot for the money

Salomon T3 RT Ski Boots 

Salomon T3 RT Ski Boots 

What you need to know: These ski boots come in three unique colors and are suitable for both boys and girls.

What you’ll love: These boots are made with polyurethane, which gives them unique durability. They are also easy to put on or off and include micro-adjustments in the buckle to ensure a custom fit.

What you should consider: They might run small for children with big feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Rossignol Comp J4 Ski Boots Kid's

Rossignol Comp J4 Ski Boots Kid’s

What you need to know: These ski boots are designed with comfort in mind thanks to their comfort liners and unique diagonal buckles.

What you’ll love: They include liners that are made with soft materials and designed to give optimal comfort and all-day cushioning. They also feature diagonal buckles that offer a more natural foot wrapping and excellent heel support.

What you should consider: The buckles are made with thin wire metal which might not be very durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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