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If you’re using your tube on a popular slope, choose a brightly-colored snow tube. It will be easier to track friends and family among other tubers.

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Which inflatable snow tube is best?

What’s more fun than zipping downhill on an inflatable snow tube? For some, it’s the peak of winter fun — and we tend to agree.

Inflatable snow tubes are designed to withstand bumpy rides on uneven snowy terrain. If you’re worried about flying off of your tube, many models are equipped with reinforced handles. Inflatable snow tubes are available in a range of sizes, making them a great way for kids and adults to have fun.

Ready to hop on? Take a look at our buying guide on inflatable snow tubes. Our favorite one, the Bradley Commercial Snow Tube, features an industrial vinyl bottom that holds up to bumpy tubing on challenging slopes.

What to know before you buy an inflatable snow tube


Large tubes are easier to ride and stay on, but given their larger friction area, they descend slopes more slowly than smaller styles. As a result, if you have a need for speed and want to fly downhill, opt for a smaller inflatable snow tube.

In addition, consider the size of the rider. If you opt for a tube that is too small, the rider’s legs will dangle off of the front of the tube and potentially slow down the fun.

Weight capacity

Inflatable snow tubes are clearly marked with weight capacities. Keep in mind that these aren’t recommendations; they’re necessary to adhere to for safety reasons. Kids’ inflatable snow tubes usually hold 60 to 80 pounds, whereas adult tubes can hold around 220 pounds.

Single vs. double occupancy

Most inflatable snow tubes are intended for single occupancy, especially given their weight capacities. There are a few styles that accommodate two riders, in which case they have double the weight capacity.

Fitting two people into a single-occupancy tube is not a good idea. It throws off the center of gravity of the tube, and there’s a good chance that two people will exceed the weight capacity.

What to look for in a quality inflatable snow tube


Inflatable snow tubes are made to last, even though extra-bumpy rides downhill. They’re usually made from tear-resistant rubber or industrial-grade PVC. The materials are also chosen based on their temperature and puncture resistance as well.


Some inflatable snow tubes come with handles. They either consist of nylon webbing loops, or they are made from plastic and stick out from either side of the tube. Handles don’t help with steering by any means, but at least you can hold on for dear life.

Tow lines

Inflatable snow tubes are big and bulky, so carrying them uphill can be a bit of a drag. Many styles come with tow lines, which have leads that are long enough for you to simply drag them up the side of a hill with ease. If you’re feeling generous, you can even drag tired children back to the top of the hill.


Inflatable snow tubes are available in solid colors and fun designs. While they’re available, white tubes are far less common. This is because they tend to blend into the snow, which means they’re harder to see by fellow tubers. However, there’s a wide variety of other colors to choose from.

How much you can expect to spend on an inflatable snow tube

Bargain-priced snow tubes cost $20 and below, though they’re likely to pop after a few uses. Mid-priced snow tubes run between $20-$80 and are more durable with reinforced seams. Expensive tubes geared toward rugged snow tubing or commercial purposes can cost between $80-$150.

Inflatable snow tubes FAQ

Q. Should I be concerned about skiers and sledders when I’m snow tubing?

A. It depends on the location. Some resorts and parks have designated slopes or tubing times to separate these winter activities. If you’re tubing in a location where there is no separation, it’s best to enjoy your downhill rides when fewer people are on the slopes.

Q. Do inflatable snow tubes come with their own pumps?

A. Certain inflatable snow tubes will come with modest manual pumps, though it might take a while to fully inflate your tube with them. Tubing enthusiasts often invest in better-quality manual pumps or electronic ones. These can inflate the tube within minutes so you can hit the slopes quickly.

What inflatable snow tubes are best to buy?

Top inflatable snow tube

Bradley’s Commercial Snow Tube

Bradley’s Commercial Snow Tube

Our take: A comfortable and well-made tube with leads for pulling or towing.

What we like: Has 200-pound weight capacity. Made in the U.S.A. Available in three bright colors.

What we dislike: Expensive. The textured bottom could hinder speed.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top inflatable snow tube for the money

GoFloats’ Winter Snow Tube

GoFloats’ Winter Snow Tube

Our take: Thick-walled construction in a flashy flamingo design.

What we like: This 45-inch wide tube has plastic handles and inflates quickly. Comes with a patch and repair kit.

What we dislike: On the heavy side, especially if you’re carrying it uphill.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Hiwena Inflatable Snow Tubes

Hiwena Inflatable Snow Tubes

Our take: An affordable and family-friendly pack of snow tubes that can be used on the snow but also in the water.

What we like: While the small tube has the perfect size for a child to go on his own, the big one offers enough space for an adult and a child.

What we dislike: They might not last for more than a season.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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