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Which hand warmers are best?

There’s nothing worse than cold fingers when you aren’t near home. If you experience cold winters, you’re probably already familiar with the value of good hand warmers. Depending on how long you’re out and how cold your hands get, picking the correct type of hand warmers for your needs can be tricky. For an excellent overall pick, go with the well-known brand HotHands and their HotHands Оdоrless Аir Activated Наnd Wаrmers.

What to know before you buy hand warmers

Heating options

The classic hand warmer is a single-use packet you shake and throw away when you’re done. While this is effective and still quite popular, there now are many reusable versions. The three main ones are rechargeable, refillable and ones for boiling water. The rechargeable is plugged in via USB, while the refillable uses lighter fluid. The last option simply needs to be boiled for a few minutes before use.


Some are, obviously, larger than others. Depending on your hand size and heating needs, you may want a bulkier hand warmer. If you have a thin hand warmer, you have the option to toss them in your boots on a cold day, though foot warmers are a better alternative.


Heavy tech users will appreciate electronic options that allow you also to charge your devices via your hand warmer. Besides rechargeable USB options, all hand warmers are effectively the same when it comes to features.

What to look for in quality hand warmers

Duration of heat

If you’re just out for an hour, some hand warmers may be wasted if they’re “long-lasting” ones. If you plan to be out all day, a long-lasting hand warmer, especially single-use or catalytic, which uses lighter fluid, is likely going to be most convenient for you. Once you start a non-electronic hand warmer, you can’t stop it until it runs out of heat, so choose your duration wisely.


Single-use hand warmers are the most convenient, by far. They aren’t as environmentally friendly, though, and their costs can add up if you use them daily. Rechargeable ones are less convenient, but if you use them routinely, it’s easy to add them to your nighttime charging routine. If you have a catalytic option, adding fluid is simple, and the only inconvenience is guessing how much heat you need, since you can’t stop the heat once it’s started. 

Most hand warmers heat up quickly, but rechargeable ones tend to have a slight edge.


Thinner hand warmers tend to be more convenient. While rechargeable options are nice, they tend to be the bulkiest and least ergonomically friendly. If you want to keep hand warmers in your gloves, thicker options won’t be effective. If you like to put your hand warmers on the back of your hands so you can use your palms, only boiled and single-use are likely to allow it.

How much you can expect to spend on hand warmers

Expect to spend in the $15-30 range. Of course, since single-use hand warmers come in bulk, the bang for your buck will depend on how many you get and which kind they are.

Hand warmers FAQ

Which types of hand warmers get the hottest?

A. While each model is different, on average battery-powered ones get the hottest.

How long should a hand warmer last?

A. If you want something for a walk around the neighborhood, 30 minutes is good. A good all-day hand warmer will last 5-8 hours, though some can climb into double-digit territory. 

What are the best hand warmers to buy?

Top hand warmers

HotHands Оdоrless Аir Activated Наnd Wаrmers

HotHands Оdоrless Аir Activated Наnd Wаrmers

What you need to know: HotHands is the best-known brand of hand warmers, and these win in duration and convenience.

What you’ll love: With up to 10 hours of heat, you don’t have to worry about how long you’ll be out of the house. These thin hand warmers fit easily in gloves or jacket pockets, and with 40 in a box, they’re easy to get in bulk.

What you should consider: If you just want something for short stints outside, 10 hours of heat may be far more than you need. It takes 15-30 minutes to heat up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hand warmers for the money

Fourheart Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Fourheart Rechargeable Hand Warmer

What you need to know: It can keep your hands comfortable and your devices charged.

What you’ll love: This is a power bank and hand warmer in one. With three temperature settings and near-instant heat, you can get convenient warmth when you want it. Best of all, this is the only kind of hand warmer you can turn off and on.

What you should consider: Electronic options are convenient but the least reliable. While it’s unlikely to fail, it isn’t as guaranteed as long as any of the other types. It’s also the least ergonomic.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Yaktrax 8-Hour Hand Warmers

Yaktrax 8-Hour Hand Warmers

What you need to know: This is a 10-pack of disposable handwarmers that provides warmth for up to eight hours.

What you’ll love: They begin working within minutes of being opened and exposed to the air.

What you should consider: You’ll have to keep replacing them, as they are not reusable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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