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If you’re not sure you want to make an investment in a snowboard, you can demo a variety of models at the mountain ski shop for a small fee.

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Which cheap snowboard is best?

Snowboarding is one of the best ways to experience the outdoors, develop new skills and get exercise during the winter months. Although renting your gear can be a great option, there’s nothing like owning your own snowboard and learning how to wield on new terrain. However, finding the right one at the right price can be harder than taking on a new black diamond. 

With so much high-priced gear on the market, snowboarding can feel prohibitively expensive. However, there are cheap snowboards available. If you’re in the market for a versatile, high-performance board that’s suitable for any level rider, check out the Yes. Basic Snowboard

What to know before you buy a cheap snowboard 


In order to maximize your board’s longevity, consider choosing a size that’s oriented towards your ideal terrain. Begin by finding a board that falls between your chin and nose in terms of length, and then consider whether you want a longer board, ideal for powder, stability and speed, or a shorter one made for tricks, ease of use and playfulness. 


There are new snowboard styles introduced to the market each season, but affordable boards tend to fall into a few basic categories. Firstly, consider what shape you want your board to be. Select a true-twin snowboard for versatility and a directional twin if you ride in a heavy snow area. On the other hand, you may want to look for an asymmetrical board if you only want to ride in one direction and prefer deep carving. 


All snowboards fall somewhere between soft and stiff on the flexibility scale. All mountain boards tend to have a medium flex-rating, while advanced and powder boards tend to be stiffer for responsiveness. On the other hand, terrain park and freestyle snowboards usually have a softer flex rating for pops and presses in the park. 

What to look for in a quality cheap snowboard 

Core material 

Although multi-material cores tend to be reserved for higher-end, advanced snowboards, some high-quality, affordable boards offer similar technology. Most entry-level boards have a genuine poplar core, which is high performance on its own, and some will offer additional beech, maple or ash inserts. Species like beech are harder and more resistant to compression than poplar and are strategically placed to increase pop and strength. 


High-quality snowboards perform well on the slopes as well as on the rack outside of the lodge. Keep an eye out for a board with a unique graphic that complements your mountain outfit. Looking good is almost as important as your technique when it comes to snowboarding, and the best boards, no matter how affordable, will enhance your look. 

How much you can expect to spend on a cheap snowboard 

Entry-level cheap snowboards that will last season after season cost around $300, while higher-end models that retain affordability tend to cost $350-$400. 

Cheap snowboard FAQ

Can you buy a kid’s snowboard? 

A. While kid’s snowboards are significantly cheaper than affordable adult models, they are not designed to handle the weight, force or demands of an adult rider. 

What’s the best cheap snowboard to buy?

Top cheap snowboard

Yes. 'Basic' Snowboard

Yes. Basic Snowboard

What you need to know: This snowboard is ideal for snowboarders of any level and is loaded with premium features that are usually associated with high-end snowboards. 

What you’ll love: This snowboard offers high-end features, like a true poplar core and a unique camber-rocker profile, at an unbeatable price. The Basic is a true all-mountain snowboard that delivers amazing edge-hold thanks to its unique underbite technology that grabs the snow in addition to a serious amount of playful pop for the jumps. Plus, this board has a medium flex rating, which lends it the versatility many higher-end decks lack. 

What you should consider: Although the extruded base on the Basic snowboard is more durable and requires less maintenance than sintered bases, it won’t hold speed as well. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry and Amazon

Top cheap snowboard for the money

Nitro Prime Collage Snowboard

Nitro Prime Collage Snowboard

What you need to know: The Prime Collage from Nitro is a great choice for anyone looking to make their first foray into the snowboarding world and still wants to have some money left over to spend in the lodge or on other essential gear. 

What you’ll love: This snowboard is designed to make learning easy. With an oversized directional nose, a flat-rocker profile and a medium flex-rating, the Prime Collage provides extra float in the powder and increases natural power in and out of turns. Plus, the prevailing radial sidecut makes catching an edge harder and turns more predictable, helping beginners nail the infamous S-turn. To top it all off, the Nitro Prime Collage has a genuine poplar core that runs from tip to tail, giving the board a sense of playfulness for beginners to grow into. 

What you should consider: Because the Prime Collage is designed exclusively for beginners, some riders find they have to upgrade to a new board quickly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry 

Worth checking out

Bataleon Blow Snowboard

Bataleon Blow Snowboard

What you need to know: Packed with park-friendly technology, the Bataleon Blow is an excellent snowboard for the freestyle fanatic of any level. 

What you’ll love: When it comes to affordable terrain park snowboards, few perform as well as the Bataleon blow. The Blow has a genuine popular core that’s reinforced with beechwood cross-strips that give the board enhanced pop as well as strength. Adding to that strength is an extruded base and a layer of biax laminate, both of which add strength and durability without sacrificing flex. With a medium-soft flex rating and a rocker-camber profile, this board is ready for presses, turns and spins. 

What you should consider: As a freestyle snowboard, the Blow from Bataleon may not have the stiffness and response that hard-charging riders want. 

Where to buy: Sold by Backcountry


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