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You can find skateboard wheels in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and different materials for different kinds of skateboarding, despite mostly all being made from urethane.

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Which skateboard wheels are best?

The best skateboard wheels can make a major difference in how your skateboard rides, since they’re what touches the ground. A wide range of wheels can be found, and buying the wrong type could be costly.

If you’re looking for a classic, rounded skateboard wheel, these Spitfire Bighead Red Skateboard Wheels offer great traction for street and park skating. Still, you may find that a different type of wheel is what you need, depending on your style of skateboarding.

What to know before you buy skateboard wheels

Wheel shape

While many of the best skateboard wheels come in a single shape designed for a specific purpose, you can find a wide variety of different shapes out there that will work with most board and truck setups. In general, modern skateboards tend to include rounded wheels with a thinner contact patch, the area on the wheel that actually touches the ground. Longboards and cruisers typically have a wider, squared-off contact patch. The wider the contact patch is, the slower the board will go, though the better it will distribute the rider’s weight. 


Skateboard wheels come in various sizes, usually ranging from 50-60 millimeters for regular skateboards, with longboard and cruiser wheels often ranging from 60-70 millimeters. Most commonly, you’ll find regular skateboard wheels from 52-56 millimeters. When choosing your wheel size, remember that smaller wheels will accelerate more quickly but go slower overall and vice versa for larger wheels.

Durometer rating and hardness

A skateboard wheel’s durometer rating largely refers to how hard the wheels are and usually includes a number followed by the later “a,” for example 95a. While most street skaters prefer an extremely hard wheel with durometer ratings of 99a or 100a, others riding in cemented parks and on wooden ramps may look for something between 95a-98a. Still, those with longboards or cruiser skateboards who want a smooth ride or to be able to run over small pebbles and cracks should look for softer wheels, ranging between 78a-90a.

What to look for in quality skateboard wheels

Fits preferred riding style

Ultimately, you’ll want to get a wheel that fits with the riding style you plan to do. If you’re skating on hard surfaces or in parks and are wanting to do tricks, a smaller, rounded skateboard wheel is best. On the other hand, those who prefer cruising, going downhill or just riding a longboard will want larger wheels with a more square design.


The design of your skateboard wheels won’t affect your performance, but you will see them every time you pick up your board. Many choose skateboard wheels partially based on how they look, especially in comparison with their board and trucks.


Skateboarders truly put their wheels to the test, so it’s important to find some that will stand the ultimate test of time. Most brand names make extremely long-lasting wheels, though skaters will have to change them out from time to time.

How much you can expect to spend on skateboard wheels

Skateboard wheels will generally cost somewhere between $14-$30, with some specialty skateboard wheels costing even more.

Skateboard wheels FAQ

What durometer skateboard wheels should I buy?

A. If you aren’t sure what durometer to go with, consider what kind of skating you plan to do. For street skating, a hardness of around 99a will be most suitable, while longboarders will want something around 80a.

Do all skateboard wheels come in multiple packs?

A. In general, each pack of skateboard wheels will include four wheels, since that’s how many go on the board at one time. You can also find bulk packs of skateboard wheels, though it isn’t recommended to change fewer than four wheels at once.

What are the best skateboard wheels to buy?

Top skateboard wheels

Spitfire Bighead White and Red Skateboard Wheels in Sizes From 48mm to 63mm

Spitfire Bighead White and Red Skateboard Wheels in Sizes From 48mm to 63mm

What you need to know: For those riding a regular skateboard, these Spitfire Bighead skateboard wheels are a great way to get started, offer excellent traction and are visually appealing.

What you’ll love: These classic Spitfire wheels are durable and feature a 99a durometer for the user, making them particularly great for beginners. In addition, many love the classic Spitfire head design, which is also offered in red, green and purple, and comes in a wide variety of sizes.

What you should consider: Like some regular skateboard wheels, these have a tendency to wear down and chip over time, especially if you tend to ride on rough surfaces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top skateboard wheels for the money

Everland Blue 65mm by 51mm Durable Longboard Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

Everland Blue 65mm by 51mm Durable Longboard Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

What you need to know: Others who prefer longboards or cruisers will find these Everland skateboard wheels to be super long-lasting and durable, especially for such a low price point.

What you’ll love: Not only are these skateboard wheels super durable and great for those on cruiser skateboards and longboards, but they also offer a super smooth ride, making them great for long rides and rougher surfaces. They also come in clear, blue, black and yellow.

What you should consider: Some buyers who put these wheels on a regular skateboard complained that they felt a little weird compared to normal skateboard wheels.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Orangatang In Heat Downhill 75mm Longboard Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

Orangatang In Heat Downhill 75mm Longboard Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

What you need to know: Orangatang is a brand loved by many, and these cruiser wheels are perfect for quicker riding like downhill, while easily riding over any small pebbles and cracks.

What you’ll love: Those looking for cruiser wheels will find exactly what they’re looking for in these skateboard wheels, which offer superb traction and durability — especially on longboards and cruiser boards. These skateboard wheels are available in orange, blue and purple.

What you should consider: Many users found these wheels a little too fast for beginners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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