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Which Kryptonics skateboards are best?

Kryptonics is a skateboard company that’s been in the game since 1965. They were the first company to create the polyurethane wheels that are obligatory on longboards today. In fact, Kryptonics started as a generic manufacturer of poly products until the 1960s when they revolutionized the skateboarding scene.Their innovative grippy wheels changed how skaters were able to control their boards. This helped turn skateboarding from a casual activity to a true sport.

Nowadays, Kryptonics makes their own skateboards as well. Their best board is the 36-inch Rad Rays longboard with a pin tail fin, 65-millimeter amber wheels and tropical graphics on the deck.  

What to know before you buy a Kryptonics skateboard


There’s a distinct difference between a longboard and a skateboard. Contrary to the popularity of skateboards today, longboards were actually the original form. These boards are much longer, wider and differently shaped than skateboards. They were originally designed to mimic surfing, so the boards often look similar to both traditional and modern day surfboards. Skateboards are generally around 30 inches in length, while longboards average around 40 inches and can often reach up to 60 inches long. 

Board shapes

Board shape really comes down to preference and riding style. The board, otherwise known as the deck, is usually made of wood, but can sometimes be made with a hard plastic. Longer boards are better for slow cruising and offer better balance. Shorter boards, often called cruisers, are designed for speed and agility. They can make swift, 180-degree turns and are good for carving through the streets and up and down sidewalks. Cruiser boards usually utilize an elevated fin at the back, which makes it easy to lift your front wheels off the ground and provides extra leverage for quick turns. Skateboards use lifted edges and a concave design that’s best for controlling the board while performing tricks. 

Wheel types

Along with the shape of the deck, there are also certain densities of wheels that are better for different riding styles. Their density is measured on a scale 75A to 100A+, with the higher number having the hardest wheels. Soft wheels, the type usually associated with longboards and cruisers, fall in between 75A and 87A. They’re soft, can easily roll over bumps and cracks and offer the smoothest turns. On the other end of the spectrum, wheels over 100A are extremely hard and provide the highest durability. These wheels are the ideal choice for competitors in park and street skateboarding.

What to look for in a quality Kryptonics skateboard

Grip tape

Grip tape is the top layer of a skateboard that you place your feet on, which consists of a thin piece of sandpaper-like material. The sandpaper is rough to the touch and works to keep your shoes tightly against the board. There’s not much differentiation in quality from board to board, however, you can find grip tape that’s better-looking than others. Normally, you’ll find black grip tape with no logos or color. If you want something that looks higher quality, look for a Kryptonics board with colored tape. Or, you can find one that includes the company’s logo as well. 

Themed graphics

Deck graphics have been an important part of skateboard culture for decades. So much so that many skateboard decks are used as canvas for artists to display their work. Kryptonics offers a few themed graphics that can make your board stand out from the crowd. The most notable one is the Spongebob Squarepants board that shows the Nickelodeon star with a skeleton face. There are also various tropical-themed designs that show palm trees and breaking waves. 

Complete deck

Skateboards are sold in either complete decks or standalone pieces. This will help to avoid any confusion for new skateboard buyers. Complete decks are just like they sound. They come fully complete and ready to ride with a deck, trucks, grip tape, wheels and bearings. This is the most common form you’ll find  as far as skateboards for sale goes, especially from Kryptonics. You can also buy all of these pieces separately if you want to build your own skateboard. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Kryptonics skateboard

Kryptonics skateboards cost between $40-$58.

Kryptonics skateboard FAQ

What are skateboard bearings?

A. Bearings are small rings of metal or ceramic that go inside the wheels of the skateboard. They are crucial to keeping the wheels spinning smoothly. Inside each bearing are small metal balls or aluminum panels that help absorb the heat from the friction caused by the spinning wheel. Ultimately, they help keep the wheel moving fast.

Are longboards easier to ride than skateboards?

A. Generally, yes, longboards are easier to ride than skateboards. Longboards have more surface area, softer wheels and a wider base. All of these factors make balancing on the board much easier than a skateboard. 

What’s the best Kryptonics skateboard to buy?

Top Kryptonics skateboard

Kryptonics Rad Rays Longboard

Kryptonics Rad Rays Longboard

What you need to know: This 36-inch longboard features the classic surf-style shape, giving it a smooth and carefree ride. 

What you’ll love: The deck is over 8 inches in width leaving plenty of room for your feet. The top shows quality grip tape surrounded by a beige border with the Kryptonics logo in the center. The underside features a series of lines with tropical colors and photos of palm trees, while the 65-millimeter amber-colored wheels offer a smooth, resistance-free ride.

What you should consider: The 36-inch deck may be too long for novice longboard riders. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Kryptonics skateboard for the money

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser

Kryptonics Mini Cutaway Cruiser

What you need to know: Go the shortboard route with this Mini Cutaway Cruiser from Kryptonics that goes just beyond 25 inches in length. 

What you’ll love: This vividly colored cruiser is covered in turquoise and pink graphics on both the top-side grip tape and the underside of the deck. There are two cutaways around the front and back trucks that allow for sharper turning than most other boards. 

What you should consider: This board has a load capacity of 220 pounds. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kryptonics Spongebob Longboard

Kryptonics Spongebob Longboard

What you need to know: Take a cruise on this longboard that features the most lovable cartoon character ever: Spongebob Squarepants.

What you’ll love: The deck shows a very creative graphic of Spongebob as the front of his face is pulled away to reveal a skeleton underneath. The board is 36 inches long and comes in the classic pin-tail style with carbon steel bearings.

What you should consider: The Spongebob imagery might not suit children of a younger age. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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