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Although solid-core rods used for play are more durable, hollow rods will require less force to use, minimizing wrist fatigue.

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Which foosball table is best?

If your favorite part of going to the bars with your friends is playing foosball, you may want to purchase your own foosball table, so you can play whenever you want at home. (And the drinks at your house will definitely be cheaper than what you pay at the bar.)

Foosball tables are available in multiple sizes and configurations, ensuring you can find just the right model for your needs. Our favorite foosball table for the average user is the KICK Foosball Table. At 55 inches in length, it’s a great size for playing comfortably with two or four people.

What to know before you buy a foosball table

You can pick from two designs of foosball tables. Figure out how you plan to use the table, and then pick the design that will match those needs.


A standard foosball table will have legs, holding the playing field at a comfortable height. They’ll most closely resemble the coin-operated games you see at the bar made for two or four players.

These tables often are made of sturdy materials, delivering an excellent level of durability. However, some standard tables will consist of cheap materials, and they may wobble during game play.

These tables do take up quite a bit of space, and it’s not easy to store them when not in use. They have a higher cost than tabletop games.


A tabletop foosball game doesn’t have legs. Instead, the game field sits on top of another table or a countertop. Because of its small size, it’s not easy for four people to play at a time.

This style of table is not all that durable. But it is easy to store in a closet when you aren’t using it.

Sometimes, a tabletop game will be a multiple-game field, allowing you to play other games, too, like shuffleboard, table tennis, or chess.

What to look for in a quality foosball table

Here are some features you may want in a foosball table, depending on your level of game skill:

  • Beginners: Small tables are best for beginners. They’re inexpensive, which is ideal for those who aren’t sure yet how much they like to play foosball. Beginning players aren’t likely to play in a highly competitive manner, so they don’t necessarily need the highest-quality materials.
  • Intermediate: A player with an intermediate level of experience playing foosball will need sturdiness out of the table. Games sometimes get competitive and heated, so a flimsy table is likely to break down or collapse. The intermediate player will want a standard design, rather than a small tabletop model.
  • Advanced: Players with an advanced skill level will want a high-quality table that delivers excellent durability. They will not want the table to wobble during game play. An advanced player likely will use the table often enough that having a larger table in the room (that cannot be easily hidden away when not in use) won’t be a significant concern.

How much you can expect to spend on a foosball table

The least-expensive foosball tables will be tabletop models (with no legs) or multiple-game tables that can convert to foosball. They cost $20 to $200. Standard-size tables made for home use may cost $100 to $1,000.

Foosball table FAQ

Q. Why do some foosball tables have one man on the goalie rod and others have three?

A. Older foosball tables commonly used one goalie, but newer designs will have three goalies. Certain tables allow you to switch between one and three goalies as desired.

Q. How do I find a durable foosball table?

A. A table made from cheap materials may wobble during game play or may break if someone leans on it. Higher-quality materials yield good durability, but they cost more than low-quality materials.

What are the best foosball tables to buy?

Top foosball table

KICK’s Foosball Table

KICK’s Foosball Table

Our take: With a 55-inch length, this entry-level table is bigger than some others, making it comfortable to use in a four-player game.

What we like: Considering its price, the level of durability you’ll receive is better than you’d expect. Rods spin easily.

What we dislike: Requires some assembly, and this process is harder than it needs to be.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top foosball table for the money

Sport Squad’s FX40 Foosball Table

Sport Squad’s FX40 Foosball Table

Our take: It’s an extremely small tabletop design, so it’s good for small children, but it’s not the most durable foosball table.

What we like: Graphics on this table look great. Small table is easy to store when not in use.

What we dislike: Plastic pieces not especially durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Carrom’s Signature Foosball Table

Carrom’s Signature Foosball Table

Our take: Standard-design table made for use in the home, as it consists of high-quality materials with an individual adjustment option for the height of each leg.

What we like: Can swap out goalie rod for single- or triple-goalie play. Advanced players will appreciate the counterbalanced design in the men.

What we dislike: Over time, the pieces may become warped, which is disappointing considering this unit’s cost.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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