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Set up an obstacle course with multiple archery targets to simulate real-life conditions in tough or challenging terrain.

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Which archery target is best?

If you’re an archer looking to improve your shooting chops, consider doing it with the help of an archery target.

Targets are the premier practice equipment for archery, and they’re available in various shapes, weights, and even designs. Variety accommodates a number of bow and arrow types. Once you get your hands on a compatible target, you can enjoy thousands of shots on it, improving your technique arrow by arrow.

We’ve assembled this buying guide to help you choose the best archery target for practice. Our favorite is Morrell’s Double Duty Field Point Archery Bag Target, which can take thousands of shots from high-speed crossbows.

What to know before you buy an archery target

Types of archery targets

  • Bag targets: These targets feature a casing that covers a synthetic fiber, and it’s easy to remove your arrows from them. Some styles can stand on their own, and others have grommets for mounting or hanging. These targets are most often used indoors or in dry climates and are best for field points.
  • Block/foam layer targets: Block or foam targets consist of compressed foam and are popular because they’re lightweight and portable. They’re durable and considered to be all-weather targets. Arrow removal is relatively easy, unless you happen to have a heavy draw weight on your bow.
  • 3D practice targets: If you’re a seasoned bowhunter, you need a 3D practice target. They come in shapes of various animals, such as deer, bear, and even dinosaurs. 3D practice targets let you refine your aim and technique by getting accustomed to your target’s silhouette. You can use broadheads, however, field points are your best bet with these.

What to look for in a quality archery target


Narrow your options by considering your skill level and how you’d like to develop it. If you’re a casual archer, you can use bag or block targets. Competitive archers or hunters are better served with 3D practice targets, especially those that are two-sided.


Archery targets sustain frequent puncture wounds, so they all have a shelf life. You can take thousands of shots with bag or block targets before they need replacement. 3D targets have replaceable cores, which could cost the same as or more than replacing a bag target.

Weather and climate also affect how long an archery target lasts. Those with synthetic fiber fills absorb moisture, so they tend to have shorter lifespans than other types of targets.


Choose a target based on how far away you expect to be when taking shots. Smaller targets require a shorter distance. Larger ones allow a longer distance and are essential if you have a heavy draw weight.

It’s also important to consider the target’s portability. Larger and heavier targets are cumbersome to move. Many bag and block targets are equipped with handles to make them easier to transport.

How much you can expect to spend on an archery target

Affordable block archery targets can be found for $40 and below. If you’re willing to spend closer to $100, you can find 3D targets with quality designs. If you prefer more of a challenge or want a better selection of targets, be prepared to spend $150 and above.

Archery target FAQ

I’m getting a 3D archery target. Will it come with replacements?

A. It depends on the manufacturer; only a few of them sell a set plus replacements. Replacements are sold individually, though sometimes you can buy them in bulk with a value pack.

Can I set up my archery target on a piece of furniture to elevate it?

A. Yes, but assuming you’re shooting indoors, your walls, floors, and furniture will likely sustain damage. Some people use old chairs or tables to prop up archery targets outside.

What are the best archery targets to buy?

Top archery target

Morrell’s Double Duty Field Point Archery Bag Target

Morrell’s Double Duty Field Point Archery Bag Target

What you need to know: Compatible with high-speed bow, compound bow, and airbow. Easy to carry and remove arrows.

What you’ll love: Two woven nylon handles and replaceable target cover. Tough construction to weather heavy use.

What you should consider: Not intended for use with broadheads.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Top archery target for the money

Morrell’s YellowJacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target

Morrell’s YellowJacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target

What you need to know: Versatile target can be hung or placed on the ground. Popular for serious archers with high-speed compound bows.

What you’ll love: Two-finger arrow removal and impressive durability. Value buy for the price.

What you should consider: Not intended for use with broadheads.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon

Worth checking out

Field Logic’s Hurricane Bag Archery Target

Field Logic’s Hurricane Bag Archery Target

What you need to know: Vivid colors for indoor and outdoor target practice.

What you’ll love: Durable and self-heals well with Tri-Core Technology. Available in three sizes.

What you should consider: Not required but works considerably better with a stand.

Where to buy: Sold at Amazon


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