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There are several oils and coatings that are safe for leather boots that help provide protective qualities while deepening the color.

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Which Clark boot is best?

When looking for a pair of boots that work for both casual and high fashion, Clarks offers several varieties that are great for any occasion. Choosing the right pair of Clarks boots can be a difficult decision, considering the variety of options. 

What to know before you buy Clark boots


There are several different types of Clarks boots on the market. The most common varieties include ankle boots, mid-ankle boots, chukka boots, knee-high boots and Chelsea boots. Lower-ankle and mid-ankle boots work as a more casual ensemble piece and can also serve as good shoes for more formal looks. Higher boots can be a great statement piece and tend to work better for more outdoor-oriented events. 

Sole construction type

There are a few basic types of sole construction that most boots fall under. Goodyear welting is when the sole is hand-stitched or machine-sewn to the rest of the boot, providing a high level of durability and security. Blake stitch is very similar but slightly more economical as an affordable middle ground. Cemented soles use an adhesive to stick the sole to the rest of the shoe. This is the cheapest but least secure option. 

Color and design

Obviously, the largest decision to make when it comes to Clarks boots is the actual design and color scheme of the boot. Clarks boots come in different brown and black variations with some having a more textured or stressed leather while others have a smoother, shinier leather. At the same time, some Clarks boots have traditional lace-up fronts while others slip on or have a buckle. 

Durability and resistance to weather

Because most Clarks boots are made with 100% leather, they have a basic level of durability that will allow for most users to break in the boots slowly over time. However, the leather could have issues with water or scuffing if it’s not coated with protective sealants. 

How much you can expect to spend on Clark boots

Most Clarks boots are not cheap, but they are not overly expensive either, especially when considering the quality of the product. Most Clarks boots cost between $50-$250 with special exceptions costing below or above that price range. 

What are the best Clarks boots to buy?

Clarks Bushacre 3

Clarks Bushacre 3

These are high-quality Clarks boots constructed with leather, fabric and other materials to add flexibility and durability. The low ankle design and the variety of materials and colors available allow for the boots to work with any outfit, casual or formal. 

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Clarks Men's Desert Mali Boot

Clarks Men’s Desert Mali Boot

These are 100% leather boots with a 6-inch shaft to keep dirt and rocks away from the inner lining making them work for indoor and outdoor events. The boots also come in a taupe suede that can serve as a more fashionable look in certain outfits. 

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Clarks Men's Vargo Mid Ankle Boot

Clarks Men’s Vargo Mid-Ankle Boot

These Clarks boots have a sturdier and thicker exterior for added durability along with 100% leather materials and a textured sole for better grip when walking on any terrain. The Ortholite footbed will also provide additional comfort, especially for all-day wear. 

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Clarks Desert Boot 2

Clarks Desert Boot 2

The Clarks Desert Boot 2 is one of the more versatile options from the brand with 10 different designs and patterns that come in 100% leather, suede and snake print. The boots also have a rubber sole that will add long-term durability to the boots even after extended use. 

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Clarks Men's Clarkdale Gobi Chelsea Boot

Clarks Men’s Clarkdale Gobi Chelsea Boot

These are high-quality Chelsea boots that come in both leather and suede options and should slip on easily. The boots have added padding to maintain all-day comfort. The clean style will help these boots work with most outfits. 

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Clarks Women's Camzin Dime Ankle Boot

Clarks Women’s Camzin Dime Ankle Boot

These boots come with a unique buckle design and the mix of leather and fabric materials allows for durability and comfort. The 1-inch heel on the rubber sole keeps the boots from being major statement pieces while adding a fashionable touch. 

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Clarks Women's Sharon Hop Ankle Boot

Clarks Women’s Sharon Hop Ankle Boot

The Clarks Sharon hop ankle boots come in both suede and leather with both having a rubber sole with a nearly 2-inch heel that adds versatility to its fashion. The zip-down side makes it easier for the user to slip the boot on and off while still maintaining the decorative lace up front. 

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Clarks Women's Cheyn Lindie Knee High Boot

Clarks Women’s Cheyn Lindie Knee-High Boot

These are knee-high boots with a zipper down the side for easier wear that comes in two different colors of synthetic leather. The boots offer a high fashion look that works well with several different outfits as a statement piece. The Ortholite soles should provide added comfort to the user. 

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Clarks Women's Cora Chai Ankle Boot

Clarks Women’s Cora Chai Ankle Boot

These boots have a furry inner lining to keep wearers’ feet warm while wearing them. The zip-down side and the adjustable webbed laces allow for added convenience as the black and taupe color options provide more fashionable options. 

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Clarks Women's Slouch Boots

Clarks Women’s Slouch Boots

These are comfortable boots part of the Clarks cloudsteppers line. They sport a unique design that still works with higher fashion outfits as well as more casual options. The ultra-lightweight build allows for the boots to be worn all day without causing any discomfort to the wearer. 

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