What is the best dip belt?

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If you have a small frame and are afraid your dip belt will slip off during a workout, opt for a style that wraps completely around your waist.

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Which dip belts are the best?

Has your tried and true workout routine stopped giving you the results you’re after? The best way to bust out of a fitness plateau is to increase the intensity of your workout, not the frequency. With a dip belt, you can increase the weight when you do exercises like squats and dips to give you more of a challenge. The belt is wide enough to distribute the weight evenly across your hips to prevent injury and sturdy enough to hold up to the weight you attach for truly effective workouts.

Learn all you need to find the best dip belt for your next workout with our buying guide. We’ve also included some specific product recommendations, such as our top choice from Dark Iron Fitness, which is made of real leather and has enough padding in the hips to ensure a comfortable fit.

What to know before you buy a dip belt


A dip belt fits around the waist so your hips can support the weight that you attach, which pulls on the belt to tighten it and prevent it from slipping off — that’s why a one-size-fits-all belt works well for most people. Some belts have a buckle that allows you to adjust the fit, which can be helpful if you have a smaller frame.

Maximum weight

You don’t necessarily need to add lots of weight to a dip belt to see results, so most belts can hold the weight you want to add. It’s still a good idea to check a belt’s maximum weight load to be sure it can handle the amount you usually work out with.

What to look for in a quality dip belt


Dip belts are usually made of nylon, neoprene, or leather. Nylon belts are lightweight but not as durable as other options. Neoprene models are comfortable and budget-friendly, though they don’t last as long as leather belts. Leather is extremely durable, but you usually need some time to break the belt in.

Some belts have a metal chain that attaches to the weight, but others use fabric straps to hold the weight. While the fabric is usually heavy-duty, straps don’t hold up as well as chains, with many fraying over time.

Belt style

For the most comfortable fit, a dip belt should be fairly wide so it distributes the weight more evenly across your midsection. Many belts don’t enclose the waist completely, but you can find some that fully wrap around your waist, offering a more secure fit.


A dip belt with a chain offers the most durable, secure connector for the weight. Opt for a model that features a steel chain and reinforced stitching to connect it to the belt itself. It’s important to choose a belt with a chain that’s long enough to thread through the weight plates you want to connect to your belt. If the chain is too short, you may not be able to connect all the weight that you want.


To connect the chain or strap to the dip belt, heavy-duty carabiners are usually the sturdiest option. Some belts come with extra steel hooks that allow you to adjust where you place the weights on the belt.


You can use your dip belt for a variety of exercises, including dips and squats. Some belts can also be used as a weight belt or a sled harness to increase their versatility in your fitness routine.

How much you can expect to spend on a dip belt

You can expect to pay between $12-$50 for a dip belt. A one-size-fits-all belt made of neoprene generally goes for $12-$20, while more durable belts cost between $15-$25. If you want an extra-wide belt with multiple connectors, you can pay between $25-$50.

Dip belt FAQ

What’s the maximum weight a dip belt can handle?

A. It depends on the belt. Many can handle up to 200 or 250 pounds, which is more than enough for the average person.

What’s proper form when you’re wearing a dip belt?

A. Maintain a straight back and an upright head. It’s also important to keep your core tight and use slow, steady movements through your exercises to prevent injuries.

What’s the best dip belt to buy?

Top dip belt

Dark Iron Fitness’ Leather Dip Belt

Dark Iron Fitness’ Leather Dip Belt

Our take: A real leather belt with sturdy hardware that will last through years of workouts.

What we like: Features padding in the hips to keep the belt from digging into your midsection. Straps have a max weight load of 270 pounds. Offers a metal buckle to keep the belt in place even during the most strenuous workouts.

What we dislike: Metal components may bend over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top dip belt for the money

DMoose Fitness’ Premium Dip Belt

DMoose Fitness’ Premium Dip Belt

Our take: A well-made and affordable dip belt that comes in a variety of colorful designs.

What we like: Constructed with durable, high-quality materials that offer a comfortable fit. Has a 36-inch steel chain that can hold a significant amount of weight. Comes at a budget-friendly price point.

What we dislike: Made mostly of neoprene, so it isn’t as long-lasting as leather options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Iron Bull Strength’s Advanced Dip Belt

Iron Bull Strength’s Advanced Dip Belt

Our take: A high-quality belt that offers plenty of versatility because it can be used for weightlifting or as a sled harness.

What we like: Made of lightweight nylon. Has reinforced stitching and steel hooks for durability. Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What we dislike: Despite its construction, the nylon strap can fray due to the friction of the weight sliding over it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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