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Which resistance tubes are best?

Free weights and calisthenics have been a great way to exercise for centuries and are still two of the most common types of exercises people use in the gym or at home. But one type of exercise that gets overlooked is resistance training. Resistance training can be safer than using free weights, but it can have certain benefits that free weights can’t. Using resistance bands or tubes gives you much more convenience, and you can use these types of equipment when limited to small spaces such as in your home or a hotel room. Resistance tubes are one resistance tool that is great as an accessory and the main staple for a workout, especially when working with tighter resistance levels. If you’re looking for a set of resistance tubes that are resistant to damage and come with useful accessories, then the Coolrunner 14 Pcs Resistance Bands Set is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a resistance tube

Weight resistance

Although all resistance tubes are light and easy to carry, they can provide an intense and effective workout depending on the weight of resistance you use. The weight of resistance that these bands carry can vary. The higher resistance weight typically results in the tube being harder to extend, thus making a specific exercise more challenging to complete. If you’re a beginner with resistance tubes, it may be best to start with lighter or thinner resistance tubes then work your way up to heavier or thicker tubes. A set of tubes often includes tubes that range from 10 to 50 pounds of resistance, and the higher the number, the more resistance. There are tubes you can find that will offer higher pounds of resistance than 50. Still, a 50-pound resistance tube is commonly difficult for the average person for typical exercises such as curls, presses, tricep extensions and deadlifts. 


Resistance tubes don’t get dirty easily except if you’re frequently tying them to objects and anchors to do workouts. If your tube develops markings and stains on it from use, simply wipe the tube with a disinfectant wipe or a cloth with disinfectant spray. Also, be mindful of where you tie and anchor your tubes because tying them to rough and sharp surfaces can cause more friction along with more wear and tear on the material of the resistance tubes, leading to a higher chance of breakage. So try not to tie tubes on rough or edged surfaces such as a dumbbell’s metal grip or on the edge of a fitness machine.

Band materials

Resistance tubes and bands are generally made from natural or synthetic latex rubber, allowing the tube to have great elasticity and have the ability to stretch according to your exercise. If you’re sensitive to latex and rubber materials, then there are resistance tubes that come with a nylon covering, reducing exposure to the rubber. Nylon-covered resistance tubes are also great in helping prevent the tubes’ snapping and reducing the risk of the tube breaking when in use. If you want maximum safety when using resistance tubes, then nylon-covered models are the best options. 

What to look for in a quality resistance tube


The great thing about resistance tubes compared to bands is that tubes already come with handles, giving you options for whatever type of workout you want to do. However, the area you workout in may have limited resources, so items such as door anchors allow you to use the tubes at different angles and do a wider variety of workouts. Some tubes may come with detachable pieces that allow you to change what’s on the end of them, such as straps and handles that come in different sizes and materials. 

Nylon sleeves

Nylon sleeves protect the resistance tube from damage, tears, and getting dirty. The sleeve also allows the tube to snap back less when you accidentally let go or drop the handles of the tube when it’s stretched out. 

Workout guide

Resistance tubes look so simple, yet figuring out a workout plan for using them can be difficult. Some sets of tubes will come with links or a file of virtual workouts to help guide you through the use of the equipment. Some may include a pamphlet to give you a brief rundown of how you can use the tubes. 

How much you can expect to spend on a resistance tube

Resistance tubes can range from $10-$50, whereas single tubes or small sets of tubes will cost $10-$20. Then in the $20-$30 range, you’ll find bigger sets with different accessories offered, and sets that cost $30-$50 may have unique accessories such as workout videos, jump ropes and more. 

Resistance tube FAQ

Do resistance tubes break?

A. Resistance tubes are extremely resistant to breakage unless a sharp object punctures the tube, and thus, it would be more exposed to tearing apart if the tube was punctured. Besides a situation like that, a resistance tube can last for many years until showing any signs of wear and tear or possible breakage. Just keep the tubes away from sharp objects and surfaces, as well as surfaces that are rough and can provide damaging friction when the tube is tied to it. If you want a set of tubes with maximum protection from breakage, tubes with nylon sleeves are the best option. 

Are resistance tubes good for weight loss?

A. Resistance tubes are great for weight loss when used correctly. You can use them to target the upper body, core, lower body and can provide an intense full-body workout depending on the exercises you’re doing. As you do more resistance training consistently, you can gain muscle while burning fat in the process. Although other types of workouts, such as strictly cardio, may be better for solely burning fat. 

What are the best resistance tubes to buy?

Top resistance tube

Coolrunner 14 Pcs Resistance Bands Set

Coolrunner 14 Pcs Resistance Bands Set

What you need to know: These resistance tubes come in nylon sleeves for protective measures and feature stylish colors for each tube. 

What you’ll love: There are different handles, door anchors and ankle straps that you can use with the tubes. There is a carrying bag and manual included as well. 

What you should consider: The set is not so budget-friendly. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top resistance tube for the money

iRibit Fitness Figure 8 Toner Resistance Tube Set of 3

iRibit Fitness Figure 8 Toner Resistance Tube Set of 3

What you need to know: Using a unique figure-eight design, these tubes are very compact, making them more accessible than other tube sets. 

What you’ll love: Three different levels of resistance are provided in the set, and they’re great for activities such as physical therapy and Pilates. The soft foam handles keep your hands comfortable and secure during exercise. 

What you should consider: Not much heavier weights of resistance are included. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Taimasi 23pcs Resistance Tube Set

Taimasi 23pcs Resistance Tube Set

What you need to know: With over 20 accessory pieces included, you’ll have more than enough equipment to get a full-body workout in with this set. 

What you’ll love: Features five different resistance tubes and five different resistance bands, so you can change the difficulty of workouts with ease. There’s also an included jump rope so you can add more cardio to your workouts. 

What you should consider: The number of accessories may be overwhelming. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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