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Which resistance band bars are best?

Resistance bands are great tools for high repetition, low-impact exercises. But because of their shape, they can be difficult to use for certain movements. This is where a resistance band bar comes in. These allow you to attach bands on either end to increase the number of exercises you can perform with ease. 

If you’re looking to take your band workout to the next level, don’t hesitate about getting the Kobra Tech The Ultimate Premium Full-Workout Resistance Bands Set, but there are a few things to consider to make sure it’s the best choice for you.

What to know before you buy a resistance band bar

Resistance band bars are a good solution for home gym users looking to expand their workouts without the bulk and clutter of weights and accessories. 

Resistance band bar uses

Resistance band bars effectively replace a barbell or dumbbell handle and transform your resistance bands into weights on either end. These allow you to use bands for pushing exercises like presses and squats as well as pulling exercises like curls and rows. Because bands can be easily stowed away and bars take up little room, these make a great alternative to a full power-rack setup or dumbbell set for strength-training exercises at home.

Types of resistance bars

Hook bars: These bars have hooks or metal rings on the end to which you can affix tube bands. This introduces a potential point of failure but does have the added benefit of reducing band slippage and uneven band placement along the bar.

Flat-band bars: These bars don’t come with hooks but instead allow you to loop the flat band over the bar. This limits some of the exercises you can do as the bands are not fixed to the bar, which can rotate inside of them.


Resistance bands can snap, and clip rings can break. If you notice any tears or distressing on your band, replace it. When using a resistance band bar, make sure you practice good form as — just like a barbell — resistance band bars strain your wrists if you hold them wrong. Always make sure you are standing on the band or anchoring it safely to a wall when performing resistance band bar workouts. 

What to look for in a quality resistance band bar

Resistance band bars come in a couple of different configurations that increase their portability and effectiveness in workout routines. 


If you need your resistance band bar to fit into your gym bag or for travel, look for a collapsible bar. These break down into smaller pieces, making them easier to store.

Resistance band bar shape

While resistance band bars are standardized to the classic, long-bar shape, they can be purchased in other configurations or with attachments that allow them to simulate lat-pull down bars and EZ-curl bars. 

Door anchors

A good resistance band bar comes with door anchors so that you can clip your resistance band to a distant surface without worrying about it snapping back. These are particularly useful in homes with limited space or architectural features to which you can affix your band. Without anchors, you will be limited in the variety of exercises you can perform.

How much you can expect to spend on a resistance band bar

Resistance band bars alone are generally pretty cheap, with some available for as little as $20. But if you want a set with door anchors, extra bands or bar attachments, expect to pay up to $250 for all the accouterments. 

Resistance band bar FAQ

Can I replace my weight lifting routine with resistance bands?

A. Depending on your routine, swapping out the weights for resistance bands can yield similar results. Barbells are unparalleled in their ability to progressively overload your muscles each week with more weight to build strength. Because bands are elastic, the amount of resistance they provide is variable. You can certainly add more bands to your bar to increase the difficulty, but this can get unwieldy and even dangerous. For that reason, resistance bands are best used to supplement strength-training regimes or as a direct replacement for volume-based workouts and isolation exercises that focus on dumbbells. Resistance bands are also excellent for rehabbing injuries or for users with limited mobility and strength, as you can modulate the resistance and use lighter weights in a low-impact fashion.

How much weight can my resistance band bar hold?

A. Resistance band bars are surprisingly durable, capable of holding between 300-800 pounds. But you should check your product before piling on the weight, as each bar differs.

What are the best resistance band bars to buy?

Top resistance band bar

Kobra Tech The Ultimate Premium Full-Workout Resistance Bands Set

Kobra Tech The Ultimate Premium Full-Workout Resistance Bands Set

What you need to know: This is a comprehensive resistance band bar set that covers all the bases to get started with a number of home-workout routines.

What you’ll love: The hardcore, orange branded Kobra Tech package comes with two ankle straps, two handles, one door anchor, a steel bar with rugged attachment points and three bands at the following weight ranges: 10-30 pounds, 20-60 pounds and 30-90 pounds. These can be stacked for up to 180 pounds of resistance. And the set is all easily stowed in a drawstring carrying bag, including the bar, which collapses into three pieces.

What you should consider: Users note that a single band is too short to do squats, so you’ll need to buy two of each band in order to perform this exercise. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top resistance band bar for the money

Fitness Gear Exercise Bar

Fitness Gear Exercise Bar

What you need to know: This basic bar is a good entry-level option for home gym-goers looking to turn their resistance band workouts up a notch.

What you’ll love: It comes with clips to affix bands to the rings on either end. Users can break the bar down into two pieces for easy storage. The steel bar is 36 inches, making it great for squats, and its TPE coating adds durability. 

What you should consider: This product does not come with bands, anchors or straps, which would need to be purchased separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Bodylastics Collapsible Resistance Bands Curl Bar

Bodylastics Collapsible Resistance Bands Curl Bar

What you need to know: Bodylastics’ take on the resistance band bar offers a unique construction to target biceps, lats and triceps for users looking to diversify their band bar workout.

What you’ll love: This collapsible, steel-pipe construction, heavy-duty bar imitates the EZ curl bar, allowing users to adjust their grip when using bands to better target certain muscle groups. It can hold up to 750 pounds of tension and features rubber grips for improved performance. It also comes with three-ring attachment points: one on either end and a center ring for movements such as lat pulldowns.

What you should consider: This product does not come with bands or anchors, and its shape makes exercises like the bench press and squat more difficult.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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