Which push-up bars are best?

If you’re looking to make some gains and be physically fit but don’t have the luxury of a membership or an at-home gym, push-up bars may be the perfect things to help with a healthy routine. They’re easy to stow away and take up minimal space while in use. They can improve posture, increase core strength and build muscle by elevating your upper body. If it’s a cost effective but sturdy option you’re looking for, The Ultimate Body Press Parallettes XL is the best option.

What to know before you buy push-up bars

Price point

Staying mobile and physically fit shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. One of the main benefits of these push-up bars is that they don’t cost anywhere near what other pieces of gym equipment cost, nor do they require any money for additions after purchasing. With rising costs of equipment such as dumbbells, cowbells and other weights, this is a versatile and cost-effective alternative.

Mobility and storage

Another perk is that they take up very little room in the home or office. You can stow them away in a cabinet or closet, and they often are lightweight enough to be easily transportable. A large space isn’t required while in use either—just a space big enough for one’s own body length.

Proper technique

Traditional push-ups can be hard on the hands and wrists; push-up bars help alleviate that by having padded grips and providing positional relief. Helping with overall alignment, these simple pieces of equipment can assist with improving your form while enhancing core muscles, as well as minimizing injury to elbows and shoulders.

What to look for in quality push-up bars


These aren’t pieces of equipment that need to be replaced and they shouldn’t bend or break. They should be made of metal or steel, although some are constructed of treated lumber. Components should be strongly welded or bolted together to ensure they’re sturdy and durable.

Size and shape

Taller models can expand exercises into different categories, such as crossfit, P90X, yoga or pilates. Crescent-shaped models can assist with center-of-gravity and balancing exercises.


When used properly, push-up bars should never slip out from under you or be unbalanced. Wide-base bars are intended to prevent this, as are grippy, nonslip rubber feet on the ends. There should be no question of safety when applying body weight to the bars.

How much you can expect to spend on push-up bars

Prices for push-up bars typically start off around $10 and can increase to about $70 depending on design and material.

Push-up bars FAQ

Are there any other uses for a push-up bar?

A. Push-up bars often have a wide variety of uses and exercises; however, they mainly focus on upper body and core strength.

Are push-up bars reliable and safe?

A. Designed from heavy metal and with rubber ends to provide grip, push-up bars are safe when used correctly. Most have a weight capacity of 500 to 600 pounds, ensuring they’ll hold up for years to come.

What are the best push-up bars to buy?

Top push-up bars

Ultimate Body Press Parallettes XL Push-Up Bars

Ultimate Body Press Parallettes XL Push-Up Bars

What you need to know: Commercial-grade construction, tall design and wide, stable feet make this product best for anyone wanting to increase upper-body strength.

What you’ll love: At 12 inches tall and 24 inches long, this design improves clearance and enhances movement progression. They are ideal for crossfit, yoga and Pilates and have thick nonskid rubber feet for increased stability.

What you should consider: This particular model of push-up bar comes at a much higher price point than other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top push-up bars for the money

JFIT Tall Pro Push-up Bar

JFIT Tall Pro Push-up Bar

What you need to know: These push-up bars are made from durable chrome-plated metal and come in two size options, which is great for anyone looking to target chest, arms and back muscles.

What you’ll love: They’re great for rehabilitation, gymnastics and yoga. They feature thicker, slip-resistant, foam-covered handles for great range of motion without straining the hands or wrists, and have rubberized feet for increased stability.

What you should consider: These push-up bars are heavier and can’t be disassembled, which may not be best for travel or storage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FILA Accessories Push-Up Bar

FILA Accessories Push-Up Bar

What you need to know: Made from a trusted brand with experience in the field, these push-up bars are small without sacrificing strength.

What you’ll love: The 5.5-inch design helps beginners with a lower center of gravity while providing relief from hands, wrists and elbow stress with comfort-grip handles. Their sturdy endcaps provide nonslip stability, and there is a downloadable exercise guide included in the package to help you get started.

What you should consider: The small design may result in less stability. They must be assembled, resulting in frequent tightening.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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