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Medicine balls can be perfect for crossfit workouts.

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Which medicine balls are best?

Useful for exercises, rehab or just for fun, medicine balls often are in gyms, doctor offices and rehabilitation centers. While they don’t contain any medicine, medicine balls are useful equipment in improving health and fitness. They’re a great alternative for dumbbells or barbells, or you can use them in tandem with free weights. If you’re looking for a professional-grade medicine ball, the SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball is the top choice.

What to know before you buy a medicine ball


Even though there are many variations of medicine balls on the market, they typically are  broken down into four main categories: slam balls, rubber balls, medicine balls with handles and rope balls.

Slam balls are one the most common types. They are partially filled with sand or some type of dense material that can make the ball weigh anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds. Because they’re dense, they barely bounce when making contact with a surface unless done so forcefully. This is why they’re commonly used for explosive workouts such as wall or floor slams. The outer cover typically is made out of real or faux leather.

Rubber balls are much bouncier than slam balls. However, never slam rubber balls because the outer shell can crack and break. You can use them in a multitude of ways, including as a balance tool, additional resistance for workouts and in partner workouts. They can weigh from 4 to 20 pounds.

Medicine balls with handles allow you to have a firm grip on the ball when you want to do activities such as crunches and presses. They are offered in the same weight range of slam balls.

Rope balls use a permanently attached or removable rope you can use for advanced workouts. You can use them similarly to other types of balls, and they weigh 6 to 15 pounds.


One type of grip is a great grip like one you find on a dumbbell or barbell. If you’re using a regular slam or rubber ball, it can slip out of your hand, so be cautious when using it. If you want a medicine ball that’s better to hold onto, choose a medicine ball with handles or a rope.

What to look for in a quality medicine ball


Medicine balls can have a very short shelf life if they’re not of good quality. If you’re doing exercises that involve throwing or slamming the ball, it can weaken the outer shell more quickly. Look for medicine balls that are professional grade or commercial grade because those are of the best quality. 


Make sure any rubber medicine ball has a texture grip on the outer surface. The textured grip has some type of pattern, whether it’s tiny dots, small indentations or something else. The textured grip helps with a more secure and comfortable grip.


There should be a variety of colors to choose from, with the colors tending to represent the weight of the ball. The color or the weight stamps should be easily readable so you know what ball you’re using if you have more than one.

How much you can expect to spend on a medicine ball

The price of medicine balls tend to increase in correlation with the weight and range between $20-$40. Leather balls with reinforced stitching can be in the upper price range.

Medicine ball FAQ

What’s the best weight for a medicine ball?

A. Many factors determine what weight to choose. You may want a heavier ball for one workout, then want a lighter ball for another. However, if you’re looking for a starting point, someone with a sturdier build can start with a 10-pound ball, while those with a smaller build can go with a ball 6 pounds or less. As you get stronger and build your endurance, you can gradually increase the weight, increasing your workout intensity.. 

Is the size of the medicine ball important?

A. Medicine balls tend to get slightly bigger the heavier it is. If you’re looking to work with a smaller medicine ball, stick with lower weights. If you want to increase weight and gradually challenge yourself, the size of the ball won’t matter; it’s the weight that’s important. Slam and rubber medicine balls tend to have decent grip even when large.

What’s the best medicine ball to buy?

Top medicine ball

SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

What you need to know: This professional-grade medicine ball is textured so you have a solid grip when doing workouts.

What you’ll love: With a design for commercial gyms, it has a highly durable outer shell. The rubber shell gives the ball a great bounce.

What you should consider: The ball may feel slightly slippery when first using it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top medicine ball for the money

Champion Sports Rhino Medicine Ball

Champion Sports Rhino Medicine Ball

What you need to know: This slam ball comes in a variety of colors and weights.

What you’ll love: The synthetic leather exterior has a nonslip grip that makes it easy to hold. The reinforced stitching makes this ball durable through frequent workouts.

What you should consider: The ball may not be perfectly round.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DYNAPRO Medicine Ball

DYNAPRO Medicine Ball

What you need to know: Featuring a very unique dual-pattern textured grip, this ball looks good and feels even better.

What you’ll love: This ball is burst-resistant so it’s built to handle bouncing. The dual-pattern grip features a diamond pattern on certain parts of the ball and a marble texture on the rest, providing a unique feel.

What you should consider: There’s a strong rubber smell for the first few days of use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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