Which jump rope is best?

When it comes to choosing the best jump rope, there are many things to consider. Jump ropes come in varying lengths and have different levels of durability. For people who want speed and a good workout with their jump rope, one with ball bearings in the handles is best since it allows for more speed and easy handling. With that in mind, the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is the best.

What to know before you buy a jump rope

Health benefits

Jump roping is a fast-paced exercise that allows you to exercise different muscles. Different health benefits of jump ropes include:

  • Improved coordination, speed and spatial awareness
  • Higher rate of burning calories
  • Strengthened joints and bones
  • Improved cardiovascular system

Spending 10 minutes a day jumping rope can also improve your bone density, strengthen your ankles and get your heart pumping at a healthy rate. By adding this activity to your normal exercise routine, you can take advantage of its health benefits.

If you’re new to jumping rope, or if you want to do it casually, even 5 minutes a day a few times a week can help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Workout routines

For those who want to add jump roping to their regular workout routine, here are a few great techniques:

  • Forward jumping: For this one, bring the rope in front of you and jump over it. Do so for up to 15 minutes at a time.
  • Backward jumping: This works just like the previous routine. But, instead of having the rope in front, bring it behind you and jump.
  • Single leg: For this routine, jump over the rope with one leg for 30-60 seconds. Then, switch legs and repeat. Feel free to repeat the set on each side.
  • Switching: This type of routine involves jumping over the rope with one leg. Then, when the rope comes back around, jump with the other leg. Repeat this action for 10-15 minutes, or until tired.
  • Squatting: Another popular routine is to get down into a squat and then jump. For this, you may need a shorter rope, or to wrap the ends around your fists to cut down on some of the slack.
  • High knee jumps: When jumping rope, you can also jump with higher knees to work out different muscle groups. This style of jumping can also increase your heart rate more quickly.

Safety concerns

For most people, the biggest safety concern when it comes to jump ropes is the risk of tripping or falling. The impact can hurt, especially if you’re jumping on a solid surface or get caught in the rope. That’s why it’s generally best to jump in an area free of obstacles.

Another common issue with jumping rope is the impact on the knees and ankles. Consider jumping on a yoga mat to help absorb some of the impact and protect your joints. Plus, the mat can prevent further injury if you do happen to fall while jumping.

Some people, even those who use a jump rope casually, may get shin splints or sprain their ankles if they’re not careful. This can be avoided by squatting, stretching and loosening up your joints before jumping. If you do start to feel pain or unusual tightness, take a breather until you’re ready to go again.

What to look for in a quality jump rope

Types of jump ropes

  • Weighted: These jump ropes have weighted handles. In many cases, the weights are removable. This makes them more versatile for both casual users and those who want to build up strength and endurance
  • Cloth: Lightweight jump ropes are generally made from polyester, cotton or nylon. These are portable and easy to use on any surface.
  • Beaded: Made with a nylon or vinyl inner cord and polyurethane beads, these durable jump ropes are common options for both adults and kids. They’re a great starter option, though they may be too slow or lightweight for more advanced users.
  • PVC: For regular gym-goers and athletes, a PVC jump rope is the way to go. They come in different thicknesses and weights and are durable and fast.
  • Speed: If you’re looking for speed, this is the way to go. Speed jump ropes are fairly lightweight and may have ball bearings that help optimize the movement when they swing. This is the next step for many people after beaded jump ropes.
  • Leather: Often made with wooden handles and a leather cord, leather jump ropes are fast and reliable. Plus, they’re quiet and don’t tangle easily, even when transported from place to place. They are also on the heavier side, which is great for those who want a good arm workout.


Most jump rope manufacturers have size charts meant to give you a rough idea of how long your jump rope should be. On average, jump ropes are between 8 and 9 feet, not including the handles.

Some jump ropes are shorter, while those commonly used for games like Double Dutch are longer. When choosing a jump rope, make sure it’s long enough that it doesn’t hit your head when you jump but not so long that it’ll tangle around your feet.

Certain jump ropes are adjustable. So, if you’re not sure which size to get, this may be the best option for you.


Jump rope handles are typically made of plastic or wood. Some have swivel ball bearings in them that help distribute the weight of the rope while jumping. This makes them great for anyone, from beginners to advanced jumpers.

Some jump rope handles have a thumb rest or rubberlike grip, which makes it easier to hold them even if your hands sweat. Others are removable, so if you either don’t like them or need to replace them, you may be able to do so.

How much you can expect to spend on a jump rope

On average, expect to spend $10-$30 on a good-quality jump rope. Many basic jump ropes are $10-$15, while those with extra features like ergonomic handles or ball bearings cost closer to $30.

Jump rope FAQ

Do jump ropes come in adjustable lengths?

A. Some jump ropes are adjustable. These options typically have fancier handles that allow you to pull the excess rope inside the handle without having to cut it.

What’s the best posture for jumping rope?

A. Keep your neck and back as straight as possible when jumping rope. Too much bending could result in unnecessary strain or even injury. When jumping, try to land on the balls of your feet and avoid locking your knees. That way, you won’t hurt yourself from the impact of landing. Finally, keep a relaxed grip on the handles of the rope.

What’s the best jump rope to buy?

Top jump rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

What you need to know: With several colors to choose from, this athletic jump rope is ideal for those interested in incorporating jumping rope into their normal workout routine.

What you’ll love: This jump rope has a lightweight coating that surrounds a steel cable, making it super durable and easy to use. It’s 10 feet long and comes with an extra cable for those who need to adjust the length. With ergonomic handles and a four-bearing system, this rope is one of the faster options. Plus, it comes with a convenient, nylon carrying bag.

What you should consider: The coating on the rope may get scratched on rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jump rope for the money

Best King Athletic Jump Rope

King Athletic Jump Rope

What you need to know: This leather jump rope comes with custom, molded foam handles and super-speed ball bearings that maximize speed and allow for a great workout.

What you’ll love: The lightweight jump rope is adjustable and works great for any level user. It’s also designed not to kink up when transporting it. The rope comes with two e-books designed to teach different techniques to make the most of it.

What you should consider: When not in use, the jump rope may twist upon itself or tangle. The rope may also crack over time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Champion Sports Segmented Jump Rope

Champion Sports Segmented Jump Rope

What you need to know: Available in various sizes, this beaded jump rope has a more classic design and is great for both exercise and fun.

What you’ll love: The beads make a sound every time the rope hits the ground, which makes it easy to build a rhythm when jumping. The rope itself is perfect for casual jumpers and kids.

What you should consider: The plastic beaded tubes are a little thinner than traditional styles of jump rope, making them less durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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