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Which electric unicycles are best?

An electric unicycle can be all you need to get around if you live in the city. They sound funny but they look pretty cool and they’re not difficult to balance on. They come with internal mechanisms that assist riders with their balance and can get up to 30 miles per hour and drive for up to 75 miles on a 4-hour charge. They store easily, reduce your carbon footprint, and give you something interesting to ride. 

Ditch riding the bus or in the back of taxis and get yourself an electric unicycle like this INMOTION V10F 16-inch electric unicycle.

What to know before you buy an electric unicycle

Top speed

Like electric bikes, not every electric unicycle is going to be an effective mode of transportation. Riding one might be less effective if your commute is long or if you live in a hilly area. A good way to tell how powerful a unicycle’s motor is is by the top speed it can reach. Motors with a lot of wattage will last for longer and make you go faster. An average electric unicycle can reach speeds of 20-25 mph easily. Lower-end electric unicycles will go close to 13 mph and the high-end models can move up to 30 mph.


There are different kinds of suspensions and autobalancing in every electric unicycle. Since it’s easier to fall off of some more than others, you must understand the limits of your machine. An electric unicycle needs special suspension to go off-road or try to traverse bumpy terrain. These vehicles will make you tall off of the ground, so it’s important to wear safety equipment in case you fall.


The electric unicycles with the best balance will be slim and have a low center of gravity. The pedals will be low enough to the ground that you won’t have a top-heavy feeling and will make it easier to mount and dismount. They’ll also have high-quality brakes that prevent you from moving without intent.

What to look for in a quality electric unicycle


A good way to determine the quality of an electric unicycle is by its motor lower end electric unicycles will have anywhere from 500 to 1000-watt motors, whereas higher-quality unicycles have nearly 2000-watt motors. You shouldn’t get an electric unicycle with under 200 watt-hours of battery capacity because they will be too slow and not hold their charge for a long time.


Consider the range before you buy an electric unicycle, especially if you hope to use it in any meaningful sense of transportation. Higher-quality electric unicycles can easily last for hours of consistent use and travel around 80 miles on a single charge. These were designed to be an alternative to bikes for commuters and people who want to be environmentally conscious.


A good electric unicycle will last 60 miles on an 8-hour charge. The best electric unicycles can go 80 miles on a 4-hour charge. They can go a longer distance on a shorter charge because the higher-end ones have dual charging, allowing you to charge your vehicle in half the time. Range and wattage are indications of charge capacity since stronger motors require better batteries. 

How much you can expect to spend on an electric unicycle

Electric unicycles are not inexpensive. The lower-end ones will run you $800, whereas the best models will cost $2,200.

Electric unicycle FAQ

Is it at all like a unicycle?

A. The only similarity is that it’s on one wheel. The design and the skill requirements are completely different. Traditional unicycles don’t balance themselves and require you to pedal. Electric unicycles are much faster and are more effective as means of travel. Plus, electric unicycles are cool to look at and usually come equipped with headlights and music systems.

Is it viable for travel?

A. Yes. These electric unicycles are super portable, charge quickly and can go decently fast. Their only downside is that their range will limit riders to a few hours of travel without a charge.

What’s the best electric unicycle to buy?

Top electric unicycle 

INMOTION V10F 16” electric unicycle

INMOTION V10F 16-inch electric unicycle

What you need to know: The V10F is one of INMOTION’S most advanced electric unicycles, featuring a built-in speaker, headlights, and a slim design.

What you’ll love: The design of the V10F flowers the rider’s center of gravity toward the bottom of the wheel, eliminating the sense of being top-heavy.

What you should consider: It has an 8-hour charge time and has a max range of 60 miles. It doesn’t have dual charging, so it will take twice as long as newer electric unicycles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top electric unicycle for the money

INMOTION V5F 14” electric unicycle

INMOTION V5F 14-inch electric unicycle

What you need to know: The V5F is a good alternative to more expensive electric unicycles. It costs $800, which is about half as much as higher-performance unicycles.

What you’ll love: It was designed as a good electric unicycle for beginners to start with. It doesn’t go very fast or last long but it offers a smooth ride with good handling.

What you should consider: It only has a 500W motor, meaning that you’re not going to get as much battery life or speed.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

INMOTION V11 18” offroad electric unicycle

INMOTION V11 18-inch off road electric unicycle

What you need to know: The V11 is INMOTION’s most advanced electric unicycle and has a big motor as well as air suspension that allows it to go off-road.

What you’ll love: This electric unicycle is sleek and slim but has a lot of power and range. It can travel 80 miles on 4 hours of charge thanks to its dual charging.

What you should consider: Even though the motor is only 200W more powerful than the V10, you’ll pay $400 more for it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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