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For added safety and comfort during a game, try wearing padded shorts and knee pads.

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Which volleyball shoes are best?

Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, having a solid pair of volleyball shoes is the key to improving your game. To ensure the game time performance, it’s important to choose a pair of volleyball shoes that are comfortable, supportive and gameday ready. With a wide variety of options on the market, finding your perfect pair of volleyball shoes can take some time, but there is no doubt that nearly any volleyball player can find a pair of shoes that works for them. If you are looking for a pair of volleyball shoes that are comfortable and can stand up to intense gameplay, check out Nike Women’s React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes.

What to know before you buy volleyball shoes

Grip sole

Although volleyball shoes look very similar to other indoor sports shoes, there are many differences that make them the optimal pick for volleyball. The most important difference can be found in the sole of the shoes. Since volleyball is typically played on smooth courts, which can easily become slippery, it’s important that the sole of a volleyball shoe has impeccable grip and traction. To ensure the optimal grip, volleyball shoes utilize a gum rubber sole, which is stickier than other traditional indoor sports shoe soles. This gum sole grip provides the best traction on smooth surface courts, making them the optimal choice for the quick movements that volleyball players have to make during gametime.  


Another major difference between volleyball shoes and other indoor sports shoes can be found in the midsole. Since volleyball requires more jumping than other indoor sports, the midsole of volleyball shoes tends to incorporate more cushioning towards the heel area of the shoe. This extra cushion is important when it comes to overall comfort and shock absorption. 

While many volleyball shoes also incorporate a thin insole, you can always add memory foam or gel insoles for added comfort.


Since volleyball requires lots of quick movements, it’s important to choose a pair of volleyball shoes that allow you to feel stable on the court. While this often comes down to your preference, you can ensure some level of stability by choosing a pair that have balanced weight distribution throughout the shoe and have a traction-heavy grip sole. Having a pair of volleyball shoes you feel stable in is sure to help you play confident, stay comfortable and will help to avoid injuries on the court.

What to look for in quality volleyball shoes


Typically, volleyball shoes utilize lightweight materials such as nylon or mesh in the upper part of the shoe to minimize added weight. These materials are ideal for volleyball because they are  flexible enough to adapt to the quick turns, starts and sudden stops of volleyball players. The nylon and mesh construction also allows for improved air flow, making the shoes more breathable and comfortable. When choosing for ideal pair of volleyball shoes be sure to choose a lightweight pair to ensure the most comfortable gameplay

Ankle support

Depending on your preference, you may choose to opt for a pair of volleyball shoes that offer more ankle support. While most volleyball shoes are cut at the ankle, there are some options that feature a high ankle cut. These high ankle-cut shoes provide furthered ankle support and stability on the court. 

How much you can expect to spend on volleyball shoes

You can expect to spend anywhere from $50-$200 on a new pair of volleyball shoes. The price typically depends upon the brand of the shoes, with reputable sports brands volleyball shoes being more expensive than lesser-known brands. 

Volleyball shoes FAQ

What is the best way to break in my new volleyball shoes?

A. The best way to quickly break in your new shoes is to start playing ASAP. If you are looking to break your shoes in before wearing them on the court, try wearing them around the house.

Can you wear volleyball shoes for other sports?

A. Volleyball shoes have a lot in common with other indoor sports shoes, so they can theoretically be used for other indoor sports. However, wearing your volleyball shoes for other sports will increase wear and tear and may lower the longevity of your shoes. If you are planning on wearing your volleyball shoes to play other sports, it is recommended that you stick with sports such as basketball, squash or badminton. Since these sports are played on a similar court, require quick movements and a solid grip, volleyball shoes are sure to work well.

What are the best volleyball shoes to buy?

Top volleyball shoes

Nike Women's React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes

Nike Women’s React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes

What you need to know: These highly rated volleyball shoes are perfect for players of all skill sets. 

What you’ll love: Thanks to the added foam insole, high arch support and cushioned midsole, these shoes are incredibly comfortable. With a lightweight construction and lateral strap across the laces, these shoes are sure to keep you stable and quick on your feet. The ribbed gum rubber sole offers further traction for quick moves on the court. These shoes are available in four different color options.

What you should consider: Some consumers have noticed that these shoes run a little small. It is recommended the consumers go a half-size up when ordering or purchase these shoes in store. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and DICK’S Sporting Goods 

Top volleyball shoes for the money

ASICS Women's Upcourt 4 Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Women’s Upcourt 4 Volleyball Shoes

What you need to know: These affordable volleyball shoes are great for anyone looking to improve their volleyball game without breaking the bank.

What you’ll love: These traditional ankle-cut volleyball shoes are constructed using synthetic leather and mesh in the upper with a gum rubber sole. The synthetic leather used in the upper part of the shoe greatly increases the overall durability of the shoe, while the mesh helps to maintain a breathable, lightweight feel. These shoes are available in four different color options. 

What you should consider: These shoes do have the traditional ankle cut, so they may not be the best choice for players who need extra ankle support. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top high-cut volleyball shoes

Under Armour Women's Highlight Ace 2.0 

Under Armour Women’s Highlight Ace 2.0 

What you need to know: The extended ankle of these shoes makes them a great option for any player who wants added ankle support

What you’ll love: The lightweight design, full-length midsole cushioning and molded sockliner make these shoes the ideal when it comes to being comfortable. With a lockdown lacing system and patterned gum rubber outsole, these shoes offer added traction and stability. The extended ankle collar stretches the lower calf, offering full-length ankle support. 

What you should consider: The upper of these shoes utilize a knit synthetic and mesh construction, so they may not be as durable as other options. 

Where to buy: Sold by DICK’S Sporting Goods 


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