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Which volleyball kneepad is best?

Popular in the highly competitive Olympics as well as athletic high school and college teams, volleyball is an intense, full-body sport. It keeps you active and alert. It forces you to move and jump. Diving across the hard floor for the ball is a common occurrence. If you aren’t prepared with the best volleyball kneepads, then you can end up with some serious injuries from a game.

Keep yourself safe and your knees in better shape with the Adidas Primeknit Volleyball Knee Pads

What to know before you buy volleyball kneepads

Indoor vs. outdoor equipment

Making sure you have all the right equipment — from a good volleyball to the right shoes to a quality pair of volleyball shorts — sets you up for a great indoor volleyball game. Keep in mind that the best volleyball equipment differs between indoor and outdoor matches. When playing on a court indoors, you want to protect your elbows and knees from the hard floor with supreme pads. If you only plan to play on a sand court, then pads aren’t necessary and neither are shoes.

Extra protection

Competitive volleyball players use volleyball kneepads as an extra layer of protection. While they are not required and not all professionals use them, they are preferred by many. Scrapes and bruises are all part of the game of volleyball, but you can spare yourself serious knee injuries by donning a quality pair of kneepads before the game. Depending on your player position, you may benefit from different levels of kneepad protection.

Benefits of volleyball kneepads

Knee pads don’t guarantee 100% knee protection, but they can save you from many accidental injuries. They soften impacts, reduce bruising and can protect you from a variety of serious injuries. Here are some injuries that kneepads can help prevent:

  • Jumper’s Knee: Also known as Patellar Tendinitis, this occurs when a player ruptures their patella tendon. A kneepad can help reduce the risk of getting this injury. 
  • ACL tears: Tearing the anterior cruciate ligament is perhaps the most painful and serious knee injury for athletes. Volleyball kneepads can reduce your chances of tearing your ACL.
  • Meniscus tears: Twisting the knee during a square or a solid blow to the knee can cause a meniscus tear. Prevent the latter during your volleyball matches by wearing kneepads.

What to look for in quality volleyball kneepads

Proper padding

Knee pads are useless if they don’t have adequate padding. Make sure your kneepads are comfortable to wear but that they provide enough padding to allow you to safely dive and stretch for the ball.

Team position

Different types of kneepads suit different players depending on their position during a game. If your position requires you to dive more than other players, additional padding and more grip on your pads are helpful. If you run and jump more than others, then you want pads that allow for a full range of motion without falling or sliding down. 


Your kneepads need to fit and stay up without pinching. Something too tight will cut off your circulation or make gameplay uncomfortable. Something too large will slide around and fall, potentially causing more injury. Measure your knee’s circumference and then check sizing charts to select the right size. 


Your kneepads will undergo a lot of stress as you play volleyball, both during a competitive game and throughout practice. Ensure your volleyball kneepads last by choosing a high-quality, durable pair. 

How much you can expect to spend on volleyball kneepads

You can find a great pair of volleyball kneepads for under $50. Typically, the price range for volleyball kneepads is between $15-$50, though it is possible to find some that are more expensive. 

Volleyball kneepads FAQ

How should volleyball kneepads fit?

A. Volleyball kneepads should hug the shape of your knee snugly without being too tight. They shouldn’t come loose during a game but they also shouldn’t cause pain.

Are regular kneepads suitable for volleyball?

A. While a normal pair of kneepads will protect your knee better than nothing, it may restrict your movements more than what’s best for volleyball. The best kneepads for volleyball are designed with full-body movement and extra padding in mind. 

What are the best volleyball kneepads to buy?

Top volleyball kneepads

Adidas Primeknit Volleyball Kneepads

Adidas Primeknit Volleyball Kneepads

What you need to know: Made for the most competitive player, these Adidas kneepads will stay in place and improve your volleyball performance. 

What you’ll love: Offering enough flexibility to keep your movements free, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable your volleyball game is. Durable, knit socks keep the pads in place without pinching your leg. Memory foam padding provides a gentle landing every time. 

What you should consider: Sizing variation is limited with these volleyball kneepads.

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas

Top volleyball kneepads for the money

GOANDO Kneepads for Volleyball

GOANDO Kneepads for Volleyball

What you need to know: These affordable kneepads provide a flexible fit and spongelike padding to increase your comfort during a game.

What you’ll love: The ergonomic design is made to adjust to your needs. Flexible straps keep your kneepads in place, avoiding any uncomfortable pinching or scratching. Great for sports beyond just volleyball, these pads are breathable and secure. 

What you should consider: Some users complain that the Velcro closure isn’t secure enough for competitive play. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Adidas Elite Volleyball Kneepads

Adidas Elite Volleyball Kneepads

What you need to know: These volleyball kneepads will keep your head in the game and not on your sportswear thanks to their durable material and flexible hold.

What you’ll love: Designed with the contours of your knee in mind, these kneepads fit securely and comfortably. Flex zones allow you to stay mobile and flexible through digs, dives, rolls and jumps. Thick padding will cushion intense impacts. 

What you should consider: A couple of customer complaints indicate that these kneepads run small, so consider that when selecting your size. 

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas

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