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Which Mizuno glove for baseball is best?

Baseball is America’s pastime. It’s the quintessential parent-child bonding activity. All you need is a ball, a bat and some gloves to play. Balls and bats are easy, but choosing the right glove is a potentially complex task of proper sizes, different materials and various positional needs, not to mention brand recognition.

One of the best Mizuno gloves for baseball is the Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series. This is one of Mizuno’s best models and comes in a large array of sizes and designs so you can find your perfect fit.

What to know before you buy a Mizuno glove for baseball

Mizuno glove for baseball types

There are five types of Mizuno gloves for baseball, each for a specific position.

Infield: Infield gloves are for second and third base as well as shortstop. They utilize short fingers and shallow pockets so the player can reach the caught baseball fractions of a second faster. They also use an open webbing design.

First base: A variant of infield gloves, first base gloves have a slightly deeper and more padded pocket to allow for a more comfortable catch from a thrown ball without impacting their ability to catch air or ground balls.

Pitcher: Another infield glove variant, pitching gloves use a closed web design to mask how they’re holding the baseball to prevent the batter from having an idea of which throw they’re about to be dealt.

Outfield: Outfield gloves are similar to infield gloves, only they have longer fingers and deeper pockets to allow a greater chance of catching fly balls while on the move.

Catcher: A special type of Mizuno baseball glove, the catcher’s mitt (as it’s also known) uses a tremendous amount of padding and the smallest pocket to provide maximum protection against the high speeds of pitched baseballs.

What to look for in a quality Mizuno glove for baseball


Mizuno baseball gloves are typically leather, though some could be synthetic.

Leather: Leather is more expensive than synthetics but provides increased durability and life span with full-grain leather being the highest and basic cowhide being the lowest. They require a break-in period, however, making them less useful for younger, growing players.

Synthetic: Synthetics are less expensive and are more pliable than leather but far less durable, making them the material of choice for players unsure if they’ll enjoy the game or for those still growing.

Age range

The age a given Mizuno glove for baseball is intended for depends on the size. Measuring from the base of the wrist to the tip of the index finger, non-catching gloves sizes 10-11.5 inches are for children ages 10 and younger, sizes 11-12.5 are for children ages 11-14 and sizes 11.25-13 are for ages 15 and up. 

Catching mitt sizes use the circumference of the glove for measurement. Gloves measuring 29-32.5 inches are for kids and 32-35 inches are for teens and up.

How much you can expect to spend on a Mizuno glove for baseball

Mizuno gloves for baseball are one of the more affordable brands you can purchase without sacrificing quality. Most start around the $50-$100 range, though their better options typically run between $150-$200. Some can exceed $250.

Mizuno glove for baseball FAQ

Do leather Mizuno gloves for baseball require oiling to be maintained?

A. No, leather Mizuno gloves for baseball don’t require oiling to be maintained — though doing so does help. Oiling helps the pliability of the glove and minorly assists in extending its life span — things that aren’t strictly necessary to maintain your performance.

Should a Mizuno glove for baseball be stored in a particular way?

A. To maintain your glove’s best condition, yes, you should. You’ll want to keep it in a mild, temperature-controlled room with a baseball in its pocket and keep it away from direct sunlight. Failing these won’t be the end of the world, but it will mean you’ll need a replacement sooner rather than later.

What’s the best Mizuno glove for baseball to buy?

Top Mizuno glove for baseball

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

What you need to know: This glove is one of Mizuno’s best available baseball glove models.

What you’ll love: This baseball glove is available in both left- and right-hand variants with six size options and five color choices. The lacing used is identical to Mizuno’s professional-grade baseball glove offerings and the leather used is high quality and durable.

What you should consider: The webbing used can occasionally allow baseballs to get stuck if hit or thrown hard enough and some consumers reported discomfort in the fingers before being broken in.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Mizuno baseball glove for the money

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

What you need to know: This is a great option for those looking to save a little money.

What you’ll love: The leather used in this glove is durable, full-grain pigskin. An air mesh backing allows for breathability and combines with Mizuno’s special MZO lining, which helps to wick sweat away from the hand. Polyurethane (PU) palm lining allows for a velvety interior feel.

What you should consider: This glove is only available in two sizes and two color options. It’s also unavailable in right-hand variants.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Mizuno MVP Prime SE8 Baseball Glove Series

Mizuno MVP Prime SE8 Baseball Glove Series

What you need to know: Another excellent Mizuno glove for baseball with plenty of room for personal style to come through.

What you’ll love: This glove is available in a staggering 13 design options spread out among five sizes and in both left- and right-hand orientations. Mizuno uses the same leather quality and lacing as their professional-grade gloves.

What you should consider: Some of the design, sizing and orientation options can cost more than others due to lower demand and some consumers reported that certain colors looked different from the pictures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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