Best indestructible dog toy


Different dog toys are suited for different dog sizes and weights. Be sure to use a sizing chart provided by the brand to find the best dog toy for your furry friend.

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Which indestructible dog toys are best?

Healthy dogs need frequent exercise and playtime. That also means finding them the best toys and equipment to set them up for success. Unfortunately, not all toys fit the task, either being too toxic or too fragile for more demanding dogs. 

The top indestructible dog toy is the Goughnuts Tug Dog Pull Toy. This toy, shaped like a figure eight, is excellent for playing tug of war with dogs that love to chew.

What to know before you buy an indestructible dog toy

Buy according to your dog’s size and weight

Dog toys differ according to the intended dog’s size. For example, a toy for a dog weighing between 30 to 70 pounds may be smaller than the same toy but for a dog weighing 70 to 120 pounds. It’s vital to get the correct size as larger dogs may tear through the smaller version, while smaller dogs may have difficulty using toys for bigger dogs.

Consider your dog’s chewing habits

Dogs have their own unique chewing sensibilities. Puppies tend to chew more than adults. But breed also plays a factor, as a boxer will chew harder and more frequently than a schnauzer. Remember to look at different types of hardness for each toy to suit your own dog’s chewing habits.

Explore different toy types

Toys come in all shapes, sizes and purposes. Dogs can throw some toys as far as possible, while they should use others for tug of war. Over time you will most likely get a feel for what kind of activity your dog prefers but may also want to experiment with new toys to get them to try new activities.

What to look for in a quality indestructible dog toy


Of course, an indestructible toy is built to last, despite the hardest bites from the most challenging dogs. Most indestructible dog toys are made with solid rubber as they are flexible enough to encourage biting and chewing while being rigid enough not to break apart. Be sure to research the material used in each dog toy you review.


Some dog toys carry toxic chemicals that are harmful to our canine friends. Polyvinyl chloride and Bisphenol A are the two most common toxins found in dog toys and, if ingested, can cause cancer, disrupt immune systems or damage vital organs. Always worth asking the manufacturer whether they use any harmful toxins in the making of their toys.


Consider the environment of your dog and the types of games you like to play. Look in the questions section of each product to see the personal experiences shared by other dog owners. Some toys will float better than others, and some toys will bounce farther and higher than others. Factor these into your decision to buy an indestructible dog toy.


Though we mentioned it before, we can’t overstate enough how vital dog size is as a factor in buying dog toys. Bigger dogs need bigger toys, although there are certain thresholds for how toys are sized. Be sure to explore sizing charts provided by the brand, manufacturer or e-commerce platform to determine which one you should buy.


While generic brands tend to be similar for things like medicine or grocery items, indestructible dog toys tend only to be manufactured by a handful of companies and usually offer a lifetime warranty against defects or damages. 

How much you can expect to spend on an indestructible dog toy

An indestructible dog toy can cost as little as $10. The more expensive dog toys will cost a little more but usually no more than $30.

Indestructible dog toy FAQ

What is an interactive toy?

A. An interactive toy means that you must interact with your dog to use it. These contrasts chew toys, where a dog can sit with the toy and enjoy chewing on it by himself.

Why is there a hole in some toys?

A. The hole is there so that you can place dog treats, peanut butter or something similar. Dog treats help stimulate the dog to chew and bite the toy. 

What’s the best indestructible dog toy to buy?

Top indestructible dog toy

Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Pull Toy

Goughnuts Virtually Indestructible Dog Pull Toy

What you need to know: This figure eight-shaped dog toy is designed for games of tug of war with your canine companion.

What you’ll love: Solid rubber construction makes this toy the toughest toy out there on the market.

What you should consider: Some buyers report that the toy has a strong odor that repels even the dogs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top indestructible dog toy for the money

KONG - Extreme Ball - Durable Rubber Dog Toy

KONG – Extreme Ball – Durable Rubber Dog Toy

What you need to know: This ball-shaped toy is made of solid black rubber and can be tossed for games of fetch.

What you’ll love: This ball has a hole inside it so that you can put peanut butter or treats to encourage your dog to bite and chew on it.

What you should consider: The hole has also been shown to be the most vulnerable part of the toy as some dogs will bite chunks of it off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Worth checking out

Ruff Dawg Ball Solid Rubber Dog Toy

Ruff Dawg Ball Solid Rubber Dog Toy

What you need to know: The Ruff Dawg Ball is a solid option for a super bouncy, solid rubber toy for playing catch or fetch with your dog.

What you’ll love: This ball is extremely bouncy, which makes it great for throwing to dogs that are extremely fast and active. 

What you should consider: The ball does not float in water as much as one would expect.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy


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