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Which cat mice toys are best?

Between naps, your cat probably loves to play by chasing and batting things around the house. Tiny mice toys fulfill this pastime in an affordable way. The smaller mice come in larger quantities, leaving you with spares when some go missing. If you want a pack of quality cat mice toys, the top choice is Penn Plax Purr Pet Mice Cat Toys

What to know before you buy a cat mice toy

Why do cats like mice toys?

Cats like mice because they encourages its natural instincts. In the wild, a cat stalks, hunts and chases its prey to feed itself. For the domestic housecat, a small mouse is a perfectly sized target. Tiny mice toys are light and move easily across rooms, which perks your cat’s interest and exercises its body. 

What materials are cat mice toys made of?

Mice toys are often made from faux fur. The body is filled with cotton stuffing and many include a small plastic shaker with rattling beads inside. Each mouse has fabric pieces either sewn or glued on to indicate features on the mice. 

Quantity vs. size

If your cat likes to wrestle, it can hug in larger mice with its front paws and kick them with its back legs. However, many mice packs come with 12, 24 or more small mice to offer your cat a variety of new toys. Your cat can enjoy chasing a new toy with fresh smells every few days with a larger set of smaller mice. 

What to look for in quality cat mice toys

Cat attraction

Mice toys are decorated and sometimes scented to attract your cat’s attention. Some come in realistic shades such as gray and white while others are brightly colored. The mice are sometimes either stuffed or sprayed with catnip, catnip scents or other smells attractive to cats. This helps to engage your cat even if the toy is not moving or otherwise encouraging attention.  


Your cat wants to bite and scratch at mice toys as it tosses them around your home. You don’t want to be picking up tons of tiny fur pieces or for your cat to cough up cotton. Good-quality mice toys can endure these behaviors multiple times without falling apart. 


Mice cat toys can crinkle, rattle or squeak to attract your cat. This noise is created by a plastic piece or pieces inside each mouse when your cat pounces on it. Noises can also be made by shaking, throwing or rolling the mice around on the floor.  


Certain mice are designed to look more realistic than others. The size and style of the mouse is meant to appeal to your cat by mimicking the movements of real mice. Whiskers, tails, ears and eyes are all additions to the tiny furry body to make it more realistic. 

How much you can expect to spend on cat mice toys

Buying mice for your cat is easy and affordable, with most sets around $7-$15.

Cat mice toys FAQ

Why are mice good toys for cats?

A. Mice toys encourage your cat to run, jump and get exercise. This helps keep your cat lean and happy. An active cat lives a longer, healthier life. 

How do you make a mouse toy?

A. You need fabric, scissors, a marker, paper, yarn, a needle and a piece of elastic or broken hair band. Follow the steps to put it all together. 

  1. Make a pattern by cutting a half oval out of paper about 2 inches long. Then cut a smaller half oval for the ears. 
  2. Cut out your patterns.
  3. Trace the patterns onto your fabric and cut 3 pieces for the body and two ear pieces. 
  4. Use the needle and yarn to stitch together two pieces on one side. Take one of the open ends of fabric and sew the third piece of fabric to it. Sew together the final portion, leaving 1 inch of room for stuffing.
  5. Stuff cotton or other filler to attract your cat in the open hole of the fabric body.
  6. Sew the mouse up completely.
  7. Use more yarn to sew on eyes and ears.
  8. Use the elastic piece as a tail and sew it onto the mouse’s end with yarn.
  9. Tug the tail and send the mouse flying across the room to attract your cat’s attention.

What’s the best cat mice toy to buy?

Top cat mice toy

Penn Plax Purr Pet Mice Cat Toys

Penn Plax Purr Pet Mice Cat Toys

What you need to know: This is a pack of small mice that your cat can bat around for hours. 

What you’ll love: The mice are white, gray and black to look realistic. Each is the size of a small mouse, about 2 inches long. These can be used for all life stages and are safe for kittens to elderly adult cats.

What you should consider: A few customers reported some of the mice tails falling off after their cats played with it. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cat mice toy for the money

Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine and Catnip Cat Toys

Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine and Catnip Cat Toys

What you need to know: This set of brightly colored mice is soft, fluffy and will attract your cat’s attention. 

What you’ll love: There are 12 mice in each pack and they can be used by cats of all ages. The mice contain a blend of catnip and silver vine to attract your cat’s attention, but these are nontoxic natural ingredients. 

What you should consider: These may not be ideal for cats that have a strong reaction to catnip, as some customers reported the mice breaking after rough play.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Chiwava Furry Cat Toy

Chiwava Furry Cat Toy

What you need to know: These mice toys for cats of any age let yours play independently indoors. 

What you’ll love: This is a 36-pack of mice in assorted colors that rattle when batted around. It’s a great value for endless hours of entertainment for your cat, and if any mice end up under the couch, there are plenty more to replace it.

What you should consider: A few customers complained that not all of the mice rattled and some may lose tails or ears easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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