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Which popular reptile tank on Chewy is best?

So you have decided you want to get a reptile pet. Congratulations! Reptiles make unique and sometimes even low-maintenance pets while still being highly rewarding. Chewy is a great place to start your search for a reptile enclosure! Its wide selection of options makes it easy to find a tank that fits the needs of your new pet and you. If you’re just getting started with a small arboreal reptile, check out our top pick, the Zilla Tropical Vertical Starter Kit with Mini-Halogen Lighting.

What to know before you buy a reptile tank

You’ll want to do some research into what kind of tank is best for the species of reptile you intend to keep. Proper housing, nutrition and environmental control are the keys to success for any budding herpetologist. The tank that is aesthetically your favorite may not be the one that allows your new pet to thrive to its fullest potential. Here are a few things you may want to consider before starting your search.

Tank orientation

In general, reptile tanks come in a rectangular shape and are either oriented horizontally or vertically. Horizontal tanks are best for terrestrial reptiles, such as ball pythons, bearded dragons and corn snakes. Vertical tanks are mostly intended for arboreal reptiles that love to climb, like geckos and chameleons. A terrestrial reptile may feel trapped in a vertically oriented tank that doesn’t give them room to spread out, and an arboreal reptile may feel exposed by a wide open horizontal tank. Remember, it’s your job to make sure you create a habitat that fits the lifestyle of your pet so that it can truly thrive.

Tank size

If you’re purchasing your new pet as a juvenile, the tank your pet requires now and when it is full grown may differ greatly. Some owners are comfortable sizing up as their pets grow, while others prefer to just buy the size they will need when the pet is fully grown. Remember, it’s a myth that reptiles will grow to the size of their enclosure, so buying a small enclosure will not keep your pet small, but it will negatively affect its health and mood. If your desired pet requires an enclosure that’s just a bit too big for your lifestyle, there are plenty of other reptile species that require only minimal space to be healthy and happy.

Tank material

Glass is overwhelmingly the material of choice, and with good reason! It’s long lasting, beautiful and works well with heating elements. Plexiglass is another popular material used and has an added element of durability, being less fragile than glass if that is a concern for you. However, a plastic enclosure needs to be properly heat-rated if your reptile requires a heat lamp or heating pad. 

What to look for in a quality reptile tank

To make sure you get the best bang for your buck, there are a few things you should keep on your checklist. The tank that is right for you may vary, but these key features sure do make the life of a herpetologist easier.

Locking doors

Everyone has heard a story of someone’s snake or lizard escaping its enclosure, only to be found by an unsuspecting house guest weeks or months later. You can avoid this by purchasing a tank that has a built-in locking system. For those that don’t, attachable locks are still available that will fit any model of tank.


The standard ventilation option is to have a screened top, which is seen on most reptile tanks. Some pets, like chameleons, require more ventilation and may do better with a vertical tank that has screens on all sides. Acrylic tanks that have no screens and only drilled air holes may be the easiest to keep up with high humidity requirements without buying a fancy fogger machine. 

Tank frame

Particularly for glass tanks, you’ll want to make sure that there is some kind of frame that runs along the borders of the exterior glass edges. This can not only improve the integrity of the tank, but can also help keep you and your new scaly friend from cuts that can easily come from working with edged glass.

How much you can expect to spend on popular reptile tanks on Chewy

Depending on the size and primary material, you can expect to spend anywhere from $40 on the low end and up to $300 on the high end for most reptile tanks on Chewy. However, extra-large models can easily exceed the $300 mark.

Most popular reptile tanks on Chewy FAQ

Q. Can reptile tanks hold water?

A. Many reptile tanks, but not all, can hold some water. Be sure to check the product description when considering adding a water feature to your tank. For aquatic reptiles, a fish tank may be more suitable.

Q. What can I decorate my reptile tank with?

A. In addition to having great tank options, Chewy also has a wide range of reptile-safe tank accessories. Generally, you’ll want to make sure that all decorations are free of sharp edges and chemicals that are not reptile-safe, while also creating an environment that is comparable to the natural habitat of your pet’s species. 

What are the best reptile tanks on Chewy to buy?

Top reptile tank on Chewy

Zilla Tropical Vertical Starter Kit with Mini-Halogen Lighting

Zilla Tropical Vertical Starter Kit with Mini-Halogen Lighting

What you need to know: This beautiful vertical tank is suitable for small arboreal reptiles and amphibians, and even comes with a few accessories to get you started.

What you’ll love: The front door of this enclosure is not only convenient for retrieving your pet and doing environmental maintenance, but is secure with the included locking latch. This tank is even sturdy enough to have a 5-inch water feature at the bottom.

What you should consider: This tank is not suitable for terrestrial or large arboreal reptiles.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy.

Best bang for your buck reptile tank on Chewy

HerpCult Acrylic Insect & Reptile Terrarium

HerpCult Acrylic Insect & Reptile Terrarium

What you need to know: Made of clear acrylic, this tank is lightweight and easy to care for.

What you’ll love: The unique stackable design of this terrarium makes it great for those with many pets or those who want to start a breeding program. The magnetic locking system makes keeping your pets secure seamless while also looking sleek.

What you should consider: Although there are multiple sizes available, they are still only suitable for smaller reptiles.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy.

Worth considering

New Age Pet Ecoflex Mojave Reptile Lounge

New Age Pet Ecoflex Mojave Reptile Lounge

What you need to know: Coming in three spacious sizes, this premium reptile tank is a gorgeous and secure option to display your pets.

What you’ll love: The stylish sliding glass doors with included lock and large vented screen top make gaining access to this enclosure a breeze without sacrificing security. It is also rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

What you need to know: This enclosure cannot hold water.

Where to buy: Sold by Chewy.

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