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Which heated cat beds are best?

Cat owners know that their pets are experts when it comes to comfort. From laptop computers to sunlit window sills, cats are happy to turn any warm surface into a bed. Despite this, many opt to provide their companions with a special place to sleep and rest. Heated cat beds give your furry friend a comfortable resting place and a source of warmth.

The K&H Pet Products Mod Dream Pod Pet Bed allows for both heat and privacy, thanks to its circular shape and generous interior. For those in search of the best indoor heated cat bed, this unique product stands above the competition.

What to consider before you buy a heated cat bed

Heated cat bed benefits

The average cat maintains a body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. For sick, elderly or outdoor cats, it can be challenging for them to keep warm enough to stay healthy. Providing your cat with a heated bed helps prevent your pet from becoming ill by boosting their immune system and therapeutically warming stiff, arthritic joints.

Heated cat bed types 

  • Self-warming cat beds include a layer of special material that reflects your pet’s body heat and quickly heats the bed up when laid on. These beds do not need electricity and, therefore, don’t require too much careful confederation when it comes to safe placement.
  • Electric cat beds feature a heating element that needs to be plugged in to function. Because these beds need electricity, caution must be taken to ensure that they won’t be exposed to water. They also may not be appropriate for cats who enjoy chewing on wires or cables. These beds typically allow you to remove an upholstered cover for easy machine washing.

Heated cat bed styles

  • Pads. Many electric heated cat beds are little more than a heating pad wrapped in an upholstered, pet-friendly layer of fabric. These can be placed in existing cat shelters or simply laid on the floor.
  • Shelters. Some heated cat beds are shaped like shelters with a roof and walls to allow for privacy. Some models are waterproof and designed to keep strays or outdoor cats comfortable in inclement weather. 
  • Caves. Many cats enjoy burrowing under blankets or pillows to rest. Cave-style cat beds are loose sacks made from thick material that encourage cats to slip inside and comfortably curl up within.

Indoor or outdoor use

Where your cat lives will determine what type of heated cat bed will be most appropriate. Outdoor cats are especially appreciative of heated surfaces, and they will benefit from an electric cat bed that can provide immediate relief for cold paws. Cats that live indoors, while no less appreciative of warming beds, can often make do with self-warming models as they live in climate-controlled environments.

Your pet’s preferences

While it may be a fact that cats can make almost any sleeping situation look comfortable, feline fanciers know that each animal has their own preferences when it comes to sleeping. Select a cat bed that will appeal to your pet’s habits. Because cat beds are available in so many shapes and sizes, there are models available for cats who enjoy tunneling as well as those who enjoy lounging out in the open.

What to look for in a quality heated cat bed

Machine washable

Select a cat bed that has a machine washable outer layer that can be easily removed for cleaning. This is especially important for outdoor pets who may track dirt and debris into their bed along with shed fur. 


Cats are not notorious chewers, like dogs, but some individuals are known to be destructive. If your pet tends to bite through toys or other items, select a cat bed that contains its heating elements in a tough, rigid plastic mat as opposed to a flexible pad. Some models also feature steel wrapped power cables to deter your cat from biting a soft plastic cord.


If you intend to use your heated cat bed outdoors, select a model that is waterproof. This will protect your pet from injury and ensure that its bed will continue to provide warmth even in damp or rainy conditions.


Choose a cat bed that will match your own personal taste, especially if you intend to use it indoors. Thanks to the wealth of models being made, there are beds available to match just about any room or aesthetic.

Cat bed tips

  • Whether indoors or outside, be sure to place your cat’s bed in an area that is free of drafts and wind.
  • Cats feel safest when they are able to view their surroundings from a high vantage point. If possible, place your cat’s bed in an area off the ground. Keep in mind that this may not be possible if your cat is not able to jump or climb comfortably.
  • If you have more than one cat, invest in a bed large enough to accommodate both or two separate beds to prevent any territorial arguments.

How much you can expect to spend on a heated cat bed

Self-warming cat beds can be purchased for as little as $12. Electric cat beds are more expensive, with some especially luxurious models costing around $80. The wide range of beds available make it easy to find one that will satisfy your budget and your pet.

Heated cat bed FAQ

Are heated cat beds safe?

A. Heated cat beds are designed for safe use with pets. As with all new items, it’s important to monitor your cat’s interaction with their heated bed to make sure they don’t make it a habit to chew or damage it. 

Can I use a heated cat bed all year?

A. Yes. Indoor cats who live in an air-conditioned environment will still appreciate any chance to lounge on a warm surface, and outdoor or feral cats will make use of any heat sources available as needed.

Where should I put my outdoor heated cat bed?

A. If used outdoors, your heated cat bed should be placed in a sheltered area that will prevent it from becoming wet. Keeping the bed off the ground will prevent moisture from building up underneath it. Ideally, outdoor heated cat beds should be located in a garage, barn, shed or other structure that will ensure that your cat and their bed remains dry and safely plugged in.

What’s the best heated cat bed to buy?

Top heated cat bed

K&H Pet Products Mod Dream Pod Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Mod Dream Pod Pet Bed

What you need to know: This heated cat bed allows for easy access and shelter.

What you’ll love: With its pod design and heating pad, this bed is a cat’s best friend. Its interior pillow is machine washable, and it comes in two colors.

What you should consider: This is for indoor use only.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top heated cat bed for the money

Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed with 4-Way Cat Hideaways

Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave Bed with 4-Way Cat Hideaways

What you need to know: This cave-style self-warming cat bed can be configured to your pet’s liking.

What you’ll love: Cozy and thick, this cat bed is insulated to keep your pet warm. It can be configured into a variety of different shapes to create a cave, a mattress or a plush sleeping pod. This model is machine washable.

What you should consider: More of a sleeping bag than a bed, this product will likely not appeal to pets who prefer a more rigid shelter.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Worth checking out

Furhome Collective Heated Cat House

Furhome Collective Heated Cat House

What you need to know: This heated cat bed is specially designed for outdoor use.

What you’ll love: This cat house features a heating pad that occupies only half of the floor to allow your pet to determine its own comfort. Built-in legs and a waterproof base make this bed great for elevating your cat off of cold, damp floors. Also included are a washable, plush pillow, a timer and straps that prevent the house from being moved by wind.

What you should consider: Some buyers are disappointed to learn that the electronics in this bed are only safe when used indoors or in a garage, barn or other shelter as they are not weatherproof.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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