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Which raclette grill is best?

A raclette grill is a fun and unique cooking appliance that helps you prepare food in a more social way. It is named after the melted raclette cheese dish native to Switzerland, but the grill can cook many other foods besides just melted cheese. 

If you are hunting for a first-rate raclette grill, then look no further than the top choice Artestia Electric Raclette Grill with Two Full-Size Top Plates.

What to know before you buy a raclette grill


There are multiple different styles of raclette grills, and some are more suited for larger groups of people than others. 

Basic and standard raclette grills work well for apartments and homes with a limited amount of space. These basic raclette grills have a smaller surface for cooking, usually with a non-stick coating, so they work best for small families and grilling beginners.

Party-style and tabletop raclette grills work well for larger groups, since they have a bigger surface for cooking. These grills also have a higher-quality cooking surface and a more powerful heating element. Advanced or premium raclette grills have some unique qualities, like fondue attachments, deeper pans and accessories for various desserts.


It’s important to think about how many people you’ll be serving. The size of the raclette grill surface will determine how much food you can cook at one time. For example, smaller raclette grills can usually accommodate food for two to four people. Larger raclette grills can handle food for up to 12 people, and they can be used either in a large home or outdoors.


It’s crucial to clean your raclette grill as soon as it cools down, as melted cheese and other ingredients can stick to the grill surface if you allow them to sit around for hours.

What to look for in a quality raclette grill

Heating element

Most raclette grills have an electric heating element under the cooking surface of the grill. The heating element’s power impacts how fast the raclette grill can actually cook the food. You need to pay attention to the power and type of heating elements on the grill. 

The heating elements are typically measured in wattage. Larger grills for eight or more people usually have heating elements in the range of 1,000-1,500 watts. Another cool feature on many raclette grills is an adjustable or variable temperature control. 

Cooking surface

When you choose the right raclette grill cooking surface, it’s simpler to cook and prepare a variety of foods. Nonstick cooking surfaces are best for easy cleanup after grilling, while granite cooking surfaces are more efficient because the heat spreads more evenly.


There are many tools and accessories you can use to make your grilling experience better. Some grills even come with extras, like a reversible grill top, a high-quality spatula, and multiple pans and paddles.

How much you can expect to spend on a raclette grill

Raclette grills vary in price, depending on the size and power of the grill. The most basic raclette grills go for less than $50, while mid-range raclette grills cost $50-$150. High-end raclette grills usually cost $150 or more.

Raclette grill FAQ

Is a raclette a dish or a grill?

A. A raclette is both a dish and a grill. Raclette refers to a popular dish in Switzerland and several other countries. It is simply raclette cheese that is melted on a grill, then served with or on other foods. A raclette grill is a cooking tool that can be used to prepare raclette, as well as a variety of other dishes.

Can you use oil and other liquids on your raclette grill?

A. Most raclette grills need some kind of cooking oil, but you can also use other cooking liquids, based on what the recipe calls for.

How does cheese melt on a raclette grill?

A. The cheese melts in the raclette pan near a lamp or other heating element. You can cook other foods and melt cheese simultaneously with a double-tiered raclette grill.

What’s the best raclette grill to buy?

Top raclette grill

Artestia Electric Raclette Grill with Two Full-Size Top Plates

Artestia Electric Raclette Grill with Two Full-Size Top Plates

What you need to know: This versatile and fine-tuned electric raclette grill from Artestia comes with three different cooking surfaces.

What you’ll love: This incredible raclette grill offers eight pans with heat-proof handles, adjustable heat controls, a reversible aluminum grill plate and a granite grill stone. 

What you should consider: There are extra cooking parts and surfaces, which increases the cleaning time for this raclette grill.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top raclette grill for the money

Milliard Eight-Person Raclette Grill

Milliard Eight-Person Raclette Grill

What you need to know: This portable and flexible raclette grill from Milliard is dishwasher safe and can feed large groups 

What you’ll love: This inexpensive raclette grill comes with a dishwasher safe grill top and raclette pans, as well as eight wooden spatulas for sharing with a group. The granite stone on the grill heats slowly for more even searing.

What you should consider: A few users say that the power output heats a little slowly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Salton Eight-Person Raclette Grill

Salton Eight-Person Raclette Grill

What you need to know: This intuitive raclette grill model from Salton is ideal for beginners with simple temperature controls.

What you’ll love: This raclette grill features an immersible grill plate, eight big non-stick raclette pans and a grill surface with raised edges to reduce spilling. The grill is meant to grill vegetables and meat on top while heating desserts and cheeses below.

What you should consider: Some users said the non-stick coating on the raclette grill flaked off after light use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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